How to enable customization options for Windows 7 Starter and Home Basic - video tutorial

Hi friends, today's tutorial we will see how we can eliminate the limitations of customization for Windows 7 7 Windows Starter and Home Basic. As you probably know these two versions of Windows 7 have many limitations when it comes to customization. This is because Windows Starter 7 is an operating system designed for netbooks systems or weaker. In Windows 7 starter will not find many preinstalled applications, we also have visual effects which will result in a low resource consumption for systems equipped with a hardware weaker.
However due to the small size and low consumption of resources and the few that come preinstalled software in the operating system, Windows Starter 7 is preferred by many users and can be installed even on the best systems.
Perhaps many of you have a license for the operating system but are bother you that Windows does not allow changing 7 Starter Wallpaper's, not in the context menu customize the place where you can set the color of windows, transparent windows.
Well, today we use UnlockAero tutorial to enable all the customization options that normally do not have access 7 Windows Starter or Home Basic.
What exactly fcae UnlockAero?
- allows us to activate Aero Glass (transparency) for windows
- activates the effects of minimizing, maximizing the windows
- activates Aero Peak, Aero Shake, Aero Snap, WinFlip 3D (accessed via the Windows + Tab key)
- allows you to change the color of the windows
- offers us the possibility to install new themes that you can download from the following link:
- on the right click on any photo we will have active in the context menu the option “Set as desktop background” (set as background photo)
Given that many netbooks are sold with Windows 7 Starter (for which the license is also offered) we will not have to give it up due to the lack of customization settings. The UnlockAero application is a "must have" for any owner of Windows 7 Starter or Windows 7 Home Basic. That being said, I invite you to watch the tutorial to see exactly how the UnlockAero application is used to enable customization options in Windows 7 Starter and Home Basic versions.

Download UnlockAero

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Enjoy !


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  1. Hatman Alexander-Stefan said

    good tutorial

  2. Hello! Related to Windows 7 Ultimate: what size should it be in Gb?

  3. good little program like this tutorial otherwise
    it will appear as soon as such software for Windows 8?
    or I'm talking nonsense…

  4. I do not see good tutorial but I would use win7 cn starter or homebasic

  5. AdrianGudus said

    I do not see good tutorial but I would use win7 cn starter or homebasic

    Many… I said in the text above the tutorial who uses it…

  6. Hello. You mac os as the main operating system? I saw mac os specific picture.

  7. hello, very interesting tutorial you ...... I obs maintained in the text above tutorial as those who have this high performance windows, if I install this OS on a more efficient destkop ... ..l VRO limiting performance?, adk besides personalized limitation has other performance related? bye :)

  8. Cristi:
    hello, very interesting tutorial you ...... I obs maintained in the text above tutorial as those who have this high performance windows, if I install this OS on a more efficient destkop ... ..l VRO limiting performance?, adk besides personalized limitation has other performance related? bye :)

    2 gb ram only accept maximum

  9. I installed Windows 7 starter on a laptop hp pavilion dv 9Gb 4 with the ram because of its very low resource consumption. The system is installed on a SSD and moves great but this version does not want to accept more than 2 GB of ram. What can we do ? Even if the starter does not come on 32 bits than I can settle for 3,25 GB ram. Thank you.

  10. Re-check the tutorial text, re-read the text !!!

  11. See that you have problems with your profitshare

  12. Jiki:
    See that you have problems with your profitshare ;)

    What, you miss the banners?
    Perhaps there's a technical problem on their server, I do not know anyway not in our problem.

  13. Re-corrected text tutorial !!! Cristi hai!

  14. I have one thing to say to all that you are doing on this site.
    Bravo excellent, with your help I learned what a computer ila, programmers etc.
    The fact that you will sacrifice hours in front of the computer to teach those who are trying to unravel the mysteries pc, new programs, even applications that we have in the computer that I honestly habarnaveam are worthy of praise and admiration.
    Bravo, excellent, super you did something for the Romanians, who want to Siti pestetot more about their PC.
    Inco will say BEST TREBLE once TINETIO so.
    BAFTA LA TUTORIALS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I've been watching you for a year or two, I've learned a lot, please make new video tutorials, win1 and win xp, maybe win 8, but mainly win7, because it still appears now in October, that is, as you did for xp a few years ago, all with that it is old and good and for win 8 discover what it has in it and the looks and new! first of all for laptops and desks and less for tablets and phones because we don't have all the money… thank you and I hope you read me. I'm still with your eyes on you.

  16. Hello. Very good tutorial! I also tried it on an Acer netbook just like in your tutorial and the customization thing appeared to me. I just have a small problem… I customize, desktop background, select a picture, double click on that picture but my background does not change at all. I want to mention that the pictures I tried I took randomly from the net. I thought that those pictures do not have a resolution compatible with that of the netbook. So I took a picture with a resolution of 1024 x 600 and my background still does not change. Please advice, some guidance I would be very grateful.

    Thank you, Roby

  17. tattooangelbody said

    congratulations for the tutorial, it worked and I did the same as you presented… the program is super ok.bravo

  18. Hello, I recently installed and used amplicatia windows7 Starter tutorial presented, of course I read and watched the whole tutorial but after installation and give me an error display, or may be from windows crashes due to application? Thank you !

  19. Bravo brothers with you and your programs have succeeded once again to delight my girlfriend thinks I'm an expert on it while I'm polenta

  20. If you pronounce the words in English correctly, it doesn't mean you're a snob… snob is something else… but I think you know what it means, I'm not giving you lessons. Good program (actually it's a patch, as you said), I can't wait to see if it works on my netbook with Windows 7 Starter… thank you.

  21. it's super hard

  22. I can say one question I can use or take produt ckeyuri from other Windows to activate the enable ami if I can put windows or Ckey ask what Ckey or steal from other site to activate my Windows 7

  23. Hi, I gave da patch run as administrator nothing happens

  24. If you have tried to install it on 7 Ultimate and you have an error in customizing, reinstall the program…

  25. Hi, I also installed the program for window transparency, but it still doesn't appear when I right-click "customize", although both the bottom bar and the one from google chrome have become transparent.

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