How to add two or more bars bookmarks into Firefox and Chrome

Hello friends, today's tutorial we will talk about the most popular browsers, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Specifically we will see how we can add two or more bars bookmarks into two browsers.
Probably many of you use the bookmarks toolbar or bookmarks toolbar as it is called in Firefox or Chrome bookmarks bar. It helps us to organize your favorite sites for quick access to them. Although bar bookmarks can be managed in many ways so as to be as roomy by foregoing description of the bookmark or by adding them in folders, there comes a point when times have too many folders added in this or just simlu not we want to make folders and subfolders to organize them but we want to have them side by side, all for a more rapid access to websites or favorite web pages.
Well, in such cases we could call an add-on for Firefox and an extension for Chrome that will allow us to put two or more bars bookmarks in our browsers to have all your bookmarks eyes our without having to be forced to navigate through folders and subfolders to find your favorite website or page where we want to go.
Mozilla Firefox browser add-on have available the Bookmarks Toolbar Multirow Plus and Google Chrome browser extension available to us Bookmarks Bar Switcher
If you want a more detailed tutorial on effective management of bookmarks invite you to watch our tutorial about: Effective management of bookmarks in Firefox and other browsers in their export
DOWNLOAD Bookmarks Bar Switcher for Google Chrome

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  1. Adriane please do a tutorial and how to get those surveys you download something, you can not move, you need to complete those surveys to download a certain thing. There must be something to bypass or skip surveys surveys ..

  2. Hello Ardian know what you're asking does not belong to this dutoatial yes I would like to see some results in about Bitcoin much because you have not dealt with him if they could feceti tutorial editing monitor EDID memory by software or other methods as may occur and the incompatibilities between EDID memory of the PC or memory corruptions of this thanks

  3. Thanks, really very helpful for me this tutorial, looking much as I could go get a second toolbar with bookmarks. Now I know and thanks to you. Have a nice day.

  4. Adrian Bravo, good tutorial! Cristi UNPLUGGING pension?

  5. I knew tutiralu's interesting about this but I prefer not to have anything underneath the search at or below the space for that I diminuiza browsever and I recommend using extension for Google Chrome Bookmark manager. Beautiful as an icon that appears next to the address and navigation when you click on it opens a tab and beautiful there and you can find all saved bookmarkaruile do all renaming deleting Rebate squeezer / Credca from what I recall was made tutorial for it someday. and for Mozilla is cv asemnator not give her name comes to mind. And Xmarks will recomancand to have that sincronizeza bookmar the saved about it know for sure that is walkthrough

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Xmarks does not pointless in my opinion, have Firefox Sync Firefox in Chrome Chrome Sync that you do the same, even more than that. Both were presented in video tutorials already on site.
      Almost all browsers today come preinstalled with its own service for bookmarks sincronizarebackup

      • I know I say yes for those who do not want to make an account for google chrome and do not want to complicate noting the unique key in firefox. I said for this category

  6. Adriane, and you do a tutorial but obviously must be informed before anyway your tutorials are very well explained in great detail. Please do in the future and how we give a tutorial skip to survey those sites or how they jump off stuff bypass or skip surveys surveys.

  7. Adrian, you can do a tutorial How to choose the best phone and an advanced version 2014.Eu not force you, or tell your colleague Cristi. Thank you.

  8. roberto1975 said

    Salut.Acum as trench videotutorial, I'd like to clarify about ip So if I use THOR would change my ip to another from another country and show ,,,, I know because I checked and, BUT THAT THE OTHER IP I only use it if TARA Thor.Intrebarea that bothers me if I want to download the cartoon for example ptr my son torrents and launch Thor after writing the post home "www ...... com", where I could find what I should you download my provaiderul where we net ,,,, he sees as a download, I use different ip as use uTorrent, or he sees only as much dawloadez ceva.Merci

  9. An all too useful tutorial. Congratulations, greg !. Thank you. Watch carefully and do all the tutorials that come automatically archive site0ului e-mail.In my address I found many tutorials that I have trebuit.Dragos Icleanu

  10. Hello, Adrian since only I use Firefox think of 4 months, is the most embarrassing browser, was so far the best, but when he started to make updates, when it is to launch SSD opens in 4-5 sec sit and think.
    Mention that: clean browser installed on doing so, not only loaded with cookies, etc.
    I mean, I replaced with Chrome and I want to tell you that opens 10 times faster than that (Firefox), only linger like firefox.
    I advise you to stick your Chrome and Chrome use more, for it has integrated flash player in it only needs to be installed manually, as do the firefox, ala already is overwhelmed.

  11. Cristi tutorials made very interesting, but apparently took a break for a while, without announcing anything.

  12. Thanks for this VT. I needed multi-bar.

  13. greeting, interesting tutorial but I have a QUESTION, how can you make the taskbar (winows 7) if you exempu three search engines (firefox, chrome, Maxton) to defend all three in a single rectangle (rectangle imaginary) about as in android when multiple applications are in one folder on the screen and touch when it opens and you can see all the applications of it, I saw someone something but unfortunately could not give me an advance for raspuns.multumesc a possible answer.

  14. hello, please help me I got a laptop from Italy with windows pre-installed, we can choose either 7 or 8 pro 64bit, but I didn't bother to change to 8 and I stayed with 7, so I changed the language in English, but now I noticed that in windows update I get some nonsense that was not before, # elementModuleHeaderText # and "actionCustominstallImportantText."; and AtionCustomInstallOptionalText “'. how can i escape please help me. and it's good to be with this windows pre-installed, I saw that it is also an Acer eRecovery Management program, do I have to go there or how ..? please help me ..

  15. a tutorial about qt creator can?

  16. Hello,
    How to make a bookmarks bar in Chrome in the left side of the screen as Firefox?
    I do not like not placing at the top.

    • Silvius Banica said

      This interests me too… I see that no one has answered you… If anyone sees this message, and knows how to do it, please reply… Thank you…

  17. I am not going to take the file and they've let go in settings extensions (we chrome in Romanian) Why not go?

  18. Stelian said

    Why doesn't bookmarks bar switcher work anymore - "Package in invalid"? And the manufacturer deleted it from the Google Store…

  19. Hello!
    NOT recommend installing the Chrome extension switcher bar !!! You will only open the pages with ads, instead of the dorite.Voi why do you think the Google web store removed? Immediately uninstalled and escaped trouble

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