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  1. Adrian, why did not I notice the guy that says Facebook globuletul white, so I just have nothing there even though I had all the activities we did and now I have nothing but empty, just know that I got the phone android on facebook and after I finished the job done there, we went after 1-2 hours we entered the PC on facebook and give you notifications when empty guess everything they say and I had no notification of 2011 enough there was now only have no, what happened? I obs. they entered some fictitious in my request list without my friend request, they simply inputs and gave myself one of them and guess what that account was disabled so in other words I think they were hackers ravaged and got myself nice and we Protection 100 account with a password characters and hackers from entering. So I empty list without delete anything that I was not delete!

  2. Tarlea loredana said

    I have problems with facebook when I login give me aa appears that the security certificate was revoked this website. How can I fix it?

    • Check your computer's date and time.

      • Tarlea loredana said

        I checked the time and date of your PC, and we reset 2 times. The problem persista.Se can do something?
        Thank you. 7 use Windows Professional, until two days ago I had this problem with Facebook. It must reinstall Windows.

    • I have a question one thousand took pictures on fb lan reported shut ft and now sia made another context all of my pictures and do not know what its do that thousand stole some pictures more personal in your PC but leam deleted can test please nice to help me find him or make him no longer content with names and make my photos look urgently

  3. marius said

    it would be interesting to do a videotutorial about how to install a GPS map of Romania.

  4. Very good tutorial !!
    But Adrian, why did you use a Windows XP virtual? Why did not you use Win 7 or 8?

  5. claudiu said

    you can do a tutorial for yahoo messenger?
    thank you

  6. adryano85 said

    Adrian, if you can help me with something if possible, 2 months ago my computer was stolen from my house and the one who stole my computer unit, I think, posted links on my Facebook account the very next day when I couldn't to enter it because it was stolen and elsewhere I could not enter because I did not give the account to anyone. you could help me somehow I have all the data about my pc can go to scan the MAC of the network card or I know… if you want I'll give you my messenger address or phone number to better explain how it works ms

  7. petrisor said

    to me it shows the date and time when I logged

  8. petrisor said

    to me it just displays the current session but not the last. must set something to see and sessions last?

  9. AdrianGudus said

    to me it is displayed doarsesiunea current but not past ones. You must set something to see and previous sessions?

    If it does not show sessions and other means that do not have other sessions. Did not you have logged in and from other PCs or from other locations or using other browsers or another operating system.

  10. catalin said

    Yahoo Messenger for you do not know something like this?

  11. AdrianGudus said

    Yahoo Messenger for you do not know something like this?

    SEARCH write up in the sidebar box, top right: How do we find out if and when someone uses your Yahoo account and Yahoo Messenger ID, press the enter key and you will find the tutorial

  12. good tutorial, thank you

  13. Google Mail does not do? A tutorial for Gmail

  14. AdrianGudus said

    Google Mail does not do? A tutorial for Gmail

    Already exists! SEARCH sidebar write in box, top right: how Enable or disable Google account activity, hit enter and you will find the tutorial.

  15. I am interested in how they can climb a gif image on facebook! I tried facebook sees jpeg, ie not moving! I have a specific image in the computer!

  16. AdrianGudus said

    I am interested in how they can climb a gif image on facebook! I tried facebook sees jpeg, ie not moving! I have a specific image in the computer!

    Unfortunately Facebook does not support it. This happens only on Google Plus social network from Google. About presentation Google Plus social network we also have a tutorial. SEARCH write up in the sidebar box, top right: Presentation Google Plus, the hottest social network, hit enter and you will find the tutorial

  17. Thanks Adrian! I suspected that I do not support, but I thought there might be a trick. Anyway thanks for the reply!

  18. John Paul said

    hello folks,
    someone changed my password on Facebok and I can not use the account, it says are temporarily suspended.
    how can I fix this?
    Thanks a lot !

  19. and if the person used my fb account has erased all past activities? what?

  20. Adriana said

    Thanks for giving me this opportunity as I know you can seen on ALTIII PUPICI PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  21. I want to see A RASPUNSS I always INCREC

  22. sall how can I 2 Sergeant facebook accounts that meow was broken in a week?

  23. Vasile Bogdan and Elena said

    Does anyone know how we can find out who looked on facebook by searching our account name? (not so if we access the account password) .multumesc!

  24. Vasile Bogdan and Elena said

    how can we find out if one looks on our facebook account? (so not if it accesses the password) Thank you!

  25. Hi Cristi, I want to help with something, I think someone get on my computer, I went on facebook is ok, I only show my town but can you please tell me why I turn on the webcam ? is possible for the individual to enter into my computer to access USB Video Device, and from there to my room and start spying on me? Let me tell you why, I see suddenly turn on and when I find the room and back to the wall to say or put my finger on the lens, do not last long and the light goes out, perhaps the individual and realized that I got someone chasing me?'ve scanned with antivirus .. and I did not found any virus, help me if you can and tell me who is him I can sue you and you have a percentage of the damages that will require them, I guess who would, but I can not prove it, plus do fun beating hints that he knows what I look like, and I have a house stylish and etc :)) So help me?

  26. As I watched out who FACEBOOK?

  27. adrian sall I have a prob ... we had someone on fb from Prieta and now I can not have you see what GRT profilu to do or what happened when I get on him ami says that chestaia
    Page you requested was not found ..

    It may have followed a link expired or have mistyped the address. For some counts addresses differences uppercase / lowercase.


    Back to previous page
    please help me too…

  28. Adrian Gudus said

    adrian sall I have a prob ... we had someone on fb from Prieta and now I can not have you see what GRT profilu to do or what happened when I get on him ami says that chestaia
    Page you requested was not found ..

    It may have followed a link expired or have mistyped the address. For some counts addresses differences uppercase / lowercase.


    Back to previous page please help me and min ...

    The person you blocked. No longer can watch your account.

  29. hello… for example it only shows me the current login… otherwise no older login… I specify that a friend of mine logged on his computer cuc a few hours before and I only see my current login as I said ...

  30. It only appears IP.ul location and type of the device and no date or different browsers on which we have embarked.
    If someone blocked my fb.ul what should I do? how long back?

  31. Hi. For active sessions, it only appears to me like this: “The current session
    Place: Alexandria, TR, RO (approximately)
    Device type: Safari on WinXP ”, not so much for you. It is normal? I mean, how do I know if someone logged on to my Facebook and who it was?

  32. Hello,

    I also have a problem to which I have not yet found a solution…
    It only active sessions appears the current session, ending did not work.
    Place: Snagov, B, Ro (approximately)
    Device type: Chrome on Win7 …… I've never been here !!!, nor in other locations listed in this section. I kept changing my passwords, I deleted my account, I made another one on my own !!
    What do you think asi could do in this situation?

    Thank you!

  33. Hello, I have a question. 2 days I used a stick to the rds-rcs all well and good .. until I wanted to login to facebook login page appeared unto me, even after phone .. probably how I could turn back the page normally taking I 100 account net mb and maximum walking stick 200 kbs. thank you in advance

  34. Adrian Gudus said

    you can do a tutorial for yahoo messenger?
    thank you

    There is already tutorial on this subject, writes SEARCH box above in "How we find out if and when someone uses your Yahoo account and Yahoo Messenger ID" press the Enter key and you will find the tutorial.

    • Adrian Gudus: There is already tutorial on this subject, writes SEARCH box above in "How we find out if and when someone uses your Yahoo account and Yahoo Messenger ID" press the Enter key and you will find the tutorial.

      Adrian Gudus: There is already tutorial on this subject, writes SEARCH box above in "How we find out if and when someone uses your Yahoo account and Yahoo Messenger ID" press the Enter key and you will find the tutorial.

      Adrian Gudus: There is already tutorial on this subject, writes SEARCH box above in "How we find out if and when someone uses your Yahoo account and Yahoo Messenger ID" press the Enter key and you will find the tutorial.

  35. Hi. I learned that I can download a copy of my facebook account information, photos, conversations etc. Any idea how long receive mail with information ??

  36. Buna.Am checked the settings on fb, and I look at the current session, my location, and then I checked the next day and noticed that although it was the same OS, same browser, it shcimbase location, and ip.ul. ; Dc do not understand because all I was, on the same PC. M.am ip.ul thought might be dynamic, we have internet at cliknet, but when I work at Yahoo Checker appears ip, and after 2 3 days appears a different ip ,; but if it be dynamic, should not change every time you start pc.ul?

  37. I know who I came into my account on facebook and yahoo messenger at poker?

  38. Hello everyone! please help me if you know, or if possible! I have a Facebook account and my password has been changed and now I no longer have access to that account. I would like if you can tell me how I can find out the location from which the password was last changed…, if it is possible to find out something like that. Thank you very much, I hope I made myself understood and I wish I could find out from which place (city, village, etc.) it was changed! greetings to all!

  39. gabriel octavian said

    someone pretends to be "I", he already has common friends with me (we are talking about facebook). I don't know what to do if I search for the person, he can't find it, but it appears to some of my friends. He also stole my profile picture, you bastard! pls wait for reply

  40. As I can see oldest active sessions. It just shows me the current and a few hours before.

  41. diana Deliu said

    Suspicious activity has been detected on your Facebook account and it has been temporarily suspended as a security precaution. It is likely that your account was compromised as a result of entering your password on a website designed to look like Facebook. This type of attack is known as phishing ………………. when I register, this appears to me and it says that it is currently suspended because I don't know where I registered. will it be fixed tell me please yes?

  42. gabriela said


  43. gabriela said

    how do I delete a location from "active sessions" ??? (ie from account settings, the active sessions section, where the place where you logged in on facebook appears)

  44. My friend who I fetch facebook told me I accessed the social network late hours of the night. which did not happen in reality, but there are hours dubious archive from my IP. do not live with anyone, I do not know anyone but him password. So, how is it possible. He lives in America.

  45. BUNA.poti rog.mi.a you help me on Facebook and someone came mi.a prieteni..dar erased some bad ek I entered the security settings to all active sessions and wiped mi.a not see that it has entered respectiva.ma person can help you find out who it is? there any way to see who came on my fb? Please ajuta.ma

  46. I have a Facebook account, which was broken - the password and the email I logged in with I practically don't have access to this account but I see that someone uses it as I make it permanently delete it to create another I only know the address the email I was logged in with?

  47. You have no idea how to do to get into my account on facebook
    30 are stuck for days but write just can not send requests to friends but the thing is they can not enter the place
    and yet the page is… it tells me to put the password address and when I give ok this link appears to me https://www.facebook.com/checkpoint/?next help me please ? I will get my account back ……: ((

  48. Hi, I want you to help me a year ago or so we had a facebook account and my ex-husband take off Change password, I would like to know if you can help me find my password

  49. Hello, I have and I need information. How can I see if someone controls your Facebook account? I was crushed password and account looks normal to me but to others modified. I've temporarily disabled your account, I can do further to see what changed when I activate it again? Thank you in advance

  50. I just go where u last login
    I do not appear all kind of logins last wk

    + I want to know if I could find the password of an account that was logged on knowing my pc

    thank you in advance

  51. cristy1110 said

    For a long time when you access the links on facebook my computer locks-restart. that is the problem? mention that the other sites do problems occur. lately I uninstalled and reinstalled the two browsers basic but for other problems, but the problem comes from the calculation.

  52. At the active session, only the current one appears to me… I read on other sites that the last logs appear from there, where you didn't log out, you didn't log out, that's why I don't see an active session list?

  53. Hi! Ancuta and I are some curiosities! Someone entered the frontpage namely my Facebook and changed my password and from Facebook and Yahoo Messenger now can no longer change to enter the Facebook account! What can I do? Please help me!

  54. IF I changed my password, IMI appearing there THAN WHERE AM accessible once I change it? I made the mistake before I saw TUTORIALUL..EXISTA A REPLACEMENT AND OTHER Extensive SA CAN I GET?

  55. I have good and is a question, maybe I can get an idea to clarify myself. I logged many times on your personal FB. For a couple of weeks notice but my phone has no home but another location in another city. I was in that city nor I have no idea how my phone that appears on that IP logs strange. I came off and tried again with the activation code for your phone. I Defence same location, if I disable the phone, I had to go see it again locgez. I do not know what happens. Any idea ?? Thank you.

  56. Hi, I also looked now and simulated a password loss. If you click on "I forgot my password" you will have to enter the e-mail used to log in to Facebook or the name used if you entered your no. on facebook you have the possibility for facebook to send you a code to reset your password. If you say that you cannot enter this variant on the e-mail, you will fail. There with the possibility of sending a code to the e-mail address. If you did not enter your no. by phone and you don't have access to the e-mail, I don't think there is another option

  57. I do not know what happens, I can not connect to Facebok, I still exchanging apparatus and password and can not log in, Facebok sent me a password reset code ptr, and inserted it tells me is incorrect. Who helps me and me. Thank you

  58. Hello, I looked on the internet but we found. I can send this message that you can help me, how can I find an IP facebook? Thank you for your answer!

  59. hello, I see that you are very good at social media accounts, I have a problem with fb and mail, has anyone changed my passwords, what can be done? do I still have a chance to get them back? please help me you would leave my id and you if you know how to solve it… and give me an e-mail message to my wife in case you manage to recover my passwords .ms I hope you see my message ms ms as soon as possible. gentilu00 id

  60. mitaftyn said

    It's very easy when you have access to the victim's PC.
    My services [email protected]
    The Clock will send me emails.

  61. on the exposure of the article, I do not give a task than the one today, to see how to do the work over several days?

  62. Someone accessed your facebook, gave the share a few links and sent requests for friends (about 200). After I changed my password I learned Active Sessions, but now I no longer show who and where I accessed the account in the past. How can I recover list of previous visits? I want to see who has accessed your account!

  63. What can happen with a persona that has entered into another person's account on Facebook? I

  64. I also have a big problem that I can't solve. I actually know a person who was a friend of mine in the past. Don't let me have another Facebook account. The first account managed to break it for me. I don't mind this gesture at all… because it has nothing to do with it. But the problem is that if I create another Facebook account the next day at the latest, when he discovers it, he deactivates it for me. I mean, when I try to log in to my new Facebook account, it tells me it's been disabled. How is it possible for someone to disable your Facebook. It's not an option to block him and his friends because I tried in vain. Put someone else. I just want to know how I can make my profile, people who do not have me in the list of friends when accessing my profile to appear only "Add Friend" "Follow" and "Message" without that option with "More" where write “block” or “report” even if we have mutual friends so that the “More” box where they say “Report” “Block” and these do not appear. So he probably won't be able to spam or report me to deactivate my account. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME! PLEASE! I'M TIRED OF DEACTIVATING EVERY ACCOUNT I MAKE BECAUSE IT MEANS A DIFFERENT EMAIL AND A LOT OF REMEMBERING PASSWORD FOR EACH ACCOUNT. AND NO, I DON'T DISABLE MY FACEBOOK, BUT HE. Thank you.

  65. 10 months the morning I posted on Facebook a picture of a naked baby who had a message nedandu.mi realize someone to give me a report and so I was notified that my facebook.ul 72 was blocked for hours. The problem is that the 72 hours have passed, but I still can not get on facebook. What happens? Internet have him on the phone.

  66. Hi! I have a question. Around 10 months I posted on my account

  67. Hi! I have a question. Around 10 months I posat on my facebook account on the Internet a picture of a naked baby who had a message. A few minutes I wanted to get back on facebook but I was told it is stuck for hours for these 72 as a friend on facebook did report posted at the picture of me. 72 hours have passed, but still can not get on facebook. what happens?

  68. Hi. What happens when the IP on Facebook (since the last session) does not match the one on the Internet? Some Facebook messages were seen at a certain time, although my time when I saw the message was not the same as my laptop, as if someone had seen the message before me. I changed my password because I noticed a strange movement in the notification bar, messages, as if someone were giving a refresh doar or do I just go crazy? :))

  69. I have a good queries can someone help me? I vb with my girlfriend of England and the session is Spain Madrid shows me that I asked her where and she said it is in England and number that's calling me understand why England did not show me another country

  70. Basil crapper onisor said

    As Sami'm password da Facebok

  71. It is not there just appears to me so many location and device type and I do not appear in other days

  72. catalin said

    good! someone changed my facebook password account as I could learn your password?
    is there any method?

  73. gabriela said

    2 weeks ago someone broke my password on facebook and email. Post me and threaten all my friends on the list and leave all kinds of vulgar posts. I made another email and another facebook account. But please tell me how do i block the old one…. please urgently tell me that there is a danger on my account. thanks

  74. Tatiana said

    Today, someone sent me a friend request… .I accepted, and at that moment, my whole profile was emptied… I don't have anything registered anymore… .I lost all the albums with pictures and songs… How could I recover them.

    • say goodbye… another time don't accept all cocalarii or people you don't know or don't know about them mi you have a disease with as many people as possible. in the friends list… ..SOMETIMES FOOLISHNESS NOT JUST DOESN'T HURT BUT COST

  75. Why the people in chat that you do not have friends?

  76. Hi I have a problem I accidentally left school at info account open and I want to have security that is to close your account or you Rogge as pote who enter the info on my facebook account

  77. maria armina said

    good few days ago my account was pirateat and labeled all my friends on facebook in some video for grown people at facebook meow said to change my password I schimbato and now when I want to sign me appears another account empty name please sami ajutatima beautiful old account recuperz not know where else aelez

  78. Mariana ionele said

    both facebook account and password are gone and I can not log in. What must I do to be recognized and recover the account and your friends?

  79. Hello !
    Can you say to me if you can and if so how do I block devices to longer connect to my Google account.
    Thank you in advance !

  80. traian stanciu said

    someone changed my facebook password…. how can I solve the problem… multukesc

  81. I think someone came on my Facebook account, I look ip.ul
    How can I find out the origin of this IP. ?

  82. URGENT!!!! A person has given me the email and password from my facebook account. On that account, we entered only once in May. That person had login problems this morning and sent me a screenshot of the ip time and the location and model of the phone that accessed her account.
    That person being in the US and being with HUAWEI
    I am in Romania and I own LG SPIRIT
    The problem is that in the last 2 months I have not accessed that account. In this case why does it appear that we have entered 2 days now? Please help me with a clear answer and 100% sure. URGENT!

  83. Beni hurmuzache said

    Hello ! Somebody broke my facebook a week ago took screens from conversations with different people and intimacy, how can I figure out where the facebook was broken?
    I now recovered it, but I want to know where to figure out who she is, because it has my hearts.
    Thank you !

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Yes Play the video tutorial and watch it head-tail. In the tutorial we showed you how to see who used your account. It also displays your location and the device you use and the IP

  84. Hello. A question: How is it possible to have a facebook account that is closed (was made a closing request), that someone else log in with the facebook account link closed?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Our tutorial on "How to temporarily deactivate or permanently delete your Facebook account" that you will find using the search box on the top right, did you fit it?
      I said there, even if you close your account, it does not happen immediately. For 14 days (it was then, at the time I made that tutorial) after you decided to close your account, you do not have to log on at all because it will be reactivated otherwise its deletion will be automatically canceled.
      Taking this into consideration, maybe someone close to you found out or stole your password and logged into your account during this 14 day.
      I recommend that you log in to your account, close all logged-in sessions, as shown in this tutorial, change your account password, and then apply again to delete your account as shown in the tutorial I am Said above that you can find it with the search box at the top right.

  85. Vasile popan said

    Can not access facebooc, just can view friends posts, ???

  86. Hello, I'm Cristina I have a problem Please be nice to help me if I want a friend on fb I see profile I see friends all the data but can not see his timeline show me 2 circles that are still spinning as if looking but not going at all ,thank you in advance

  87. Mihalache Dan said

    Dk give your gmail address what can happen

  88. Help my Yahoo, google addresses, multiple facebook pages made by someone who can not get access, I have been asked for IDs, bulletin to get to the page and I could not, what can happen help me yes no problems, secure my facebook page with an unknown number i like email owner can not enter tell me what to do

  89. See Rebeca Maria said

    Good how can I take my fb back

  90. See Rebeca Maria said

    I am broken and I do not know how I can take my fb back

  91. Adrian Staicu said

    In case someone else connects via wifi to another phone that should show up at the login sessions (the phone from which you take the internet or the phone on which the session is active). I have a problem with this because I gave internet via wifi to someone and they show him that I would have logged in from my phone to his Facebook account… kind of accuses me of “hacking” his account even though this didn't happen.

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