How to find out if and computer software are compatible with Windows 8.1

Hello friends, in this tutorial we'll see how we can find out if your laptop or our computer with peripherals (webcam, printer, scanner) and software Preferred are compatible with Windows 8.1 where we plan to do Upgrade this release.
Microsoft comes to our aid through the Windows Compatibility Center by providing us with an executable "WindowsUpgradeAssistant.exe" that can be downloaded and run. Its role is to scan the installed software and the hardware in the computer or laptop on which we run the executable and at the end of the scanning process to see if your favorite software and hardware will be compatible with the new version of Windows 8.1
If you have peripherals such as a printer, webcam, USB game controller, scanner, multifunction, you can connect them to your computer before running the "WindowsUpgradeAssistant.exe" executable downloaded from the Windows Compatibility Center and after the scan is complete, the executable will tell you if the connected peripherals will be compatible with Windows 8.1
Windows Upgrade Assistant is a useful software that helps us to find out if your laptop or computer are compatible with the new operating system Windows 8.1 and so we will not need to waste time on installation of Windows 8.1 later to determine that we have no driver available for a particular hardware or our favorite app does not work on this version of Windows.


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  1. Dan Iordache said

    Windows 8.1 x64 and x86 all in one, you can put a stich of 8gb?
    The man went x86 placed, but not AiO. Receive a soft error when I try to put it on the stick. I'm tired of always walking with 7 DVDs with Windows for me.

  2. adrian windows8.1merg all games on me and I put my lam installed a game called farming simulator2013 and he says when we entered the last driver shader model3.0 something like .. so I appear on windows7 but I knew what I had no video card instalato and go but windows8.1 not work what to do? windows8.1 not think that is good for gaming.

    • Install the latest video driver is most recommended either AMD / ATI or NVIDIA Geforce either. If there is only Shader Model 3.0 means that your video card does not support OpenGL 3.0.

    • I had the same problem with a game on an NVIDIA board. I uninstalled the official drivers and installed with Windows Update after which it works. I don't know why…

  3. Hello!! I can't find an upgrade to windows 8.1 in the store, you can help me with something… lap-top 'running with Windows 8 pro….

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Type in the browser's address bar: "ms-windows-store: WindowsUpgrade" (just in quotes) and press enter

  4. Products and programs are compatible with Windows 8.1

  5. Hi… Can anyone help me? Please. So, I try to install windows 8.1 ENTERPRISE as in the tutorial made by Adrian and he writes me normally Press Any Key to boot from CD or DVD or something like that… .I give enter or anything and I get the logo (or as it is called) from windows then my desktop turns black and it doesn't show me that it loads anything. I left it for an hour or so and he didn't make any gestures (from time to time he would give a sign that he was reading from the DVD and the DVD-RW light would come on) but that's it. But doesn't it seem normal to me to leave him for an hour or so and nothing happen? What is the problem? Please kindly if you can help me because I have no idea. Thank you very much 🙂

    • Either computer hardware arevun old or cd is not written or read well.

      • I had no WinXP booted from CD :))) dvd me please :))) I gave a little program scan of the tutorial sus.Mda, optical drive is IDE socket, scart of ala wide :)). Now I want to install.

  6. salut.felicitari for IONUTZZZ see you have no error on dvd. suspect that Windows does not read dvd to another dvd 8.incearca., or do the same regardless of operating system?., if so may be reading unit .

  7. Windows 7 reads it perfectly… Windows XP perfect and Vista the same..but at 8 and 8.1 as I said above… .especially at windows 7 it reads it very very fast without any problem. What is the cause? even today I left it for about an hour and a half with the DVD that had Win 8.1 enterpise on it..the windows logo appeared then it gave a sign to DVD-RW that it was reading from the DVD (that is, that LED lit up and it was known that read then stopped and total silence on DVD-RW)

    • Costelina said

      computer is older model?
      video card under 256 mb, gb RAM under 1, 1,5 gigahertz processor under hard drive ata old model?
      then give up installing windows 8 8.1 not to say do not go.
      I tried on an older computer (windows windows 7 8 went but not
      You do not get discouraged trying to make a stik with Windows 8.1

  8. RAM 1 GB processor 1,60 Ghz video card I do not know exactly but better than 700 MB… so what is the cause?

  9. I managed to install windows 8.1 but how? the only way was to put it over windows 7… .i jump over the partition part… dc?

  10. Hi, I also have a problem with the pc sorry if I posted where I shouldn't, I noticed that the site / forum above with "problems" gives me system errors. The problem is as follows, the pc freezes and freezes. and simple if I listen to the music bar and my HDD freezes it doesn't work bluscreen I don't get it, I left it like this for 2 hours to see what happens, nothing stays like that until I give it a manual restart. I changed the source with a 460W master cooler, I don't know what to do them, a little help from you if possible.components: ASUS M2V-MX-SE motherboard processor AMD Athlon 64 x2 4400 +, 3GB ram, new nvidia GT520 2gb video card, new HDD 250GB 16MB Buffer.

    • well the problem can come from any component; no one will realize than you, or if you go to you who repaired it can come from repara.Problema processor for example you said PC freezes
      (This happens when Heat)
      Another problem could come from the video card incompatibilities can not be supported well by
      processor if the video card is you then it will be compatible with AMD and Nvidia, if the
      an Intel proc this is known. You can also try something else —–change memory cards between them

      • That's what I was thinking, but temperatures higher than 35 and 40-44 in games. I changed the source with a 460W master cooler, it has all kinds of protections on it… bn I took it from a friend, on the internet is 230 lei, and I gave 120 lei. Finally, I solved the problem, it was from poorly installed drivers… I downloaded the dirver to the video card from the manufacturer's website…. after 2 days I caught it freely on a friend, and I asked him to install my drivers, he is a little more skilled than me. He advised me in the following way… to put the drivers with a genius driver, that's how he learned to install them. I also made a small difference, at windows update dirverul had 214MB, on the manufacturer's website it had 189MB, and on genius driver 240MB.Windows 7 on 64bits, it works stas now. But my components are a few years old :)). So I switch to win8.1 32 consume more little.I thank you for the advice.Bft !!

  11. Hi, can you help me and I put windows 8.1 and I have a problem… I have no sound it shows me that it is installed but it is not heard in headphones. I mention that they have a sound card onboard realtek ac 97 parca. From what I read they are not compatible with windows 8.1, when running the compatibility test did not give any error to the sound, there may be some program something I can make the sound. Hello.

    • before installing the software control panel then opens ===== programs then run erlier version of Windows
      something like then select xp win xp sp2 ==== sp3 not ok?
      After you managed to install it in the end going to ask you not to restart until you save the settings
      barely then you restart your hope I was helpful

  12. Hi, I also tried with windows compatibility center, it looks good on compatibility… .driver game programs..etc. But above "Compatibility" it says like this: For you to review:
    Install app to play DVDs year
    Secure Boot isn't compatible with your PC
    You screen resolution isn't compatible with snap
    I understand that I have to install these devices?… .I had win8 before and I had no problems but I want win8.1.I am waiting for opinions, MS

    • install an app to play DVDs ——- I think that means installing a software for DVDs

      my advice to you (and more than a belief) if you do not use laptop for games as we finish

      • It's not a laptop. It's a PC with the above configuration, which I said freezes me instantly. That's what I was thinking but I wasn't sure… and the resolution phase is that it recommends, for clarity or what?

        • I give you today I answered without looking above oldest comments
          what I intuit and of course give me their opinion for that I would not know if that's so,
          on your PC that all the cables are ok drivers all made better, etc.
          problem is in bios and there really is not if you've been playing and do not know a guy who knows Chiam make your BIOS settings properly

          • The problem was with the driver from the poorly installed video card, or I didn't download it completely. And with the bios as you said, I have no problems with it and believe me it's not commendable but I know and I know what role each component has in part even the bios I know is not playable. I updated with the program on the CD from the ASUS update motherboard, plus the flash bios button… I have a good bios adik since I updated it last year it didn't work for me I took out the battery to reset it, when I formatted the HDD completely, and cleaned it of dust. After resetting the bios, I make the following settings, I think you all have them: I put the HDD with DVD-rom in order on the boot device -> I turn off floppy, I think no one has floppy or doesn't use it / I turn on AMD COOL'N QUIET …… + …… .SmartQ-Fan… reduces my noise a lot, plus the temperatures are very low for this old PC …… the processor does not exceed 30-31 degrees, on internet mess..etc., In games 40-45 maximum… .video card 27 without games / with games maximum 30-32…. it's 28-30 base maybe even smaller. These are the bios settings;). Thanks for the help.

  13. Costelina said

    I think the best way to flash bios ui is presented by Cristi (after flopy or stick)
    but only and only if necessary
    I broke a motherboard so
    I did the windows update bios (took a restart and has not started at all)
    and threw it

  14. Hello,
    Please help me if possible…
    I installed wind7 and call accept CD from video card can do something?

    PS. This video meo liked

    • may
      control panel === ==== programs run programs made for previous version of windows === schedule
      browse by next == ==== compatibility executable (video card driver folder that are
      or CD) you select and choose what version of Windows to make accommodation Select WINDOWS XP SP2
      after you have installed usually you see a big picture and puts you ecranu how you finish, and then restart
      not to do so you have to minimize that image and continue with that window compatibility

      THERE NEXT DAI AND SAVE seting then barely finish the software you install and restart
      tell us if you managed nine

  15. It can connect PCs 2 cables for higher computing speed if so, how?

    • I know I
      you can "link" two haddiscs in the raid for higher performance (read-write at transfer speed
      write up in the search box RAID and AHCI
      now I don't think there is any interest in such a thing (my opinion) because SSDs have come on the market

  16. It's good but it's not what I'm looking for, I want a higher processing speed!

  17. Hello! I installed windows I 8.1.
    And I wanted to install "Counter Strike 1.6", but it doesn't work. When I order OpenGL, it closes my game and tells me that this command is not compatible with the video card.
    When I 7 windows everything was perfect on the video card and using the same command. Can someone help me?

  18. Hello I have an ASUS laptop and had windows on it yesterday I 8 8.1 installs windows and will not let me install the driver from the video card (integrated) Windows 8 .Precizez as he went. I say that this computer does not have the minimum or something. What can I do to install it and cd with drivers and they've got the ASUS website and so I say. Please who knows or who has been in this situation and settle the .We help me thanks!

    • I think it would help more if you gave some more details. What exact model of laptop. Not only ASUS. Graphics driver is for 8 or 8.1? Maybe it would help if you reproduce exactly the error.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I recommend that you install the video driver through Windows Update. If you don't know how to do this, there is already a tutorial on this topic that you can find with the search box on the top right "installing drivers and language packs through Windows Update"

  19. Hello World. I have a problem with Windows 8.1 today lam locks installed and if I open mozilla 2 pages. I like computer components: processor GHz i3 330, 8 Gforce video card ram 650gb 4gb please help on MNE

    • Try to reinstall Firefox and make them an installation or update your flash player.
      At the same time you can use another browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

    • Costelina said

      try doing updates the system (like this one and to slowly take the necessary drivers, video card, sound, network)

      then install flash player for IE 10

      if you install another browser (mozilla, chrome, safari) will need to install flash player again for that browser (do not forget you install flash, that must be the main browser)

      flash player for IE is not the same as for other browsers

    • Costelina said

      very important

      check temperatures (CPU, system, video card) if it is ok to change the power supply

      • Costelina said

        I'm happened

        I have an older PC (which I use only in games)
        after I did reinstall Windows when I got to the browser and flash drivers then out of nowhere he could restart;
        I took all components checked (because I could not find this PC and I have it in a while and I know with my eyes closed)
        everyone's winter now plug in electrical appliances for heating and because it will not be an outlet to be 220 1 comma think you understood
        Not to mention the current fluctuations
        in fine until I changed the power supply have not figured out
        (the old source didn't smell it burned it worked of course but of course the capacitors were "taken"

  20. I did this job too… it still crashes and if I open my computer even when it does the steam update it crashes. I also have windows 8.1 with a license from microsoft

  21. Who can help me ? I have a notebook (asus) and windows can only be installed on the stick (usb) hellp… 2GB RAM intelcore video card and 2,41 Ghz help please… what windows would work?

    • I think and Windows 8.1 would run decent. Have tutorial about how to install a Windows operating system, about making a bootable USB stick, here on the site. Why do not you try to install Windows and see if you thank?

  22. Hello
    Why my computer crashes for several weeks is still locked after we returned after a week after all locks after block of 2 times after the 3 and 4 or evening is the weather so parents say to u have to go serviceman take him to fix it but I know serviceman I fix but lasts a month or 2 and again it happens How do I longer blocks the computer freezes everything or you scan with AVG and froze what to do so if I do nothing on the windows and let windows 8.1 mouse so I froze it and when I'm on google or facebook youtube youtube tudate hear noises and I do not know what to do How to fix the problem Thanks !!!

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