Knowing someone's IP address and location on Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype

Knowing someone's IP address and location on Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype
Knowing someone's IP address and location on Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype
Hello friends, today's tutorial we'll see how you IP and location of a person. We will not use additional software, we will not have to install apps, extensions or add-ons to the browser.

Why am someone's IP?

Reasons can be many:
- a friend hides from you, you need him, he hits you and tells you that he is not in the country or in the locality and that he cannot meet you. You can easily find out if he is telling the truth or if he is lying to you, you can find out what his IP is, where he is
- you have a website and you want to make a statistic, to see how many users were interested in your post, the photo posted, with which browser they entered your site, what operating system they used, what version of the system operation, from which ISP (internet service provider) came to your site, in what time slot.
- someone is blackmailing you, you have a small circle of suspects and finding out from which location they do it, from which device, I can give you an idea about who the blackmailer might be.
Very often, people who are actually blackmailing those who know you well, people you know

What other information we can find out the IP?

- location
- day, month, year and time when the person accessed the link through which we obtain the IP
- the operating system used and its version
- the browser used and its version
- internet company

Knowing someone's IP address and location on Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype

How it works Grabify?

As I said, we will not use additional software extensions or add-ons for the browser. We use an online service.
Climb a photo, video on any service photo sharing or video sharing (Imgur, Dropbox, Google Drive, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook), we link photos posted (or video posted) inserts into service Grabify .
The Grabify service generates a tracking link (tracking) after which we will have options to hide it, to make the tracking link more friendly, less suspicious. This link generated and masked by Grabify we will give to access the "victim" whose IP we want to know.
When the "victim" accesses the link, it will first go through the Grabify service and then it will reach the photo, video or article with which we lured the "victim". Everything will happen very quickly, the "victim" will not know that he leaves traces and logs on Grabify or that you found out his IP.

It has to:
Location by phone number without net SMS
Cerberus, anti-theft application / location resistance reset
Change IP phone OTA update faster

... lo

Video tutorial - How to find out the IP address and location of someone on Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype

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  1. Florin said

    Thanks a lot I needed. Any idea how it's exact location on a right?

    • Adrien said

      There is no exact location with you. The city and possibly the provider. This is outdated… You send him a picture to find out ip. Great trick. Everyone has dynamic ip now. And if you have an ip, what do you do? Do you scan their ont / modem / router or?
      “Victim” hear :))))).

      • Adrian Gudus said

        I explained in the text above video tutorial what circumstances it can be useful tutorial. Read it!

        • Excuse me for trouble, could I talk to you for more details? I would like to find out where my Facebook profile is. I can not finish it! Thank you.

        • Buri Buri said

          Hi, I would like you to help me with a Facebook, I also have an IP, please help me because I am still threatened and I want to know at least the location, I am a woman and that is why I am afraid that he is still cursing and threatening me, please help thank you

  2. Well, find out your IP, and then? what you do with it?

  3. Andi * s said

    Now everyone with Vpn .. boys :) :) :)

  4. Adrian or cristi do not make a tutorial about kodi? And the best extensions for him, etc

  5. Bogdan said

    It's useful to know. Ms.

  6. I was threatened that knowing my IP, I can certainly find out the exact location and I want to know if it's true or a bad joke

  7. With IP address you can also read conversations on whatsapp? thank you!

  8. I have a person's skype, does not want to give me the fb how can i find him?

  9. if I receive an email from a phone with mobile data enabled… can I find out the ip or can I identify where the email came from?

  10. claudia said

    ADRIAN. TUTORIAL is no longer available.
    if you can teach me how can I learn the facebok of a person who is my friend on another site? for example. on Tagged. thank you in advance.

  11. Hi! could you help me to retrieve deleted mail knowing the IP of a laptop?

  12. It looks like this video no longer exists! It is better to have separate servers for uploading tutorials! Youtube wipe out!

  13. bv what is it best .note 10

  14. Ră dulescu MihÄ iČ Daniel said

    Where can I get that video on the tru as deleted by YouTube, I have a problem someone made a fake account and threatens me. I would also like to know if I can find out the location of the person who speaks on that account

  15. Ră dulescu MihÄ iČ Daniel said

    Adrian gudus please help me or anyone else, not for nothing, I offer the reward

  16. Ră dulescu MihÄ iČ Daniel said

    Adrian can talk to you or someone please

  17. Tom Office Series said

    Sl. If you have solved something, send me a message

  18. Tom Office Series said

    Sl. If you have solved something, send me a message Please. Radulescu Mihai

  19. Miha70 said

    I want to know exactly where someone is
    How can I find out? What is the application?

  20. Gabriela said

    Can you help me with a person's ip please?
    I don't know at all.
    Thank you!

  21. Buri buri said

    Hi I would like you to help me with a fake Facebook that still threatens me and I'm afraid we can see you in private please help me that I really need to see someone to help me

  22. How can I find out ip of someone who uploaded a video on an adult site or at least find out who the person is I am waiting for opinions thank you!

  23. Hi can someone help me too how can i find the ip of a person who posted a video on a site? Please help me a lot

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