How do we find the altitude of a place without being there?

How do we find the altitude of a place without being there?

It is a question that many have asked and will receive the answer today.

How do you find the altitude of a place without being there

Why should we find the altitude of a place?

Here are some reasons I've been thinking about now. Reasons may be more, depending on the needs of each. For example, I had to climb up the mountain and want to know if there is a camping site and if it is at what altitude it is. Another may want to move to an area he does not know well, but before he wants to know if his land is flooded. Using altitude, you can find out if your land is below or above the nearby rivers.

Reasons for wanting to know the altitude of a place in advance.

1. When preparing a hike, let's know the level difference
2. When buying land, let's see if it's flood
3. When we go with the tent, let's know if we make the cold
4. In agriculture, for water supply by falling
5. Out of curiosity

How can we find the altitude of a location without being there or without the location being important?

Why we need.

1. Android phone
2. Fake GPS application
3. The Barometer application (also has GPS altimeter)

How do you find the altitude of a place without being there - instructions:

1. From Developer Settings / Options / Fake GPS as "application location for testing".
2. From the Fake GPS application choose the location for which we want the altitude and press the "PLAY" button at the bottom right.
3. Open Barometer and go to "Altimeter"


When you want to learn the altitude for another location, you have to put the "PAUSE" on the Fake GPS at the bottom left and choose another location, but not before stopping the Barometer application. After every change of place, the Barometer application must be stopped to reset, otherwise it will show you the new location, but with the altitude of the previous location (it does not tolerate the teleportations).

APPLICATIONS in the playstore

Fake GPS

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      • I do not know what to say ... "Be sure" before you pick up the stone.

        • I do not have to be sure, the basic grammar is enough

            • Thanks for the link, please read what the CONJUCTIVE PRESENT says

            • There is no conjunctival present.
              Leave the stone down and think about it.
              It's a perfect connective.

              Second Source:
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            • The perfect conjuctiv was "How do you find the altitude of a place without being there"
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              Prior to the tutorial, I had some 20 minutes on the net so I can not make a mistake.
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              Let's go, let that, the tutorial you saw, or you're just a terrorist of words looking for mistakes that help round the ego.

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            • Catalin said

              Cristi, please do not let us down ... Dan is right, you did not write right.
              You're right, I understand the tutorial, but maybe I can read it and my kids and they will think it's right.

            • We've done more diplomatically.

    2. Karolin said

      Hi Cristi. All I want to say is that for some 2 months, you rarely post tutorials, and besides, there's nothing new about PC on your part. Good health

      • There will also come PC tutorials. I have a few topics. Unfortunately, the world is losing interest in the PC.
        Now everyone is using their PC less and less in favor of phones and tablets.

    3. "Everyone is using their PC less and less", the statement does not matter.
      Maybe in the tram, there is no way to use your pc 🙂 use your tablet phone
      PCs will also be useful over 200 years for developers, gamers, architects, graphic designers, and more.
      When the 27 inch tablet or smaller tablet comes on the market, but equipped with a super-bright xxxxxx luminescent video projector, dozens of sensors and other "qualities" - then the PC and the TV sets.
      Until then, there is a lot of bread to eat with PCs that will grow but slower.
      Do tablet smartphones are not built and developed with PCs?
      Show us on the sales market if there is a full-featured tablet with "all follies". Does not exist.
      What is sold on the market are "tablet attempts", nothing complete
      Observing the market, even the high-priced tablets are lacking in "qualities" but they do not have the resolution and the good photos or they are missing they do not know what sensors or they have old android or missing some usb ports or they do not have the ability to talk to your tablet as a cell phone.

      • I did not say that PCs are no longer used. I wanted to say that the percentage of mobile devices connected to the internet accessing the site, and not only, has increased every year until this time when mobile on the site are sometimes 60%.
        The PC can not be replaced. There are big differences between processors that can not be overlooked so easily.
        Mobile devices can only be used for simple tasks. Still the world likes them for portability, multimedia consumption, pictures. People feel they have power with the smart phone in their hands. Now any "poorly prepared" can have access to information and in a second, on Google, find out what he wants, what he needs to learn, look for the googal. This is power for the masses.
        Television is not going anywhere. Lately they have recovered much and have bigger audiences than ever before. If you've noticed, the televisions have adapted very quickly to social networks and included them in their programs. Watch TV and comment on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Televisions have begun to be successful and bloggers, vloggers, youtubers, gamers, etc. These little ones do not understand, and the televisions take advantage.

        • Karolin said

          Cristi obviously the world uses smartphones more often and it's normal to increase the view of the site. Generally, when posting, they watch clips on those devices. most are not on PC. And here if you are doing tutorials, by smartphone or tablet ratings, you're wrong. There are many who would prefer PC tutorials. Latest gaming monitors, which are the differences between the oldest, or Coolere, OBS Streaming Tutorials. Even if you think that you are very much on youtube, but made by you detailed tail head and in Romanian would be more successful, Not everyone understand English. All the best.

    4. The altitude read from GPS seems inaccurate, and if I disable GPS, I read altitude from Google's servers only without GPS can not locate me anymore and send me to the tall one where I can fall, so it's an unacceptable compromise. Here's what I can write here, and I can not wait for it, until after installing the app you have access to this link, as if you had not installed it before:

      If you find a method as accurate as possible and without applications from these children as they are
      Fake GPS - if you place yourself in Norway you do not give a visa
      Barometer - until the altitude is thinking about the order of minutes
      ... come back with the information that it is useful to know where you went up.

      • Turns Barometer off after every altitude read. Apparently he can not adapt to such a sudden change of location.
        I had no problem with this combination of applications than when I wanted to change my location without stopping "fake GPS" and stopping from recent Barometer applications.

    5. I want video tutorials, as many as possible, for PC.

    6. You can do a tutorial how to make a small network of 2 cable crossover computers. A laptop and a desktop. I know you have a tutorial about it. But I do not get out of it. If you can get something new. More up-to-date.

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