How to find out if your email and password are hackers

How to find out if your email and password are hackers

How to find out if your email and password are hackers

How to find out if your email and password are hackers

Today it is increasingly difficult to keep our data safe; especially email and password, which we use more everywhere.

When we make an account, we have a blind trust

Every time you make an account, you must "legitimate" with something, either with your phone number, or with your email address, or with your Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. account.
All would be good if the site you account for would be 100% focused on the security of the data in their possession.

The worst thing is, all accounts are based on an email address

If you now want to log in to a site, you automatically log in with Facebook, but this Facebook is also based on an email address that you used when you signed up.
If a hacker is in possession of an email address, he has access to all of your accounts by resetting your password by email.

How do I get my password and email on the hacker's hand?

From time to time, some large sites or service providers forget the "back door open", and there hackers and steals data. These are some security breaches that hackers identify and use to steal data, which they later sell online.

How do we find out if our password and email have reached hackers?

On the site enter your email and password into search boxes and search. If your email or password has been found in any stolen database, you will receive a red confirmation message on the screen. If your email address is not in any database, then you will receive a message on the screen, displayed on a green background.

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    1. I generally know these dangers and that's why I have login in 2 steps, get sms when someone is trying to connect to my account, etc. But is this site safe? I mean, why would I trust my passwords to be there?

      • do not bang a brother password. just put the password on the official website and right as it is authentication in 2 steps. with confirmation on mobile and at gmail and at yahoo.

    2. No password required. Just email for verification.

    3. Your password is not necessarily stolen.
      The email address can appear in hacker databases. So it bombs you with spam.

    4. Very good tutorial, Thank you Cristi.

    5. it's right ... we're going to die in the mouth of those who own the site, the password-mail, where we certainly have emails, pictures, we have icloud account ,,,, etc. My guess is that it's fool on the face, I'm sure I'm not going to check it, but to take the initiative and change the 2 password either directly from yahoo, gmail, etc, say 2 or not there is a loophole where you might say ,,,,, pauneti old password to stop controlling again.

      • how do you give them their password if that site only requires e-mail ?????? pfff :) :)):

        • And on the sites where you are registered ... your password is good (encrypted many times)
          Yes, sites are broken and daily information is stolen, but I say I do not give it to paranoia 😉, you can protect yourself by different methods (changing the password, authentication in 2 steps, and notifications in case of something)

    6. mail address on yahoo I think I know all the sites but the password that I use in yahoo mail I do not write it in yahoo.
      I'm telling you about the site at my mailing address (especially if I do not have to go one more time) one that goes through my genius 334 or home 657orice; more difficult to say so is when in the site you come often, for example. in the forum there must be a password that you can remember ... ..

    7. Ionel Manea said

      Yes, first of all very educative, in the second point (and I do not mind writing it) is the fact that I found myself with the mail in 10 sites, 4 from them to Adobe, 2 from some torrents, and ( now is my puzzlement) 4 sites that I know for sure I did not count ...... LinkedIn (I knew him), Anti Public Combo List (I do not know what this is), Exploit.In (now I see the first o), and iMesh (I do not know about it). Everything between 2013 and 2017. Most of the time, one of them has used or broken my password in 2017 (I do not know which was the password), becoming one of the wannacry ransomware victims June 2017, like I told you about this episode). Even now I have not recovered my pictures (I'm sorry for those of the nepotel from birth to two anisors).

    8. It does not work properly this site, the first search gave me the FATAL result ... .to the following searches for the same address gave me the result that nothing was found and that it was ok. Conclusion: a site crack

    9. Vacarescu Adrian said

      that site gave me some sites I never entered

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