How to listen to music stored in Google Drive directly from the browser, without download - video tutorial

Hi friends, today's tutorial we will see how we can listen to music stored in your Google Drive account. An overview on Google Drive 2 days ago but I did tutorial today and we'll see what we can do anything else with Google Drive.
Well, we can listen to music stored in Google Drive directly from the browser without having to download a local computer. To do this we need to install the extension Favourite Recordings and have an Internet connection.
After installing the extension, extension works only with Google Chrome will automatically create a folder named Favourite Recordings in your Google Drive account. You have to move music from Google Drive folder Favourite Recordings and with a simple click on the extension icon, we will have a pop-up menu from which we can play, pause or stop any music from your Google Drive. Also, if we have a lot of music, we are able to search directly from the pop-up extension.
The only downside of the extension is that it allows us to carry on the track in a point. If you have videos in your Google Drive and you want to play directly in the browser without having to download them, you should know that they can be played without the need of nothing spcial, extension, add-on or another trick. Not the same thing happens with extensions for music but can also fulfill these requirements. Therefore the best Google Drive storage service, due to the flexibility and capacity expansion functionality by installing various extensions and applications that can be used with Google Drive.
I do not want to think how much this platform can be exploited. Soon we will see hundreds of applications and extensions that can work with Google Drive to perform tasks with any kind of existing files in your account. If still some skepticism regarding this service, I propose to reconsider and analyze more closely the capabilities of Google Drive.
I hope you will realize that Google Drive is not in final stage will follow as many other surprises. Google will not stop here with Google Drive! I would also like to add that API Google Drive is already public which means that any developer applications can make its way with this service, you can create applications, widgets, or other miracles that will work with Google Drive or files stored there, whether desktop or Android applications.
That said, I invite you to watch the tutorial to see exactly how we listen to music stored in Google Drive directly from the Google Chrome browser.

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Enjoy !


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  1. sailorriver said

    Off topic..for a few days I've been trying to watch the tutorial "Google Cloud Connect, automatic synchronization of Microsoft Office documents with Google Docs", but it doesn't work. Something can be done in this regard. Thanks!

  2. I appear to me that when I go to Drive
    We'll email you at
    When your Google Drive is ready
    It is only temporary?

  3. Adrian… why do only you do tutorials ?? that is, lately only you have done… cristi why don't you do it or someone else?

  4. tutoralul very good but I have a proposal for utarial if possible a tutorial on an online gaming any downloaded games tutorialdespre you know something but it is too complicated so if you can do that

  5. super I like about google drive tutorilele more about this and more. and if pote make a tutorial how to use offline google drive and what are reachable offline access

  6. NICOLAE said

    You were, are, and hopefully still REMAIN THE BEST IN VIDEOTUTORIALE. Best regards Nicolae

  7. What online storage site can listen to music directly from the browser (by someone else, that sharuiesc folder) free download without installing any extension in Google Chrome?
    I distributed the Google Drive folder to a Yahoo email address.
    She told me that she asked to make Google Drive account to access content (??).
    Waiting response and thanks in advance.

  8. Andrei Descultu said

    And if I want to listen to music phone that is in Google Drive you should do or how I could listen to them? The phone has Android

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