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Flemish information and knowledge, I like everything about art and share my knowledge with great pleasure. Those who give themselves to others will lose themselves but usefully, leaving something useful fellows. I enjoying this privilege, I will never say "do not know" but "not yet know"!


  1. Very interesting and helpful tutorial. Thank you.

  2. A very good tutorial. By the way, if you can do in the future about "How can we see who was online on Facebook from our list of friends when we are delegated we have the PC turned off, so we can see in the morning who and at what time he entered and how long it was logged in ”I know there are some applications on facebook. Only you can explain it beautifully.

    • There is no such thing. Applications that as mention are just nonsense, nonsense that many gullible quickly put the muzzle.

      • Do not know, maybe there are applications to tell you who was online from your list and at what time and how the state is simple in theory (not applications like Who viewed my profile on facebook of all foreigners) can do a totorial.

        • I see that you insist and stubbornly ask for some applications that do not exist, or if they exist, they are just facts. There may be, as there are "applications like Who saw my profile from all the strangers on Facebook", which everyone knows are nonsense. Search and you may find something like this. But it is much more likely that when you download an application that promises to do what you want, you will be infected with a virus. Success!

  3. Robert Dobrescu said

    Hi Adrian! Does the Unseen Facebook application hide "X keys"?

  4. I do not trust such extensions as if they work for fb astiuia d ela directly from the game server and look at how to read the messages will not go these extensions. always working out 100% plus extensions like I've had these extensions do not work sometimes.

  5. You can do a tutorial or an announcement by the end of September microsoft free 15GB give free space to onedrive. 30GB ie in total.

    PS My message can be approved or not, no offense. Bafta

  6. hello Adrian. please enlighten me, why did not I see this videotutorial in internet explorer? do is play some more accurate ba. more precisely to restore those that are loaded and youtube.probabil has to do with the jwplayer?, and if so what can I do. (noting that in google chrome play.

  7. We salute! I have a problem and can not solve. PC can not access your site after I reinstalled Windows I installed on all windows windows 7 8 32 the bit and nothing. I tried without antivirus and antivirus and nothing. What can I do? Only this site I can not access it otherwise works well.

    • But if you sit in front of the computer can you access the site? Maybe that's the problem, that you try to access the site "from the computer".

    • Have you set parental controls? I also mean "digging", it had a parental control, or elsewhere, where you accidentally put the site, or you put it in an application (extension) in the browser. I have no other idea.

  8. No, I had no parental controls installed. I do not know the cause.

    • Have tried several browsers? What happens exactly when you try to access the site? What message do you get? Not charge remains blank page?

  9. Yes, the problem is with all browsers, the page does not load, but I solved it. I removed the router and everything is back to normal. The router is from RDS. (ZTE)

  10. Thank you all for your help.

  11. Hello There! First I want to thank you for the effort, I learned many things from you. We encountered a problem that will require the help: I ​​had a conversation with a person in my friends list on Facebook chat, I want to retrieve the conversation. The problem is that the person was no longer in the list. There are solving? Thanks in advance!

  12. How can I remove facebook account birth year, month and day, I do not want to be last in facebook, I want to delete them all, not just want to hide them. Thank You.

  13. Huge request !!! Accusations of infidelity couple
    Please help with the answer to the question: why did the facebook messenger meter register activity, logged in to the application being on a Samsung phone with Android system and internet connection from Telekom, in a period of several hours in which I did not use the chat? That is, I was reproached with the "active now" status, in the conditions in which I slept. I mention that the password on Facebook is secure and the phone is personal, with an access code.
    Thanks a lot!

    • Returning to the above question, do you think that the Facebook Messenger application on Android makes data traffic "on its own"?

  14. Very anteresant and helpful: '(

  15. turisticus said

    Newer in chat status you can see who is playing, and what is playing… Can this be disabled? I mean, if I play something, not all friends will see what I'm doing.
    Thank you!

  16. Hi, I also have a question, but please keep in mind that I don't know much about computers, so I need guidance. Until now I saw on the list of friends on Facebook, that list on the right, when it was everyone's last connection. Now only some see the last connection, others do not. What can I do? Is there a setting I have to make?

  17. it is possible to send a letter to someone and you will show the message sent but not received as he has something installed or there a setting that will allow them to show you tie that did not receive the message? It is possible to do so?

  18. Good, I may disable that account to me that says how long you're offline? Thank you!

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