How your posts facebook hide from the eyes of unpleasant people - video tutorial

Hi friends, today's tutorial we will talk about how we can isolate our Facebook posts unpleasant eyes of people. Certainly you have in your list of Facebook persons with whom you feel embarrassed to post some pics indecent or various updates unusual but do not want to ban them, or have them remove it from your list of friends because you are heads of service or close relatives or simply are a little selfish and want to see what these people do and post but do not want them to see what you do and what you post on facebook.
Well, for this we will use lists or Facebook or Facebook Friends Lists Lists. Who knows yet, we have several predefined lists Facebook account created just for this purpose, to filter and separate posting better what and for whom we post.
Predefined lists are: Close Friends (close friend) Acquaintances (Knowledge), Family (Family) and Restricted (Restrict).
These lists can be edited in the sense that we can add any time to remove friends who are part of these lists. Lists role is twofold. They help us share our posts with users exactly where we want and gives us the opportunity to see updates only for people who are part of these lists. In other words help us to filter posts, see them only those posted by people who are part of these lists.
If you want you can always add new lists of friends you can call whatever you want. In conclusion, we have the great advantage of using lists to share our posts with just the right people or view updates from people just important to us. That said, I invite you to watch the tutorial to see exactly how our Facebook posts hide unwanted eyes of people.

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Enjoy !


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  1. Very useful tutorial Adrian! Keep up the good work!

  2. Adrian do you know how to add a photo without seeing anyone? I mean not appear at all the friends I added a new photo to appear but only if one looks for them in albums mele.?(nu know if you understand)

  3. Adrian Gudus said

    Adrian do you know how to add a photo without seeing anyone? I mean not appear at all the friends I added a new photo to appear but only if one looks for them in albums mele.?(nu know if you understand)

    This is not possible. You can set the image to be visible only to you before you hit the Post button but it will not be seen by anyone and find someone else besides you.

  4. Adrian Gudus: There is that possibility. You can set the image is only visible to you before you hit the Post button but it will not be found by anyone other vazutasi anyone but yourself.

    Uh ... ok, thanks !!!

  5. but such comments hide? ms.

  6. Adrian Gudus said

    but such comments hide? ms.

    You have no control over the comments you post on others' posts. You can only edit or delete in case you done wrong but you can set who can see them and who does not.

  7. You cool :))
    tutoraial useful bv
    I hope it's just a simple flu

  8. It's sad that it's made in Flash and is not compatible with iPad iPhone ... Folks, do not dc cv about it?

  9. You could prepare a tutorial on how to create your DOMENIU.RO ON A SITE, BUT HOW TO BLOG OF THE NAMES, RO, how to manage cPanel, MESSAGES, ETC. ONE MILLION A YEAR CAN HAVE ALL THE WEBSITE PACKAGE ARE HOSTING BUT ALWAYS things to learn! Maybe you can help us create a series about how you coordinate a web page, ETC ETC MERSI

  10. Laurentiu said

    Legutara know what to do with this: Buy yourself a device with Android.Asta should make everyone who s Apple devices.

    It's sad that it's made in Flash and is not compatible with iPad iPhone ... Folks, do not dc cv about it?

  11. Adrian, I beseech you can do a tutorial on how cancel those tags from our pictures when we are labeled in pictures taken by our friends on facebook so those who see us in a picture or picture group not to write "Mihai Ionescu" not to be able to see who we are, you know those labels and tags not know how to tell them. Even if one taking the picture taguieste us and if we want to cancel to not know who we are that.

  12. Hello I want myself a tutorial on Facebook to find out how they can remove the tag mea.De example: somebody visited my profile and pictures 5 he put a label I do not like how do you remove that label? I He says the person who visited my profile label asked me to 5 photos and I do not want to leave him there are 2 buttons: a check that is yes and a want to be labeled X.Daca that give the X label tells ignored but not erased because when I look back at pictures iara eticheta.Vreau necessarily see a tutorial like thank acesta.Va

  13. Hello, I have a problem with facebook days of 3 not see friends chatting online with bulinuta that Green simply do not see them offline, but they give it likes and see what can be? I have a problem or is it from friends? As newer see now that disappears and friends to see only some mutual friends, and the other nothing Why nothing? I do not know who put them to invent everything will be restricted on facebook friends not you, not you chat. : ((((((((Help me please with a tip !!

  14. Andreea Ionica said

    Buna.De example, give someone check in with me and I do not want my boss to see posting on the wall meu.Cum do to no longer defend him a post with me, but that I have not posted it myself ?

  15. Good, I want to know how can I view older posts from friends

  16. I can help me in this thing? I know that my boyfriend is the list of "close friends" and therefore sees any post or give like, in other words everything I do on fb .. I would not even see what I who give likeuri eg .. there settings for that?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Unfortunately you can not have control than on what you post. This means you can restrict access to photos posted only one of you.
      You can not stop someone (that you have friends) to see what comments Leave to posts / photos and any others you can not stop seeing like sites that give them the posts / photos to others. The only solution is to remove them from your friends list, give them Unfriend

      • Yes Adriana. Unfriend! . The world is full of boys.

      • andrei abraham said

        but can you do anything to protect your comments from any post, directly on the wall? that they ask me what I have with ... .. and see everything I instantly comment on! maca does not defend them on the wall

  17. Stefan said

    Very ok tutorial. Maybe a bit too long

  18. I need urgent answer please! What should I do not to see my friends what I do postings on different groups ??? The point is that for a certain promotion to posting daily on dozens of groups something ... but this is likely to stress them ... .for that they see their friends! How do see?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Precisely this was shown in the video tutorial. Look at head-tail tutorial carefully and find out.
      Either remove your friends in those groups are those groups do private
      I would do differently. As I mentioned in the tutorial, if you understand how it works buddy lists, existing (close friends, family or that you can add to you then it is easier.'re Making a new list in which to add those who will not see your posts when you post something you choose "Custom." In the pop-up that appears to "not distribute it to" add the name of the list are those who will not see your posts.
      More clearly than explained in the video tutorial, I'll explain how. Click the Play button and watch the video!

  19. I hid in certain timeline postari.Unde return them in case they want to bring back the timeline?
    Thank you in advance

  20. Hello! I have a question, I post in many groups on facebook and from what I observed bother friends. Many told me that they occur even 20 notifications, can do something to stop seeing friends you post on facebook groups? Thank you!

  21. good, it's very good tutorial linked facebook, how to delete groups?

  22. If a friend tags you in a picture me in a restricted in..prietenii Ckeck-see post?

    • I think so. Adrian said in a previous comment that you can not only have control of what you post. You can not stop to see what you like or where you commented. I think the same thing happens in the case of labels.

  23. Mihaela said

    But after I posted that had restricted without seeing friends, and now I want them out of that list, I see postings when they were restricted?: D I want to see and posts besides those they've restricted.

  24. Hello. 3 days in the list of close friends no longer appear likes and comments friends will see only what they do on their profil. I entered the settings and checked only if you leave the box that says just like to see close friends and comm list does not appear anything. I think that gives you the option of setting there should occur. You know what the problem this can be solved. I searched on google to see if there are others in my situation and surprise, I saw ceneva with the same problem, but received no response.

  25. Hi! The same problem with likes and comments I have close friends and I, they do not appear. Can anyone give us one answer to this problem? Thank you.

  26. And I have the same problem a few days, no longer appear on sites like close friends. Will fix this or is it all update that will change soon?

  27. Help me please. GRT how or what settings to make me a person who has close friend not to see like My. Thank you.

  28. Hi, my question is: can you put a post on my page to see one person and that without being in my friends list?

  29. Shawl. Inadvertently I introduced a friend to 'close friends' and I want to know how to delete it. Ms.

  30. Adelina four said

    I do not see how someone like sites pa pictures? please tell me if you know how

  31. raluca said

    How can I block certain people to leave messages? adik not let me even if I wanted to write ...

  32. how do a facebook person not see my pictures and posts and the pictures in which certain friends label me?

  33. How do you have a friend to stop seeing public posts, but without blocking or deleting them from the list !? THX

  34. Florin said

    I know how to make a certain friend see my posts in my chronology, but so I want to stop them from protecting a friend or the posts I post in a certain group

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