How connect USB devices in VirtualBox when the system is Ubuntu Linux real - video tutorial

How connect USB devices in VirtualBox when the system is Ubuntu Linux real - video tutorial
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Hi friends, in today's tutorial you'll learn how to use USB devices in VirtualBox if the real system is Ubuntu Linux and Windows at the VirtualBox is, be it XP, Vista or Ubuntu Linux 7 or all.
We've done a tutorial in the past about using USB devices in VirtualBox But then the real system was Windows. If the Windows things were simpler and use USB devices in VirtualBox Extension Pack requires only the installation of it and install Guest Additions in the virtual operating system on Ubuntu things change a little. Besides the fact that it will be necessary here to install the Extension Pack and the VirtualBox Guest Additions in the system, have to do something in the real system (Ubuntu Linux). Specifically, you will need to add Ubuntu user to group "vboxuser"
CAREFUL: After you add your username in the group "vboxuser" will have to give a real system restart. It is advisable to not have and do not run on VirtualBox virtual system when you add your username to the group "vboxuser"
Once you have done these steps, we can enjoy USB devices and operating system in VirtualBox even if the real system is Ubuntu Linux. As I said in the tutorial for Windows, USB devices connected to the virtual system can not be folosoite and real system at the same time. You have to disconnect the USB device from the virtual system so it can be used in the real system. That said, I invite you to watch the video tutorial to see exactly what to do to use USB devices in virtual system when the real system is Ubuntu Linux.

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  1. you please do a tutorial on how to put password to a CD / DVD or we can do that can not be backed up until certain sfoturi? THANK YOU!!

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  2. Thanks Adrian because you decided to do the tutorial. I think it will be useful many.
    PS it does not have to restart, simply give a log out, log in and go.

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    • AdrianGudus said:

      Thanks Adrian because you decided to do the tutorial. I think it will be useful many.
      PS it does not have to restart, simply give a log out, log in and go.

      Restart is more "holy" does not miss the train ... why did not hurry. That's why many of you encounter error and will not go ba ba one another. news not to be patient, often skip over small steps and important thinking that are useless

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  3. A audio converter aparuy Fremake free! Fill VideoDownloader and VideoConverter suite.

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  4. Sorry ... appeared!

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  5. Marian Matcaş said:
  6. Georgekent said:

    Hi Adrian, zimi to me please in 12.04 ubuntu version where users and found that the check I vboxusers k Grups gasesc.Ms not much.

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  7. mauscky said:

    I got the same question, please tell me in which version of ubuntu 12.04 found, users and Grups "to check the vboxusers. Thanks a lot!

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  8. First I appreciate the kindness and effort of Adrian, materialized in this tutorial.

    From Synaptic System Manager is installed gnome-system-tools and system-tools-backends.
    In DashHome, is given by user search, and it is hard to find "Users and Groups".
    The rest is found in the tutorial.

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  9. scz!
    It is the Synaptic Package Manager, not Synaptic System Manager

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  10. Georgekent said:

    Ionut says thank for help, stay close as perhaps problems.

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  11. Catalin said:

    Hi, it's been a while since anyone has posted aici.Pentru ubuntu 13.o4 anyone knows how to find users and groups?

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  12. Victor said:

    user groups and I found but I manage groups even if unlock (ubuntu 14.04.2)

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