How to connect a TV to the computer

Hi friends, today I will show you how you can watch movies on your laptop or desktop to your TV without the need of smart TV or media player, just using a simple HDMI cable.
Probably many of you know, telvevizorul can connect to the TV, you do not know though is that you can watch movies and at the same time to do something else on the computer screen.
There are several methods of connection (display) a second monitor (TV) to the computer, each method has its advantages and is made for a specific task, in large methods are:
Method used if you want to use your laptop to another monitor or a TV, where it must choose on which screen will display everything. It is useful when you want to use a larger screen than the one it has laptop, or if you simply have a laptop with a broken screen that still want to use it.
This method displays the same content on screens 2 or 3 method aste a presentation useful if you want to display the contents on the computer screen on a larger screen or projected image using a projector.
This method is preferred if you want to use both screens for different tasks, for example in the first screen and watch a movie on the the second is working on a document or edit something.
These are the most important methods of display, depending on the manufacturer of graphics chip and graphics card power, small differences can have or extra functions.
Some performance graphics cards allow you to con 3 or 4 monitors for a panoramic experience.
What I widgets using for setup?
1. A laptop
2. A TV with HDMI slot
3. An HDMI cable
In the tutorial you more details and some sound settings, please watch carefully.
If somehow you do not have a TV with HDMI, I invite you to watch acetyl Older tutorial that I made a connection between desktop and video analog CRT TV.

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  1. hmm .... super simple. I connected a TV through the scart socket.

  2. How can I connect a PS3 only a VGA input monitor?
    PS3 the hdmi out so ,, signal (audio and video signal from one input for scart and three jacks) but the problem is that you can connect to VGA monitor only do I sound, which bother me very very hard .
    Is there any way I want to turn cable assembly HDMI output VGA + video father?

  3. Lastly I wanted to say that “Is there any way, I want cable to turn an HDMI output into a VGA dad + AUDIO? (meaning to have sound)

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You can not, as was said in the video, VGA and you can not transmit sound. I do not see why you would tangle with some active speakers connected to PS3 and kept near the monitor or even a sound system connected to PS2.1 3

  4. simonsociu said

    Hello, please make a tutorial like and android tablet
    thank you

    • See in the section "Similar articles" under the tutorial, "Connecting the phone to the TV with an MHL adapter or directly via HDMI" click on that text and you will reach the tutorial that interests you. The first part of the tutorial showed how to connect a tablet.

  5. Salut.Exista any sound setting (running a movie and Tv Pc and one each to have its sound)?
    Thank you!

  6. Corneliu said

    I need help, I have a smart tv. you can not set it as I want because of vision problems and ask if its possible I set with / through your laptop or. at least, to make a copy of the user guide on the laptop.

  7. I think the answer to the first question is "no". Most people want to play back images from a laptop on a TV without dreaming. The answer to the second question is "yes". Moreover, you do not have to make a copy of the user manual, which can be downloaded on the internet in pdf format. If you tell us the name of the TV (eg Samsung 32ES5500) maybe we can help you with a link from a site where you can download the manual.

  8. Please make a tutorial with Intel WiDi, have a TV that supports Intel WiDi toshiba not know how to connect it to your computer. pa

    • A tutorial coming soon with Miracast. It is like WiDi and no.
      In WiDi is a protocol pairing devices more in particular.
      Soon we will definitely make a tutorial and first WiDi but the tutorial will be posted Miracast.

  9. Adrian how can you change my email address after me for my email address was blocked.
    Can you help me change my email address after or at least give me disable the username end.
    Thank you so much Adrian!!

  10. An AV receiver setup, pc, tv, system 5.1 think you can do?
    Thank you.

    • It's quite complicated because you have to have all the tools, and currently do not have.
      In the future we will definitely do something like that but not in the near future.
      Such a configuration I want to do and I can work something out eventually. Thanks for the suggestion.

  11. Andi `s said

    Good evening! look forward and at no hdmi connection or other wiring; I refer to the the media server. Thank you

  12. Good but if you can make a tutorial on a way to connect the TV wirelessly laptopu nice thanks

  13. It can adjust the sound output and of each program. The advantage is that you can play a movie on the TV and computer you can listen to music or whatever.

    • It is possible, at least if you want to listen to music with winamp for example, set as the main sound card the HDMI (control panel - sound) and in winamp set as output the sound card from the computer (Option - Preferences - Output - NullSoft Directsound output) in this way the movie runs on tv and on the pc you listen to the music from winamp orin the pc's sound card, there are other ways, you can try the other way around, you set the normal soundtrack from the pc as default and in the program with you watch the movie you choose the sound card output from HDMI. A good day !

  14. nicolae said

    you do is appreciated! RESPECT!

  15. Gabriel said

    Hello Cristi I encounter a problem, I want to watch TV fime web browser from PC via HDMI and also to have sound seperatly for Counter Strike how to do this?
    Thanks! with respect for all you do!

  16. Anderson said

    Cristi me an idea, why would you do a tutorial on coolers that are better ie the Sleeve Bearing and Ball Bearing vs. the more. Like this site there. Good day!

  17. sestache said

    I am looking for a tutorial please windows7 laptop with wifi tv SmartBox

  18. andreigat said

    I have hdmi to pc, what?

  19. How can I see sopcast on ipad mini

  20. Valentin said

    I look forward tutorial on DSLR Lenses.

  21. Cristi, I can put a movie or png image on android phone screen?

  22. I want to know the connection is good to me besides hdmi tv reciver. the dvd cable or one that has 3 audio video jacks (not site name in this connection) I have a hd tv that can not connect both connections. and I would like to know is what is the difference in the two. adrian or crystals tell me please. and I did have a question you can make connections from the reciver to pc via hdmi? and if so how I do not manage

  23. sal, i do not appear in hdmi sound settings and no TV so the sound is the tutorial on tv I can do? have video card NDrive gt8600

  24. The most easily accessible by Windows key + P.

  25. I can not connect the laptop to a projector screen in extended mode.
    Only succeed in other ways: duplicate or clone, just PC only projector.
    The connection is via Wi Fi.
    A nephew of mine connect seamlessly with laptop in extended display mode (and all other).
    Another grandchild happens to me identical.
    I have an Asus laptop.
    Two grandchildren each have a Samsung laptop, different models.
    What should I do so that I can connect the extended screen mode?
    (My video board is you.)

  26. Laurentiu said

    I have a PC that has a Nvidia GeForce 9500 no HDMI output. I connected both PC monitor and LED TV (LG 32LV3550) with two DVI outputs on the video card. Of course, in both cases, I used to convert the dvi plug in VGA (monitor has DVI and VGA and TV output VGA and HDMI). So using in both cases 2 VGA cables.
    The problem is that the TV screen may not perfectly centered image, ie has a black stripe 2-3 cm on the left.
    I walked in the video card settings .. In vain… the image moves left to right… but to the left… that stripe remains.
    I walked in the resolution settings rezolutie..indiferent use can not solve that annoying problem for the viewer. I used all the methods I listed above tutorial (main monitor, secondary expanded clone) but no result.
    The monitor has a resolution of 1680 × 1050 and the TV is Full HD. The monitor has on the panel a button for automatic adjustment and centering of the image, but the TV does not have such a thing.
    Can you help me somehow? With some advice? The video card has a fault?
    Please give me an answer.
    Thank you!

  27. Hello,
    How do I connect a laptop with VGA output to a TV Samsung Full HD.
    I have a laptop nvidia video card G105

  28. The TV has only HDMI input.

  29. Hello, I have windows and a TV 7 lg hdmi cable I've put that in the tutorial (Display dublicate thing) and I do not appear as you tie 2 window appears on the screen, the laptop is the hp pavilion g series

  30. I have a laptop hp G62 whose dedicated AMD motherboard has failed, you must deactivate it if I can use the card laptopu integrated Intel (R) HD Graphics, in this situation I no longer they function HDMI output. Do you have a tip for me? thanks

  31. This article is very useful
    all you need is a hdmi to hdmi video cable type or vga to vga and a set of windows (if any) start + p

    the rest is easy as ABC

  32. Dani Andrei said

    Call me and I speaker 2.1 me and I want to connect to TV speakers have jack 3.5 give me not only to TV audio in and audio out RL, does anyone know what I need cables.

  33. Hi, I want to connect the PC to the TV:
    - GForce 9500 GT video card Video card connections are (DV-i - Out / VGA - Out / TV - Out.
    - TV connections are: 2 Euroscart, on the left side: audio (r) audio (l) + for headphones.
    I have a tv-out cable for long 5 / 6 meters.
    An adapter from Gigabyte with 3 plugs of different colors (green / red / blue) + a TV-out jack: the right of everyone write
    What are the steps for connecting to tv ??
    Can someone help me?
    Thank you.

  34. Hello, I have a problem with the sound, I can not take it out on TV, the TV show or not my hdmi cable as shown in the video above.
    I have a picture on TV, but with the sound on my laptop…

  35. Is there any android application to use headphones to listen to the sound played phone as a Smart TV? (Transforming telephone, wireless headphones for tv tablet).

  36. Sebastian Roth said

    No one has an idea how can behave my PC to this TV?
    i5-4460 cpu3.20ghz (4cpu) 8192MB RAM and Nvidia GTX 760, total memory Approx 4033MB (actually knew it 2G) And TV is Diagonal Size (cm): Resolution 102: 3840 2160 x Brightness: 350 cd / sqm. I could connect via orice..Daca could you tell me and what I could connect it to transmit data more quickly. (Video card has HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI) Please answer, thank you

  37. Vlad Bucur said

    Hello! I have a question about connecting your laptop to connect tv..le TV via HDMI cable but does not appear as options may change from HDMI and laptop when I go to Screen Resolution appears only a monitor. What can I do about this problem?

  38. Please tell me how to connect a video projector and a monitor together to display the same thing, both being connected to a laptop. .should be laid in series or in parallel.?what kind of cables should be used? I only need to display sound… in a public space ..

  39. traian said

    hello! I connected the HDMI cable to the laptop and the TV, and when I give the screen resolution appears a single display, not two. that could be the cause? thanks

    • webdan said

      First of all, you have to make sure that the HDMI cable is functional, and that it is securely fastened at both ends. Secondly, orient yourself to find the right method with which you will set the video card program to display either "mirror" or "extension", or if you have the "levitation" option you are the coolest!

  40. good tutorial. a question: I have a video card radeon Shape r7 boost 240gb ddr1 3 128 with VGA output bit-dvi -hdmi. I hooked Laun vga crt monitor. URL lg tv and hdmi cable. when I enter the single screen resolution gives me the option to 1 2 it doubles these screens. I am only option -it doubles Extend these displays desktop ecrane- only 1 2 -it only displays desctop .tin to tell you that I'm not good at formatting settings f.bine etc. I want to know if your video card has only these formatting options or PC is that I have not done it myself. I recently installed Windows 7 .monitorul [No.] does not display the image if you turn on the TV. First image on TV is as open and then the monitor. while if you give me an answer as possible to call someone old woman who Princip better thanks. I have seen many tutorials for you and made me understand many things.

  41. gabriela said

    good, I have a big problem, I want to connect my laptop to a TV via HDMI cable and a laptop bag and on TV, and they start screen appears odd tv`ului what's on your laptop screen and the screen there knd give me rezolution 1 2 not only appears as a tie in video.vreau to mention that the same laptop and TV were connected same, just as I formatted windows`ul, and instead put 7 8.1 s`a me. that is the problem ??? thanks

  42. Hi. I would like to watch movies on lg smart from a laptop with a vga plug. I have an hdmi-vga cable but although I made the settings on the laptop and on the TV it sees hdmi input (hdmi plug). when I click on the tv it shows me that it does not receive information… please help me

  43. Cosmin vlasa said

    Hi .., you can also help me that I connect tv and pc between them so that I can see on pc what is on tv, that I have done this before and it worked but akm I forgot how it is done and I don't even know the plugs undr it is inserted… and I have a CD with a special prog for something like that, that is, the connection between pc and tv is called STAV as if… I took the picture with the plugs, yes, don't let me put it, where can I show you the pictures with the plugs?

  44. I have an LG LA6130 TV, it's not smart but it has 3D. I got a new Nvidia GT220 video card of 1 gb on 128 for my PC..Then with an HDMI 1.4 cable from the video card I connected to the TV.All good and beautiful: Display-LG, Resolution, 1920 / 1080, Orientation, Landscape, Multiple displays-Extend these dispalys. I had an image from a PC on a TV. .I don't get it at all… you only see the PC on TV and that's it. I installed a 3D movie player because I wanted to see 3D movies larger than 30 gb in ISO format, but I can't do that either. That's all I want to ask you, how can I watch a movie on TV and work on the computer at the same time… at the moment I go to "duplicate these displays" because if I click on "Extend these displays" I have functions only on TV and on the monitor I have only the image on the desktop. Thank you

  45. In the above video sa.mi please tell me how ti.a appeared on the TV screen does not appear to me ???? laptop and want to know cum.mersi send your

  46. Cristi, but a live emisine a match for example can see through VGA?

  47. Valentina said

    If I have an hdmi-vga cable ... I connected the 2: the TV with the computer. The connection of the two to "Screen Resolution" appears on my desktop and the image does not appear on my TV. he writes to me "without signal". Why? I followed all the steps !!!

  48. Cristi-sg1 said

    Yes Thank Christ for the tutorial I have another problem if you can help I did catch the TV (on TV stick) and can not watch only catch on tv I wish I could watch on PC and shawl can process cut as I do not open with any player and any video format converter receives me not unknown nor write format folders does: FWRET, -RECS, -RECSINFO, -STORAGE. RECK folder is videourile.In folder RECSSINFO has pages asemanatoarre as programs that installs STORAGE obicei.Folderul has two other folders that are empty Bookbkup and bookings both at deschidere.Am need advice that you can not only to mil it could use more !, please and thank you much for tutorials.

  49. Costel Paliciuc said


    I have a question: how to do ptr. To connect a PC (via DVI) to a UF 43 6409 LG Smart TV (HDMI terminal)?
    Thanks for the help!

  50. Cristian said

    Thanks for the tutorial now know I set and sound

  51. It is a bad application

  52. maryvsyk said desktop and has a video output VGA., may I connect a Samsung smart TV he only having hdmi ports?

    • Hi,
      You can help them end Inc. and me please even interest me to know how you managed to defend your desktop tracing another top left screen and can work separately on the 2?
      it really is as hard to help your fellows even dc suuuper you busy in this life?
      I vz that neither anyone from those above you answered no, do exist, there is this site, hmmmm?

  53. marianm said

    Santa Mariana greeting from Galati and I would like if you can please tell sami how can you connect your computer to the TV with brand grunding TV to watch movies in better quality thank you.

  54. I have an ASUS and lam connected to the TV via HDMI cable and the TV screen displays the message: no signal what to do?

  55. laminae not what you say go with 2 screens, wtf!
    God, did the computer restart? why don't you explain that the world understands everyone….?

  56. I think nobody answers here ever so helpful for you fellows who have no clue!
    I do not understand, why do not appear to me 2 laptup screens, and you appear, you do something else besides what you said in screen resolution? I can not believe!
    will you answer this year?
    but please do not think me

  57. and I am not appear 2 monitors the laptop's screen, as you do appeared, because what you have written and plowed through resole screen. etcetc not appear top stg or PhD. in laptop?
    can not, why be so secretive GRT to?

  58. Hi,

    You can help them end Inc. and me please even interest me to know how you managed to defend your desktop tracing another top left screen and can work separately on the 2?
    it really is as hard to help your fellows even dc suuuper you busy in this life?
    I vz that neither anyone from those above you answered no, do exist, there is this site, hmmmm?

  59. I connected the TV to your PC via HDMI cable but no sound enters and what should I do?

  60. The title is wrong exactly what I was looking for write in the title "How to connect a TV to the PC" to connect a PC to the TV ştiam.Mă interesiază a process that can be playable on pc tv

    • Hello ! Exactly the same connection I try to do… to play on the pc what is seen on TV without using any physical video input existing in the computer! (meaning no capture plate!). Have you somehow managed to share the image from TV on PC in the meantime ??

  61. Gosoiu Daniel Florin said

    I connected the TV to your PC via HDMI cable but no sound enters and what should I do?

  62. How do I see on the TV, half of the monitor and half of the cable TV, read my pc to have 2 monitors to post it

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