How to configure a Digi Net Mobil RDS modem in Ubuntu - video tutorial

Hello friends, today's tutorial we will see how to configure an internet modem from RDS where we use the Ubuntu Linux operating system. If the Windows setup is a cinch modems RDS all consisting only connect the modem to your PC and run the executable appears in vereastra Auto Run / Auto Play on Ubuntu Linux are totally different things.
Although the memory of these dongles are some files native to Linux which should help in setting up the modem, running this file we get all kinds of errors and notices such as missing gcc compiler or version X kernel at all pleasant and understandable to users regular and non-technical.
At first, after introducing the USB modem in your PC or laptop running the operating system Ubuntu Linux, we are greeted as in Windows a window Auto Run which appears to us that the stick there is still some configuration files native for Linux. We would be tempted to think that a simple click on Run will start configuration wizard and by a few clicks I put everything in place, as in Windows.
Well, not this happens, we'll get an error to clicking on Run and even if we want to run the manual configuration scripts it contains modem, either terminal or the graphical user interface, all we get errors and we can not carry out the modem configuration from our Digi Net Mobil RDS.
Yet there is a solution is a simple one that does not require even a single command in the terminal as many as tempted to believe. I know hard-core Linux users will be disappointed
As operating system we used the latest version of Ubuntu, specifically Ubuntu 12.10 Quanta Quetzal and a USB modem HUAWEI model RDS Digi Net Mobil E3131 of 21.6 Mbps. That said, I invite you to watch the video tutorial to see exactly how or how we set configure a USB modem from RDS Digi Net Mobile operating system Ubuntu Linux.

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  1. It would be very useful to know how to install drivers for RDS stick or another on an Android tablet that does not have drivers included by default.

  2. even so, there is a possibility to connect an RDS stick to a android tablet? would be a beautiful thing and I also pay less.

    • Just go to some tablets in connection settings (More) must enable the mobile network data transmission (data in use).

  3. Why Linux Distribution recommend? I wish I install fedora or pea solaris but not know anything about them

  4. Adrian Gudus said

    Why Linux Distribution recommend? I wish I install fedora or pea solaris but not know anything about them

    Linux Mint or Ubuntu are the most popular Linux distributions. We tutorials and Linux Mint in case you're curious how it looks. Use the SEARCH box on the top right sidebar to find them. You writing: linux linux mint lie or presentation, hit enter and you will find the tutorial

  5. Hello how gta san andreas sami sami put bios occur and they open the computer to play straight I NVIDIA GeForce 7300Se7200Gs

  6. Cleo andra said

    The new stick from the RDS green- white writing is not compatible with any kind of type linux it. Can I do something?

    • It works ok on Ubuntu Kiwi 12.04. But on one condition after you made steps in the tutorial:
      after inserting the stick - modem in USB, the system will see it as a memory stick (not as a modem). What you need to do next: enter My computer, for example, go to the stick and right-click, and press "remove support", without removing the stick from the USB. Wait a while, the laptop will see it again this time as a modem (not as a memory stick) - waiting time… about 20-30 seconds. Then execute the commands as in the tutorial: go to the network, click on Digi Net Mobil, connect and you're done.

  7. Adrian Gudus said

    Cleo andra:
    The new stick from the RDS green- white writing is not compatible with any kind of type linux it. Can I do something?

    Mine is all white with green writing
    Do not get based on information provided by RDS that provides an answer to escape the client. Long or the customer service department have no idea of ​​technology, have the most common questions and answers written on sheets are not technical people.
    Follow the steps mentioned in the tutorial that nothing blows up…
    Oh, that those files that it contains it for linux are not compatible with any Linux distribution, it's a different story.

  8. Hello,
    I can not even stick to mount the RDS (one with green writing: DiGiNetMobil 21.6).
    I mention that:
    - OS used is Ubuntu 12.10 downloaded today from the official site (ubuntu-12.10-desktop-i386.iso)
    - I installed the OS on an 8GB stick using Universal-USB-Installer- (so it's a mobile Ubuntu)

    As soon as the stick bag from RDS displays the message:
    Adding read ACL for uid 999 to '/ media / ubuntu' failed: Operation not suported
    The stick icon does not turn green, it remains gray… ..

    Solutions, please. 🙁

  9. For those who have ubuntu 10.04, you can simply enter the directory Digi Net Mobile / Linux after you hooked stick, and execute the command bash #sudo install, and will install automatically.

  10. mciobieraser said

    Thanks for the presentation. At least I learned that I should not bother with what is on it. I install Linux Mint bother me and I have cable internet. I only have this modem and can not begin installation until I net. So I will continue digging.

  11. Thanks Adrian!

  12. thank you.

  13. Good evening. Because on one hand I am a neophyte on the other hand DTA superavansat're in the field, please enlighten me: I have a laptop SH, HP EliteBook 8530p that my application was installed UBUNTU LTS 12.04. I wish to connect to the internet and do not know how to do. I am subscribed to Orange and I have a Huawei modem E367

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Like tutorial only when you are viewing the list of mobile operators, Orange and choose from the list Digi not

  14. I can not see the video. Server not found.

  15. Hey! I have a problem… I have Digi Net Mobil… but it doesn't appear in the top window… I have linux, ubuntu, 12.04… excuse my language, I'm a beginner… please help me… what should I do? what are the steps i should follow? thank you!!

  16. Hi, please can someone help me configure the modem for internet linux digi zorin05 how can INTERMET?

  17. Sal I have a problem with a stick digi mobile version of Linux Mint 17 I followed the steps but the connection number usename pasword asks me :(

  18. If you allow me I would like to make solving my problem with linux mint 17 for those who have problem with Huawei USB modem configuration from rds. I followed exactly the steps in this tutorial

  19. Hello, please help me someone can install Digi mobile net on Mac OS X 10.3.9 Thank you.

  20. I understand tutorial I and configure the connection, but the problem is that your laptop DELL insp 3521 with Zorin 9 sees stick white writing blue although a DELL laptop insp oldest, still with Zorin 9 went first.
    Il inserted and red LED flashes and 20 minutes if you leave. Do not go green as other computers.
    Not that he sees no storage unit, sees nothing !!! Why ?

    • I solved. I realized that it confused with a wireless mouse, so I connected a wireless mouse and immediately detected as a modem.
      Can use others…

  21. x-ulescu said

    you still do good tutorials but you keep talking like a brother like an old woman …… .. until he finds out the man who interests him grows his beard.

  22. So I got bored reading the article and I can say that there is no need for film
    If you want to do the right thing, make it simple and efficient.
    A short tutorial text of 3-4 steps would have solved the problem.
    Personally, I gave up watching the movie after reading the article: boss, I didn't come to the theater to see a movie with you, I just want to install a USB stick ……

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