How to create and customize our own maps on Google Maps - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will see how we can create a customized map that can show and represent different locations, land, neighborhood or why not a holiday where I was. We do this with the help of Google Maps. A very useful tool from Google is Google Maps allow us to save different locations or places where I was. The big advantage of Google Maps is that it allows us to mark the places, buildings, streets, land in any place.
Suppose you have a business or an office, or an office or a local restaurant or why not even a hotel and someone wants to visit but it was never in the area so I can not and will not guide know who is building or land owned by you. Using Google Maps, you can draw directions on the map, try land owned by you or you can put different signs indicating either a gas station, an ATM, a bank, a halt probably not visible on a GPS navigator or map. If you know the area very well I certainly will know about where they are on the map and mark them. After you finish marking cues, places, street or across the track to yourself, you can save the map as then to give those who want to come to you. When you have finished marking the map, you can choose to be generated by this URL, embed code that can be posted on your website in a short HTML email or a link to the location, you can send him that wants to will visit.
Custom maps saved in My Places and can be useful when you want to sell land or a house. Will benefit you and the potential buyer will be much more clear if he has a cartographic representation of the exact location of the land or house. We know how to focus if she is good at, if it has advantages in the area or you can even represent you on the map and what the benefits are close premises land or house you want to sell.
However, do not necessarily have to sell anything to get an custom map! Maybe you just want to save a route that I was like let's not forget the way back and the reason can continue.
That being said I invite you to watch the video tutorial to see exactly how we can save a location and how to create a custom map in Google Maps.


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Enjoy !

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  1. Hello! How can I watch tutorials on LG Optmus one?

  2. Salut.Frumos tutorial and well done but unfortunately for those who live in Romania and those in northern spacial's hardly any fplos or partially ee and if the details on the map are very praoasta resolution so why not clar.Da not see anything in your example is OK only are we in the U.S. and not in Romania

  3. Attention Christ and Ady, I know I'm offtopic I write here on this subjects, but do not know where else I could ask questions, I could post forum site company I work it, I could post links toturialelor occurring? Thank you very much.

  4. Right it says create not create

  5. hello first of all congratulate you for the site and I apologize that my post has nothing in common with videotutorialul.v would ask if you can teach us how to extract subtitle from mkv do that for eg i have a asus mediaplayer oplay mini embedded subtitles do not always see in a movie searched the net but have not really found raspunsuri.cred that would interest a lot of fans of this site also have tutorials for that many mediaplayere and we face this problem in integrated subtutrarile mkv.multumesc!

  6. Hello, friends! If you knew how many times I looked (walked) on the map and wondered how I could mark something! And now, I was about to miss the tutorial because of a Bitdefender antivirus that was installed and because of which the PC goes merge to stay still! Because I have a "stop" speed, I will try later to see if I can do what you say in the tutorial; I need a lot of patience. However, thank you dear ones for this pleasant surprise, thank you !!!

  7. “” Tungsten alpha ”” ”

    A tutorial idea.

  8. Rocky:
    Salut.Frumos tutorial and well done but unfortunately for those who live in Romania and those in northern spacial's hardly any fplos or partially ee and if the details on the map are very praoasta resolution so why not clar.Da not see anything in your example is OK only are we in the U.S. and not in Romania

    I made my own map. The first thing I didn't know before the tutorial was that I had to be logged in with my Google account. But you know Rocky, it depends on the area. Indeed, in some places you can barely guess if you know the area, but in others you could even count the chickens in the yard. Who is to blame

  9. Hello! Thank you for this video, I could have shown you that, but I want to leave a small description of the map to be visible but to put that place on harta.Multumesc picture and hear us!

  10. Excellent tutorial. What we did not know is how I place an image at the point marked. If you know something, please send me and me. Thank you.

  11. Hi longer paote repost this video tutorial to find? Have a good day

  12. AdrianGudus said

    Hi longer paote repost this video tutorial to find? Have a good day

    Tutorial video (the video as you call it) is in the article at the end of the text. The tutorial is functional

  13. Hello my name is Claudius, and if Speaking about maps, I have a question:
    How do I put a map on the site, preferably Europe, something like that from where you choose county Mercadante.
    Thank you

  14. Perfect! Thanks, I get up and I :)

  15. Gabriela said

    Hi…. how could I make a map of Romania, divided by counties? I would like to insert this map in a web page… thank you in advance!

  16. Hello, I followed the steps in the tutorial, I came to the place that I post I saved it, but again I open Google Maps, it appears to me marked the site, who I can elucidate this issue

  17. Hello,
    Interesting tutorial, thank you.
    Can somehow download or extract locates, county towns where I have marked a certain work (restaurant, museums etc?).

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