How to disable HTML5 video playback for Mozilla Firefox - video tutorial

Hello friends, today's tutorial I talk about the latest Mozilla Firefox browser has become very annoying at least to me. I do not know if you noticed but the Firefox browser is trying to rush the transition to HTML5 for video or audio. Basically instead of using plug-in Flash Player is used to play back often playing in HTML5 Container using open source codecs like WebM and VP8, Vorbis. I have absolutely nothing against all that is dear but open source developers, currently this platform is not tanned, stable and very important, just as easy to implement as flash. There are many things that you can do however still HTML5 and if there is a way to do what you want you're very limited in scale.
I know that no Flash Player not sit very well on the security and is a resource hungry consumer, but it still seems more stable if you have a decent PC and not a by-1999 2000.
As you probably know frequent user of social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and it is very frustrating when you embed a video on his Facebook News Feed or flow when in the case of Google Plus and want to watch. Although sometimes the player has full screen button, when you click on it does not happen anything. You have to go on YouTube to watch the video in full screen. All this is happening because the play is done in addition HTML5 that most videos played in HTML5 not full screen button.
I noticed a very strange behavior and functionality of the browser when you play a video in HTML5 in another tab and read something or simply want to browse another site. Another problem with this play in HTML5 is the response time of the player you get in normal mode and back to full screen, the picture freezes, you click on the full screen and only over-3 4 seconds (maybe even better) takes place action. When it finally becomes full screen image, although his own business sound, the picture seems to remain out of sync with sound and good for a few seconds until it syncs with the image soundtrack, you say that someone runs your clip before.
In other words there are small problems but many. In my opinion it is shameful for 2012 and reached the level of technology to provide users with such a bad experience in navigation. Maybe for Mozilla, Google, YouTube works amateurs? Even these companies can not fall to a common denominator and to decide who and what to use? I do not think it is no secret that between Google and Mozilla are more ambitious in place to focus attention on users, each trying to show pride and show off its technology platform and implementing made. In conclusion I believe that there is a platform HTML5 mature enough to be ready for implementation for any web developer.
That said, I invite you to watch the video tutorial to see how the strength eaxact use Mozilla Firefox browser instead HTML5 Flash player for video and audio playback.

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  1. Congratulations tutorials that make this problem even looking at Mozilla Fire Fox and here I found it.

  2. Not to mention that those with low processing power runs very jerky video in HTML 5 player.

  3. Thanks adrian this HTML 5 really annoys me, and yes you're right everyone wants to show that it's the coolest… but in fact we users suffer

  4. Hatman Alexander-St. said

    It is most useful tutorial on the site.

    : )

  5. ADRIAN I've installed xp virtual machine after the screen buteaza in being divided in two, left in IE windows xp dr USER ask for my password, I put all kinds of passwords nothing I logged with all pc name in vain, I have to do? thank you.

    Cite me

  6. florin:
    ADRIAN I've installed xp virtual machine after the screen buteaza in being divided in two, left in IE windows xp dr USER ask for my password, I put all kinds of passwords nothing I logged with all pc name in vain, I have to do? thank you.

    Cite me

    Are you new to this site? You don't know that you have to keep a clean comment section? Your question has nothing to do with this tutorial…

  7. You can not intrebi.Cauta in tutorials 2008 year so far and you have to find.

  8. Hatman Alexander-St. said

    You can watch tutorials on a Nexus tablet Asus 7?

  9. Hatman Alexander-St.:
    You can watch tutorials on a Nexus tablet Asus 7?

    Tutorials can track the devices that support flash player. Asus tablet Nexus 7 supports flash player for android system runs 4.x

  10. Hi, I'm using Firefox 16.0.2 and I didn't have this "problem" with HTML 5, it plays in my Flash Player without making any changes.

  11. -I have a problem when I download torrents used uTorrent and Vuze (azuresus) - During unloading, the BSOD appears to me, I scan your PC against viruses, malware, so I have problems, too I go all software f well, so it's a driver or something but when I download torrents blue screen of death appears, you advise me to do?

  12. Hello, very useful tutorial but unfortunately for. I'm using Opera 95%. Perhaps you can do something similar if and browser. Thank you for. tutorials and be healthy to do as much!

  13. I also found pt. Opera, I solved, thanks anyway, right clips go much better now!

  14. Same thing is and Opera, as opera solve this?

  15. Adrian Gudus said

    Regardless of the browser used, YouTube decides to put all users in the "HTML5 trial" program without asking them if they want it or not.
    however it can give to this program by accessing the following address:
    Regardless of the browser, go to the address above and click at the bottom of the page on "Leave the HTML5 Trial"
    ATTENTION: If after choosing not to participate in the disaster called HTML5 you will empty the browser cache or cookies, you will have to access the page mentioned above again and click on "Leave the HTML5 Trial"
    You should do this for each browser separately and do not forget to come back in here to disable disastrous HTML5 mentioned every time you reinstall Windows or you clear the cache and cookies.
    I consider unfair and defiant as YouTube do not require user consent to enter or not HTML5 program. I would suggest to keep trial programs in laboratory development and offer it to the general public when it is finished and done. Or even ask for user consent to participate in it.

    • View Product said

      However, I don't use social networks, I don't even log in to my google account (I rarely log in… just to see the mailbox or to put a file on google drive).
      Logging into the account and the account with google and google plus, you may get different coockieuri in browser mode automatically puts you html5 test.

  16. View Product said

    From what I notice, youtube doesn't automatically put all users in the html5 test program, it's more of a probabilistic thing. Sometimes it happened to me to run my videos in html5 mode. Going to the "" page, I realized that I was in the html 5 test program without my consent.
    But I repeat… only sometimes has this happened to me. For example, if I run ccleanner (to clear all my cookies, all my browser or flash cache), I automatically exit the html5 program.

  17. Cristian Zarafin said

    What reason can not view some videos on YT even if we Flash Player? ... I saw that you've encountered the same problem Adrian in this tutorial

  18. Cristian Zarafin:
    What reason can not view some videos on YT even if we Flash Player? ... I saw that you've encountered the same problem Adrian in this tutorial

    It seems that Browser Mozilla Firefox ver Youtube 17.0.1 and new interface, Do not want to open some videos, if somehow you HTML5 off by that little trick, Adrian showed.
    Enable and new HTML5, Just like you saw in videoturorialul Adrian, but do the opposite, instead of false true.
    Write in the address bar of Mozilla: about: config> Type in search> webm> and have media.webm.enabled ___ false > double click on false and see how it changes over true > now restart mozila and your problem is solved.

  19. For those interested, the same can be done with HTML 5 Opera Browser Outliner.

  20. abel rude:
    Same thing is and Opera, as opera solve this?

    "Menu" (top left or "ALT + F11) - ->" Extensions "->" Get Extensions ", type" HTML 5 Outliner "in the search box on your right and install it.

  21. Thank you. You are brilliant!!

  22. Cosmin said

    With me not working. We Firefox version 38.0.1, I did like the video, I closed my browser, I reopened and when I right click on the player's HTML5 all.

  23. video goes

  24. Hello Adrian.
    As we discussed today in juru time 16: 30 and I am against the youtube site but Maare however, and not strictly because youtube site, it effectively blocks sunetu videos vs discontinued and hear sacadeaza and the list continues.
    All this for about two / 3 weeks happens and ………. God, I have no idea what I have to do to turn off html5 and of course you point the browser to the flashplayer.
    I use opera browser and applied in browser some extensions that according to information would block or uninstall html5 but not boo give any result and in addition, Nooo find all the outlet through which html5 came into my browser work (hm).
    So how do we get out biine dear?

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