How do I uninstall system applications to free up memory on Android

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will see how we can permanently remove / disable system applications to free up the internal storage space of a smartphone or tablet running the Android operating system. For a start, let's see what exactly "system applications" mean.
To simplify things, system applications are those that came preinstalled on your smartphone or tablet Android. These applications are integrated into the Android operating system or the manufacturer (HTC, Samsung, LG) or distributor (Orange, Vodafone, Cosmote). Often these applications come to occupy the space in the internal memory of the phone making and automatic updates to new versions. A peccary luxury I can not allow those who have a small storage space on your phone. As you probably know, the applications are installed on internal storage space of the phone and not the SD card. It is useless to have a 32 GB SD card if your phone's internal storage space is very small, only 2-4 GB. That means you'll be limited in the number of applications that you can install, unless you root your phone or tablet and change the system so that applications be installed on the SD card. Unfortunately the basic options of any Android gadget on the market you can choose to use the SD card as internal storage space so you can install a large number of applications.
As I said above, you can root the smartphone, you can install a custom kernel (modified) to accept the way darktremor but a much too laborious for the atehnici and can be applied by anyone, on any smartphone . However if you are interested we made a video tutorial in the past about Moving all Android applications on the SD card mode Darktremor Apps2SD
In general applications preinstalled by the manufacturer or distributor are either unnecessary or use services that are not available in our country. Therefore you do not have to keep them installed in the system because as you said above they do their regular updates to new versions and added, get to consume a lot of our phone's internal memory, memory that I could use it to install other useful applications.
What is the solution for removing the system from Android smartphones and tablets?
Well there are two solutions: disable application systems or remove system applications or removing bloatware from Android as technical people like to label them.
Disabling system: can make anyone has an Android gadget is a simple process and does not require root. Going into the Applications section of the phone settings you are able to delete any updates who have made applications system and then you can disable meaning that you will not see a shortcut / icon for the application in the drawer (drawer ) with applications on the Home screen (main screen) and the Widgets section (if you have that application and widget). Once disabled, system applications will not run in the background will no longer make updates to new versions, release RAM and internal storage space eliminating earned updates downloaded them. The beauty of this process is that you can deactivate reactivate anytime, any application deactivated if you later decide to use it or need it.
Uninstall / remove application systems: is only for those who have root at Android smartphone or tablet. Through the process we just stop off applications in the system longer automatically updates to new versions and can remove junk files (cache and data) used to release them so reaching internal storage space. If we can remove them permanently from the root system with the help of Free NoBloat as if they never existed there, they will not occupy the space of internal storage and will not be reactivated. Doing so can release even more internal storage space because there will be no practical application in the operating system.
If you root your smartphone and you decide to permanently remove system applications, very careful what you remove application will not hastily make Google search with its name to learn exactly what application, what uses. Are not likely to find in Play Store (Store Play) application removed if you decide to reinstall! Some applications may have dependencies system and their elimination could lead to faulty operation of other applications that have remained installed. It is best to make a backup of these applications before they remove and then remove them, keep an eye on the device for a few days to see if the operating system and other applications remained stable and if everything is okay, you can remove and backups
In conclusion, if you have an Android smartphone or tablet with a small internal storage space, this video tutorial is for you! I invite you to watch the video tutorial to see exactly how we remove or disable unwanted system applications to make room useful.

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  1. Corleone said

    Tell me please how do I disable the android 4.0.4 Adrian applications to no longer make updates. Thank you.

    • Google Play / Menu / Settings / Automatic Update apps / No apps automatically update
      : )

    • I have a samsung galaxy s2 and for some time a message appeared on my phone… insufficient storage space. I mention that I have a 16 G card in my phone and I don't have much on my phone… what can I do to get rid of it?

  2. Corleone said

    Tell me please how do I disable the android 4.0.4 Adrian applications to no longer make updates. Thanks

  3. Good tutorial. I use Clean Master for Android software seems useful software. It has regular updates to short periods of time.
    There are plenty of tutorials and ideas as you get rid of surveys bypass surveys download or get a ride or skip. Or as the old interface back to facebook (for soon to the new implent some not all)
    Or how to get rid of the bugs in Windows.
    How to repair Windows if something broke or DVD without installation and more.
    How do tricks in photoshop. How to eliminate that error as 4.1.2 android phones do not get that phone call give it off although he is open Jelly Bean on Galaxy S 2

  4. Constantin said

    Hi Adrian can you tell me please how you call that program uses the windows you that shows you the phone interface. Thank you.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      tutorial already exists on this topic. You write in the search box top right: androidscreencast, press enter and you will find the tutorial

  5. Octavian said

    Adrian would like to ask if you can stop nexus 4, Running Apps google play store, google music, google maps, google services and audioplayerservice.

  6. Hello, I have a huge request I have a samsung galaxy s3 mini.De about a month, I think I got a virus and occurs by eating baterie.Bateria consumed very quickly when talking on the phone or by browsing the rest not nothing happens. Mention that we did a nothing program.Dar installation are.Sa know what is to blame battery? Handset I bought 2013 Thank ianuarie.Va

  7. Hello, I have a huge request I have a samsung galaxy s3 mini.De about a month, I think I got a virus and occurs by eating baterie.Bateria consumed very quickly when talking on the phone or by browsing the rest not nothing happens. Mention that we did a nothing program.Dar installation are.Sa know what is to blame battery? Handset I bought in 2013 ianuarie.Va Thank Cosmin

  8. Costelina said

    Well yes you see the beauty of Linux === android system is that it is easy but of course is a subject
    to be debated; what was beautiful (I say too) and correct for these people producers-distributors to put beautiful
    optional all kinds of apps and sites and bling blinguri omu choose not to leave? and manual
    use to inform the consumer of the product (if you want that you find there, etc.)
    otherwise it goes about open source and freedom. Anyway my opinion it's a matter of time before we will see the beautiful windows on as many devices as it's nice to run his machine omu choice
    thank you

    • Adrian Gudus said

      So you can install Windows Phone must fulfill some requirements, standards. Hardware to Microsoft Windows Phone on gadgets approve installation is carefully selected. It seems that Microsoft will begin offering free Windows Phone.
      Caution, not to be confused with open source free!

      • ana maria said

        Hi . I have an allview of 4 you and I have activated the application for the blind in the phone settings… I know how to deactivate it but I can't navigate down… what can I do ??? thank you !

  9. you are strong Cristi… .congratulations… .the ads I see are in Italian

  10. Dear Cristi I was abroad and had to phone mem card 16 G when we arrived we found that not anything he can to stoke and give me error 492 I tried diff methods but fail to make it usable . someone said that because of the custom devices, expect a tip. Sincerely

  11. Thanks a lot for the tutorial.
    Owning a P5 Allview Quad and came up with several preinstalled applications, but not all use more memory and handle.

  12. Octavian said

    Adrian Gudus on nexus 4 how to set after charging the battery to sing a certain song…. ???

    • Adrian Gudus said

      There is no such option in the operating system but you can install an application from the Play Store: search and install "Battery Tune - Charge Alarm"

  13. Very useful this simple tutorial, many of us and there are few who still use phones 512 mb internal memory. I had and still know many who still use the LG Optimus One P500 and other hardware smartphonuri super weak and I know what it means to not have enough internal memory space.
    Like I SmartShare installed a totally useless app for me because I have a smart tv, another application inuitila RemoteCall Service, etc, etc,,,

  14. Adrian, how to download files from websites that ask you to fill out forms genre stuff, horoscope or others and then ask you to send sms? It can?

    • View Product said

      Those sites that ask you to complete various questionnaires or you do not know what sms are some scams. No more fiddling with them. There is no way to dodge them because they do not even offer what they claim to offer the download (even if it provides an archive password, where you know that in that archive is just what it says it is?) . Look what else you want to download. Point.

  15. Valentin said propose closing the gates!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Your home can you suggest anything! In the meantime you supreme tools, mouse and keyboard and simply choosing not to visit us. They are much stronger than your proposal!
      Your proposal proves selfishness in which we find ourselves.

      • Valentin said

        Can you suggest anything, Adrian, because, at least for now, the Internet is the space of all and everyone can freely and unhindered propose anything. As long as promote a tutorial once a month and that is, in my view, all the laughter, allow me to offer anything even if you did or not. In what concerns the selfishness do not think you hit it too well because we all know you do not really like to be criticized even should you take and sometimes criticism. Do not think but do not appreciate what I do and not once said that doing an excellent job but you will need to critically'll do it if you like it or not, whether you like it or not. Your guilt is only because we have become accustomed in recent years very interesting tutorials. Bafta!

        • Adrian Gudus said

          You have a misconception about the internet! Feel free to say anything and do anything you want on your site rather than others. Currently we are the ones who pay monthly hosting, server, streaming license to get a few euros per month. This site is free and open to everyone as long as they behave properly and not in an arrogant, superior believing that you are able to decide what should happen to this site. The fact that you access this site is a privilege, not a right!
          No one forces us to tolerate such behavior and we have every right to selectman users or restrict their access if necessary. We can not forbid you to say on the Internet and we are not interested but you can prohibit our website for here are not the owner.
          Internet access means that it is not with it, and the right to say anything and to have access anywhere. Right for you to be accepted or tolerated are the owner!
          Misunderstand democracy, just like any young man of today.

          • Robert Stelian said

            Copyright provide that rights holders to determine how occurs copy, distribute and distributing works.
            You act that?

    • I Agree!

  16. View Product said

    The truth is that tutorials have become very rare lately. There seems to be little interest, at least that's what we regular visitors notice. There were several before. In fact, the range of topics was much wider. If I'm fine and I look, since the beginning of 2014, than Adrian posted something, but quite rarely. I haven't heard anything from Cristi. It's as if he only made one more material in January. Since then… total silence. There were other visitors who wondered what was going on. The administrators were left without inspiration, I doubt. Topics will always be found. Maybe I know, I don't get enough money out of advertising to arouse interest… or maybe they have various other occupations. Let's hope that's the only reason. There should be no other personal or health problems. Finally… maybe in time the administrators will give some explanations….

    • Cristi gave some time ago an answer about his lack of activity and said that he was busy with some chores. He will present some of them on the site and said that they are interesting. As for the tutorials, I don't know what to say, I've been following the site only since July 2013, so I don't know how it was in other years, but interesting tutorials are posted. Rarely true. Some tutorials were "lighter" so to speak but they had many tricks in them from which we learn. And a long time ago Adrian made a tutorial about android live usb, a tutorial about returning to stock rom on Galaxy Nexus some interesting tutorials. I think the boys are preparing something big.

      • Nothing happens simply have been engaged in projects that have seized more than as planned.
        Adrian has found time windows for publishing tutorials, unfortunately I had no time at all.
        Now I am pretty much done and get back to work.
        We are glad that worry, that means I missed.

  17. constantin said

    Hi, the team, I would like you to make a tutorial with the two operating systems (windows 7 and windows 8.1, respectively), why do I ask you for this tutorial, because you have a lot of controversy on the forums: "Or" that windows 8.1 remains the best ", I would like and I think I am not the only visitor on this site, to make this tutorial and share your opinions about this controversy. And I'm referring to a normal system something like "processor: intel pentium, 7gb of ram: board: with a chip up to a Z7, an ssd for the operating system.

  18. tutorial to make a web server and mail server on Linux.

  19. How do you record phone screen without root?

    • I think that with android screencast you can record it but you can't give commands to the phone from the pc. And airdroid seems to have such a function. I hope I'm not mistaken. See that you have a tutorial on the site about both methods. You can find them with the "search" box in the upper right

  20. Hello tutoatial make a tutorial on how make a

  21. alexalex said

    T please ajutama! I9000 I have a sgs has not tried to bag recovery.Cand cm rom manager, install rom I gave, I have selected and I dta reboot.Acum phone has entered samsung.De logo download enter and the computer sees. How can I fix it?

  22. You can make a tutorial on Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander)

  23. Useful tutorial but I have a question a little off topic, namely: if the samsung is what is called TouchWiz touch interface front-end for Sony?

  24. Dragonu said

    Cristi hello ... I have a nexus 4 8 Gb version .. you know how to increase the memory.? but without the cup as Dropbox, etc. G Drive. I heard it is a method that wonder ... if you can help me do any reviews on this topic.

  25. Dragonu said

    Cristi or Adrian I am waiting for an answer from you… that I am very satisfied with nexus 4 less memory


    • Unfortunately there is a stable solution.
      You can only use cloud storage for pictures, videos and other files.
      The internal memory is limited and there is no card slot as we have no possibility of expansion.
      I should have chosen from the beginning 16 GB version, so I did and I've never had problems.

      • About 16gb…. Tomorrow morning arrives in my pocket Alview Viper 16gb. Now I realize that I made a good choice because I took the 16gb one. Maybe it was even better Viper s but much too expensive 🙂

  26. Dragonu said

    ok. thanks anyway for the answer… want my brother-in-law to trade with him to give me on my nexus his galaxy s3 LTE (the version with 2 GB ram)… is it worth it? What do you say?

  27. irinuka said

    Hi, I also have a problem with the phone, I have a sony experia z and I found out recently that I have an espionage program installed on my phone, I think it's called I wanted to ask you how to deactivate it… phone to return to factory settings but I do not know if it will be deleted because dak is not deleted I do not want to risk deleting everything I have on the phone and not deleting the program… ..I hope you answer me thank you .. :(

  28. Try to clean the master. Do you have a tutorial here .

  29. I v2.3.5 by phone and android app store for that play no longer loaded, I hot to go into settings, manage applications, and I think I disabled it, for it no longer gasesc.exista a chance to reactivate? thank !

    • Adrian Gudus said

      All in managing applications, if you swipe to the left of the tab should Off or likely to find in the All tab at the end of the list. Sometimes Off tab does not appear, I recommend you reboot your phone and enter again to see if you manage applications tab Off

  30. Hi, I have a little problem, I bought yesterday a tablet aquila (do not know the exact model) and when I started walking on it I noticed that hardly responds to commands, for example trying to access fb, I have little 2 minutes to process information, and then tell me to Blok page and asks me if I want to give up or give it waiver ii astep.daca takes about a minute to give it out on pagina.daca be calling them about 2 minutes to process information then instead of my page I open a close definitiv.asa happens indiferemt of the page trying to accesez.mentionez the internet speed is at least 75mb / please tell what can i do, it's the factory Why can I fix or need to go to service ?? Thanks

  31. Hi, please can you tell me why when you install a game on android 4.4 kikat he google with vodafon araa writes a key on the left and writes this after I clicked to see what that key looks like "Allow application to get the list of known costs of the phone. This may include the accounts created by the applications you have installed "may ask you if you want to buy the game or may force you to buy this is the question actually the fine loat game on the internet

  32. I hope there privacy and nice if you please tell me if you can force someone to buy an app if you will not for example even if you have loat instalato outside ie on the net and you instalato Mobile.

  33. and does what he wants to say perimte application to access the phone and set the phone there no privacy makes you think when you install a game :) I trust anyone seriously good-hearted and I will respond.

    • If you get an app from net to test, say, to see how to move your phone, and it normally costs, moral would be to buy the application. But technically not poste compel anyone to buy. How exactly you require? As for the permissions you require. They are more or less normal. Depending on the application installed

  34. Now what Salari are in Romania and I do not have a job you realize Sir Alex do not intend to buy a software product and not because of financial shortcomings that we all know we live in romania as.
    Thanks a lot that I've said Health and a good day or good evening depending when you read the message.

  35. Most countries! It stieeee! Explicitly useful video, as did all the others. Bafta!

  36. I have a new phone andy Jezz and I want to download yahoo 5 meseenger, but it says that the application is already installed. I put a memory card in your phone from another phone, a Samsung Galaxy android GT all. has any connection? I searched everywhere and can not find yahoo applications. Thank you. waiting for response.

    • Well see exactly where the application is already installed. I ask because if you look at Play Store an application that is already installed enables you to open or uninstall.

  37. I have a problem with your phone P5 QUAD (NOT the internal one). Using File Explorer program (installed automatically) do not find applications or pictures / videos stored in the phone memory that can delete them, thus freeing space to install applications on your phone. Short two: 2,25 GB memory, 90 apatiu MB free. I and a 32 GB micro SD card, but I can not help that applications are automatically installed in phone memory and not on the card. Solutions? Thank You.

  38. vladimirosky said

    Question of 10 points! How do longer automatically update the preinstalled, the system with telefoanele.Scot coming hat in front of an accredited response

  39. I installed an application (Lock Screen), I want to uninstall and can not, will not let me uninstall it (although I do not give it uninstaller uninstall (samsung galaxy s3 edition black version 1g Ram
    Thank you in advance

  40. How to uninstall?

  41. I have a lg nexus 5 I too full memory data cable connects to the laptop (w8)
    a solution please

  42. Lavinia Aioanei said

    Hi, I know that has nothing to do with the subject, but I have a question, how can I not delete the empty spaces shortcuts?

    • Lavinia Aioanei said

      Please I play, I need a suggestion .Merci.

      • You zoom out on the home screen or application drawer depends on where you are screens. Like you zoom within a picture and then you go back to normal. When you zoom out you will have an overview on all screens. There they pull those empty the trash to delete them (in Samsung devices)

  43. Lavinia Aioanei said

    We succeeded. Thanks you.

  44. Hi, I do not know if I chose this topic well but I need an answer. I recently tried to install a game on a tablet Tab 2 and I had enough memory. I want to delete it because my memory look like it installed but no longer found. I hope you were quite explicit. Thanks in advance!

    • If you play during the installation of an error appeared in which you are saying that the application could not be installed because of insufficient memory when the game is not installed. You can go in Store Play on the game, and in case it is installed you can uninstall it if you say that you do not see the task manager.

  45. Hi, I also have a problem on the phone… I have the play store application but it keeps asking me for a google account, the problem is that I have over 5-6 accounts but it doesn't let me register with any… when I want to register it automatically removes me… please tell me what i can do… thank you

    • To empty the cache Apps Play and try afterwards. To do this go to the task manager, select Play Store and clean there and cache data.

  46. Ion Anghel said

    I recently received a tablet ALLVIEW AX4 NANO is installed on Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 and 4.4.2 want to go to KitKat which is said to have some advantages. I downloaded the PC as WinRAR ZIP archive, I transferato a microCD that I entered into the tablet, as instructed on the website Allview will do in the next step deleting and installing new software on my risk means I'm not sure of the result. We ask those that you have done this, you do not lose as applications already installed and maximize success?
    Thank you!

  47. I have a elgi when I want Sami tells me shoot a game nam place such device that is ??? Please tell Sami beautiful

    • Adrian Gudus said

      It was explained in the tutorial about “what do you mean” Play the tutorial and listen to what is explained

  48. Hi Adrian, I want to ask you something about my phone… About a week ago my phone starts to stop telling me: the android system has stopped say the applications don't respond and I have to restart it or remove the battery I don't know what to do the please help me

    • One option would be to give a RESET fabrica.Cine most questionable know what application you installed lately.

  49. madalin77 said

    hello, I want to help myself and I bought a HTC One m8 in Italy and a small problem with it, installing new android 5.0.1, and on facebook exactly when I turn chatu and write something is sent and immediately I give to I write more cv locks and chatu and telefonu for 7.8 seconds so, and it's annoying sometimes sit and 10 seconds, can you help me please

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I have this problem too with Facebook Messenger, I do TouchWiz Interface crash when receiving a message on the Facebook Messenger. I solved the problem by installing a third party launcher from Play Store, I installed exactly Apex Launcher

  50. Hi Adrian. Can you tell me, please, how do I uninstall meeting on the phone, given that the phone tells me when I want to uninstall, it is an active device administrator? I Thank You

  51. madalin77 said

    Hi Adrian again, I installed this (APEX Launcher) but nothing I do the same, write the message I send him, and immediately sent another and give to my locks for 7.8 seconds, another problem not everything goes well I probably would have to go to a repair Service

  52. Adrian I have a problem, I have a galaxy tablet 3, I do not use games, use more and pt pt sk and Facebook photo, I disabled the applications we went pictures, video card, I always say I have no memory full I have enough storage space, do not let me see any pictures on the card, now I can not do What can I agiornez applications

  53. Hi, I bought a Lg G2 mini D620. It didn't have the "Play Store" application (I installed it with a psk file), it didn't have a GPS button. When I try to log in with my google account it gives me the error “Unable to establish a secure data connection to the server. This may be a temporary problem or your Android device may not be ready for data services… ”I reset it to factory settings in the phone menu and factory reset and I still get this error. What do you advise me to do?

  54. paula tofan said

    Hello! I also have the allview tablet, android 4 and I had several accounts installed: yahoo, facebook, skipe, whatsapp, but about a month ago I had some problems and I didn't use the tablet (with vodafone modem), when I let him go again, he didn't let me go on Facebook, telling me that a secure connection could not be ensured. My husband took the tablet to Vaslui to someone to see what was happening (because we don't know how) and that person reset it and when he came home I didn't have any account. I struggled and made a google account and the same for all the others but when I want to download the applications from the store he tells me that I don't have enough space and I don't know what to delete to create space. I deleted all the videos and almost all the family photos from the gallery but in vain I still don't have space. I would delete from the system applications but I don't know which ones are not important, no I know what to do… I want to install mainly whatsapp and facebook. If you can help me… thank you so much!

    • The first problem with the "secure connection" occurred after the clock clock on the tablet. Maybe it was too unloaded.
      The second problem with the lack of storage space. If you want to install applications, you need space. In the settings in "Storage" you have all the details about who will consume the storage. Usually filming and pictures consume more mukt space. Be careful, some games consume a lot of storage.
      Applications that do not know them, you can uninstall. Do not worry that critical applications can not be removed so easily.

  55. Marius said

    Hi, very good tutorial and for everyone's understanding I consider. We have been looking for such a tutorial for a long time. I want to root my Samsung to get rid of "bloatware" and I was wondering how to uninstall system applications after a successful root. Now I find out, but I have a question. The tutorial says that the first step is Back-up and Delete. The question is how do I restore this back-up if the system becomes unstable?
    And another question: after uninstalling these applications the system, if I'm forced to do any time a Factory Reset, they will reappear?
    Thank you!

  56. Saluare,

    I got a 2 Xcover (I know it's old tel.) And I keep thinking if you root it or not.
    The internal memory is very small and can not install bothers me almost nothing.
    I also heard opinions against the root - the phone crashes, you can no longer give an appeal, etc.…. you can really ruin it.
    What do you give me advice?
    Thank you.

  57. Hi Adrian,
    For some time now, I also have problems with a samsung galaxy s2 phone, I see how its network drops and shuts down… what is the problem?

  58. condurache said

    Hey. I have a quad a5 allwiev not know how to give it to the system root so I can remove some unnecessary applications if you can recommend me some good applications for this would be ok

    Thank you

  59. For Condurache: Install the root kingo computer and device drivers for USB device tau.Porneşte debugger, running kingo root then reboot.

  60. can you tell me please, why is the google maps and ships application blocked? I have p5quad. I open the application, I write the route and then it crashes. I also uninstalled applications to make room for the frame but in vain….

  61. I have a question, how can I reinstall the original voice recorder on orange Rono if it was inadvertently removed (the phone is root)?

  62. Hey .. while I slaut that and you like to explain. Smart application manager know? I do not like to install one that is perhaps my mistake. But I want to get rid of it and fail. I only occurs after start and stop forcing working .. you somehow know how to do? Or a special prog .. do not want to give the factory reset. Thank you in advance. Waiting an e-mail.

  63. I have a question how to make me go back Google Play? My phone is rooted tells me that I have an Internet connection on the contrary Thanks in advance

  64. Hi, can you tell me please how can delete blank screens? Thank you in advance

  65. Hi, a few days ago I got an HTC and until my SIM card came I managed to download exp massanger and a game and I managed to use them but when I inserted the card I can not open my applications , I downloaded wassap it tells me it's installed but it doesn't allow me to open it, I have no idea where I can find them to open them… What should I do because I'm not very good at phones. Thank you very much

  66. Dumitru Vladut said

    good evening… .I have a Samsung A5 but when I connect it to the computer it shows me that it is charging but it doesn't.

  67. Nico Alina said

    adrian good I uninstall and can you tell me if I can reinstall to how and where can I get e application

  68. Hi, i bought my daughter a Samsung Tab tablet 4 and I think he put the wrong code for how children and now I can not get out of it, and does not know the code, you could help me? Ms Moreover, a good day!

  69. Hi, I followed exactly the steps to stop the updates… but the phone still keeps updating apk like hangouts, facebook, music play… etc… I don't understand why… I despair !! i. I also returned to factory settings and in vain .. What can I do? Thank you!

  70. How Sami steg games on my samsung tablet terooòoooooooooog so much to help me

  71. Hello

    mind telling me if I was bored by a game or an application and receive a memory wipe backward or when they lose a game Gb from a large Dimes and lose a backward receive gb or not?

  72. If you install an application that, say 1 GB occupies that space occupied then uninstall application (1 GB) will be issued. You'll be able to use for something else

  73. Cristina Ciurlea said

    Dear Adri, I have a Allview P4 EMAG took 2 months has worked well so far. I can not open our messenger, it locks me, sometimes I can run up to it open and no need to remove the battery ii. I watched your tutorial and tried to disable certain app you do not use, but I'm afraid to do anything stupid. There are a technological person but I like to learn if the damage could be reduced. Whatsapp is running also and facebook. I instslat CleanMaster for the former antivirus software had to purchase nor knew the brand well. I thank you for doing a job like this on the net and for us guys less technological. If you do not deranzeaza too hard I think you have a lot of questions for you. Please do not leave us without your advice

    • Perhaps the internal memory is full or you have some applications running in the background.
      Dezinstslezi Try everything you can and see how it moves.
      Finally, if everything does not return, you can try a factory reset, but not before you save all data on the phone.

  74. Which is why I can not watch this tutorial on a Lenovo Vibe S1 Lite Android 5.1?
    I tried Chrome and UC Browser (those already installed). Thank you.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      The reason is that you do not have a flash player installed. See that we have already done some tutorials on "installing flash player on Android" You can find them using the search box on the top right

  75. Thanks for the promptness. I watched the one for Android 5 Lollipop (with Dolphin and Puffin browser). The Dolphin version has dropped (Adobe Flash Player is not supported by your device! - tel. January 2016!). Puffin works but the sites are difficult to open. Profit, and I ask 3 more questions:
    1. About what year you passed on HTML5?
    2. On the topic, tel. unnoticed: if I missed the “stop forced” sequence - “empty the cache” -… and went directly to “uninstall”, say that some files remain in the ROM. Later, how can we eliminate them? Do we reinstall the applications and follow the correct procedure?
    3. On some Android models and versions, I understand that the applications cannot be installed directly on the SDcard, but are installed in the ROM, and then can be moved to the card (there is a "Move to SD card" button), but not completely . What remains on the ROM, and what is transferred to the SDcard in such cases?

  76. Dear what happens with preinstalled applications if dezactivTe ELR longer have access to your phone?

  77. Doomnezeu Legendofmir said

    Hello gentlemen,

    I have a alcatel pixi 3 (8) everything goes ok. But I want to stop / remove longer to load and run all services googleplay, currently manually remove them from Aplications / run app and it annoys me. I want to get it out. I android 4.4.2. K mention those that can not be removed can not uninstall so simple as other applications.

    I hope that I have. I understand, and thank you in advance.

  78. Hi
    I installed from the gmail account -> Play on the computer an application on the Phone.
    How can I uninstall all of the computer that I have no option to uninstall or remove active
    Thank you in advance.

  79. Thank you! You saved me today.

  80. I have an android tablet mid1001 sqm man stuck and want reesoft using ps which program download

  81. Sabine Crisan said

    I'm interested and me how to bring back to Earth 1001 operation. Deep hard reset does not work and responds to commands

  82. Hi, how can I get rid of the ads when I start the net?

    • Simply remove / remove java from the browser, from SETTINGS. Stay with clean information. I do that, I always play with java, which defaults to OFF. AND on the PC as well and no one spams me. By the way, no video tutorial appears here, just goggled spam, with java eneabled. HAHA

  83. Alina Popescu said

    How do I see hidden applications and how do I uninstall them from samsung J5.2015?

  84. Hello, because you are better off I would like advice on what I want to do if I can:
    I have an Allview P4 pro 7.0 phone without root and recently Google (from what I found out) installed Find my device with admin rights (ticked by the admin box but not me) without the possibility to uncheck it. If I try to uncheck my box May admin be telling Settings has stoppeded if restarting settings happen the same thing. How can I disable the admin right for Find my phone because I do not care. But at google services I can not uninstall updates (return to the factory ) nor stop the application from deleting cache or data so I can free up the busy space used by 250 mb or something like this, the current version is 14.5.74. I'm not interested in google applications.

  85. Hello, because you are better off I would like advice on what I want to do if I can:
    I have an Allview P4 pro 7.0 phone without root and recently Google (from what I found out) installed Find my device with admin rights (ticked by the admin box but not me) without the possibility to uncheck it. If I try to uncheck my box May admin be telling Settings has stoppeded, if restart settings happen the same thing. How can I disable the admin right for Find my phone because I do not care and Google services can not uninstall updates (return to the factory) nor stop the application from deleting cache or data so I can free up the busy space used by 250 mb or something like this, the current version is 14.5.74. I do not care about google applications.

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