How to make CD Audio Track from MP3 for your car or audio systems

How to make CD Audio Track from MP3 for your car or audio systems
How does CD Audio Track from MP3 work?
In cars and older sound systems we find CD players that can not play compressed music (mp3, mp4, flac etc.). That's why we need to burn some audio tracks from MP3 files and our favorite tracks from time to time.

What is the difference between the audio track CD and MP3?

Audio CD (Track) - the songs are written uncompressed at a higher quality.
disadvantages - not too many tracks fit on a CD, the quality being the same if you pull from the MP3.
Advantages - high resolution sound (if shot in the studio)

The CD in MP3 format - here the songs are stored in a container, tablets.
Disadvantages - some MP3 files have very poor audio quality
Advantages - a CD contains more MP3 than tracks.

What would I choose between a CD player and a MP3 player?
My choice is obvious. A MP3 player is net superior to a CD player, especially if we listen to MP3s at bit rates and high sampling rates, then the audio quality is comparable to that of the Audio Track CD.
The idea is that there are a lot of cars on the streets with very good sound systems that do not support MP3s. What to do ?

How does CD Audio Track from MP3 work?
We need:
Blank CDs
Optical drive Internal or External
Audio CD burning software and not only

All Question: Is Audio Track CDs Better Than CD MP3?
The answer is up to you. If you bought the original CD from the store, yes, it sounds better than MP3s.
Instead, if they made the Audio Track CD as in the tutorial, then there is no difference in quality between CD Audio and MP3, they will be heard the same.
To go further with the comparison, between an audio CD shot in the studio and some quality MP3s or Flakes, I think the human ear is not able to tell the difference. Unfortunately, most MP3 files have a lower bit rate and sound worse than "original" audio CDs.

How to make Audio Track CD from MP3 for car or audio systems - video tutorial

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  1. I appreciate, but this tutorial should be done 15 years ago

  2. Or simpler software from cdburner that also benefits from the interface in Romanian.

  3. BurnAware is no longer ok and simple to use against Express Burn?
    Of course, the comparison between Free.

  4. Hello Cristi,
    Can you tell me what the programs are like in the picture?
    Thank you.

  5. Hello, I have a BMW X3, the original CDs (audio) go smoothly, but the ones made on the PC go up to the 6 or 7 track and then it gets stuck.
    A friend has Mercedes, exactly the same problem
    I tried different programs, different speeds, converting mp3 to wav, the same story, would be another solution, can anything be done?

  6. Hi. I burned a CD, but I do not read it. I put it back in my laptop and show me the shortcuts of 1 kb.ce to be much.

  7. Interestingly, the subject is not an expired one at all! I still choose CDs instead of MP3 even though it has 320 Kbps and still use a large camera CD player connected to the amplifier. The CD is not outdated if you want to listen to a song where you hear the complexity of the instruments, not just parts of them like MP3. The same thing with today's vinyls (it's analogue studio music, as the artist wanted it to be heard). I want to find and buy a CD changer as they were on some older models of cars!

  8. I use the old NERO is doing his job well with 2002

  9. Can you check if the search box on the site goes well? maybe just me does not work

  10. Salt does not read CD burning with cdburnerxp and express burn.cum solve the problem?

  11. Bravo, this tutorial is very good!

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    Are you Cristi !!!

  13. It is not free software

  14. Delete the tags to the melodies and give you another name 1 ex track before you put your music on CD

  15. Matilda said

    Dear Cristi, I have a CD player with a Sony CD player that reads MP3, but for some reason I do not read just a CERTAIN CD, I do not even light the MP3 LED, although it's on my laptop and it shows me are mp3s. If you have any idea, thank you, if not, I will try to convert them into Audio Files. Thank you for your post anyway.

  16. Hello, thank you very much….

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