How do an extension for Google Chrome browser, Beginners Guide

Hey friends, in today's video tutorial to see how to create a simple extension for Google Chrome. A video guide for beginners who hope to whet your appetite for our visitors to want to create extensions to your site, forum, web application or even your own business.
What are extensions?
Small programs that add various features to the Google Chrome browser. If you know how to create web pages then that's all you need to know to create chrome extensions, extensions are implemented using standard web technologies such as html, css, java script and so on. An extension is actually a compressed folder, more precisely a zip archive with a signature that contains several files. One of the files that each extension must have is the "manifest.json" file. It contains all the information about the extension, the version number, its name and can point to other components of the extension, components which in turn provide functionality to the extension.
We will start from a template Veit you can download by clicking the link at the end of this article. In this tutorial video we explain what each line of code is and how we can modify the files that make up the extension so that it will adapt to your needs.
Public as an extension for Google Chrome in Chrome Web Store?
For those who wish to take this matter seriously and plan to make public the extension in the Chrome Web Store store should know that you need to pay a sum of 5 dollars (one time) to do this. If you want a detailed video tutorial about publishing the extension in the Chrome Web Store, there to ask for this in the comments box.
For those who wish to become smaller for Google Chrome extension developers can access the official website where you will find all the necessary documentation to create a Google Chrome extension:
That said, I invite you to watch the video tutorial to see exactly how a signal to make an extension for Google Chrome.

DOWNLOAD Chrome Extension Template

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Enjoy !



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  1. Motherboard said

    explicit and captivating tutorial; Thank you for all the tutorials. I became a much more advanced user with your help…

  2. very good tutorial that I always want to do a tutorial and advanced way of creating extensions

  3. Adrian Sailor said

    We liked it .. useful… thanks… but we still want.

  4. Adrian, very useful tutorial thanks, and we give tutorials on creating extensions, I am interested in, and waited impatiently new extensions tutorials, thanks a lot!

  5. Yes, very interesting! I expect others to the more advanced.

  6. Adrian is very useful tutorial, but it was easier to tell us that after sending the extension friends can give simply double click on it to go as far as I know so no need to go into the menu google chrome to install. Wait and the more advanced Extensions

  7. How to install Chrome extensions. "Crx" that are not Web Store for the latest versions of Chrome can not add external extensions.

  8. I found the solution at the end of the tutorial. You can use "drag & drop" only in the extensions tab now. In older versions of Chrome, it didn't matter which page you opened because it installed them anyway.

    How to install Chrome extensions. "Crx" that are not Web Store for the latest versions of Chrome can not add external extensions.

  9. Hello,
    I'll make a tutorial and video on how to make a theme for Google Chrome?
    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

  10. You say hello, I had a surprise: although I can not view Flash installed videotutorialele Player.Pana now I do not
    May intamplat.Ce to happen? Regards Dan Viewru

  11. I would like you to do a tutorial like L Do you want to make a prank on your friends? Write any kind of text followed by… @ [464251463598797: 0] but how to be redirected to my page or my profile instead of those numbers on facebook and it will write if you put those numbers see more yes that "see more" linked that takes you to a farce fb page. I hope you understand what I'm saying…

  12. Hello! I posted a question videotutorial, but do not know in which section .. Is there any netoda to know where? Thanks

  13. ZIMI me what the site used to be so beautiful? HTML, PHP, etc? Please

  14. Hi, I have a question .. I have a computer that runs on Windows XP and I can not download google chrome .. more please teach me what to do? loading up to 99% and then start over again

    • Ciprian melinte said

      Your computer is a little weak and then google chrome could not run or can not let you be trying to watch an opera or download Mozilla or your computer is too old and google chrome could not under these conditions run.

  15. Vasile Petre said

    Hi Adrian, I would like you to help me if possible.
    For several months now, some sites have not been displayed correctly in Google Chrome Windows, and I have no idea why?
    As far as I can remember I didn't make any changes in Chrome, but I use AdBlock and UBlock for to block ads, but even with them disabled, some sites are still not displayed correctly.
    I give you the address of a link to see how is displayed to me, maybe you can help me do something.
    Thanks in advance.

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