How do Google Plus widget for Blogger, WordPress or HTML sites - video tutorial

How do Google Plus widget for Blogger, WordPress or HTML sites - video tutorial
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Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will see how we can put a widget with our profile Google Plus Google Plus on our blog on WordPress or Blogger or a website done in HTML. How everyone has created an account on Google Plus as already seen everywhere buttons "Follow me on Twitter" or "Add me on Facebook", it was time to emerge and Google Plus profile button. To place a widget on Google Plus with your WordPress or Blogger profile we have two possibilities.
One is to call the Google Webmaster Central allows us to create an HTML widget via the link:
The other method is to call another service that allows us create a javascript widget Google Plus by clicking this address:
A 2 the method seems more interesting because it allows the in-depth customization of the widget. We can change fonts, color button color changes on mouse over button (moving the mouse over the button), background color, dimensions of the widget, and more.
Whichever method is chosen, the process is one all too easy, all you need is to have an account with Google Plus, and know your Profile ID which I explained in the video tutorial as we are.
That said, I invite you to watch the video tutorial to see exactly how Google Plus put a widget in our blog Blogger or WordPress.


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Enjoy !

Adrian Burlugeanu......

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  1. Mia helpful this tutorial! Adrian can you tell me how it is applied is called the Chromium theme?

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  2. useful! thanks!

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  3. augustin said:

    All the best, learn a lot from you. Continued success.

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  4. razvan said:

    Salle, Adrian would be interesting to do a tutorial on how to make a website / page with a login box. (eg someone logs in and I'd like to find out what name and password shoved!)

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  5. Dan Radu said:

    Hello, my name is Dan Radu Bardan and would like to ask some advice. I did my blog and would like to know what I could add to it various buttons and stuff like that. Thank you for your time.

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  6. Adi Russian said:

    Hello, you so very much useful tutorials, useful here

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  7. Adi Russian said:

    more *

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  8. Hi, do not know where to post but if you could make a videotutorial how to install a script for paging trying for some time I do not give out no thank you

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  10. Ionut said:

    How do I put a twitter button on the site? from where to get html? just because it happens to script. advice?

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  11. belcatalin said:

    Good find,
    Unfortunately it seems the server is blocked and we can not track videotutorialul.
    I'd like to ask though, what I can do to take command button dintrun online shop to put it on my desktop, but be simple image as a picture, I can handle the sal how I want my computer. A picture sent with a document I used to anything. Thank you.

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  12. anykutza89 said:

    good evening
    could you please help me!
    I recently created a site, I bought the field, I paid a mini hosting package, I think say well, and I would like to use WinSCP to edit, upload files to the site, but fail.
    I received a html file from Google that fail to climb it on the site.
    thank you
    a pleasant evening.

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