How to make a Windows recovery partition - from a current partition

How do you make a Windows recovery partition?
We need some free space on one of the hard drives and The EasyBCD application, Which can be downloaded for free.

Before I start telling you how to make a Windows recovery partition, you should understand that in this tutorial we will make a reallocation of space, which involves changing the partitions. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, I recommend that you do not apply the tutorial method.

How do I make the Windows recovery partition?

1. We will shrink one partition and get unallocated free space
2. After that we will form the unallocated space, which will become a partition, for which we will also choose a new letter.
3. On this newly created partition, we'll put the files from an ISO image with Windows
- If you do not have an ISO image with Windows, please watch the tutorial:
Download Links ISO Windows 7, 8 and 10, any version
- Extracting (copying) files from the ISO image, on the new partition, you can do it directly or with 7zip.
4. After that we launched EasyBCD, an application for which my colleague Adrian made two other tutorials: How do I repair dual boot if I installed Windows XP after Windows 7 and How do I renamed Boot Manager operating systems for Windows multi boot
5. With EasyBCD we will make the new Windows bootable partition by inserting it into the bootmanager of Windows so we can have the Windows recovery partition.

How do I boot from the Windows recovery partition?

At startup you will have two options, either start normal Windows or start the recovery partition, which in the tutorial I called "recovery".

What can we do with the Windows recovery partition on it?

1. We can repair the Windows if it does not boot me
2. We can do a system recovery by restoring a backup image or through System Restore.
3. We can install Windows without DVD or stick directly from this partition, just as Adrian showed in this tutorial

Video tutorial - How to make a recovery partition with Windows

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  1. cipric50 said

    Interesting tutorial congratulations ,,, I have windows10 home with licensed paid installation going fast nothing to reproach but the latest updates when done lasting for an eternity do you think it is an option to include them on stik?
    Did your colleague do something similar to windows7?

  2. Okay! But to create a hidden system partition as it is on the laptop it is possible? I mean to make a picture of the system on a hidden partition in windows, then when the windy does not start to recover from the boot on that partition (as it does Acronis).

    • It's a better idea than mine, I left youtube if it can be done without protecting me that part when I open the pc but your idea sounds better. How it looks like 2 a year, I'm not sure, major update to windows is ok to extract and do like that in the tutorial. Until another one sticks to the stick

    • AOMEI OneKey Recovery Free Edition

  3. Dorin Romulus said

    I can not create a volume for the R partition (there are several warning windows appearing in turn and I can not do this anyway! What would be the reason?

  4. Ilies Gheorghe said

    I would like a tutorial with a method of installing a Linux dual-boot site with Windows 10, but on a bios system that has only the UEFI option, not Legacy, because it has that option and can not change from UEFI In Legacy, Windows 10 is installed in UEFI, but I want a Linux next to that Windows in dual boot. Some methods, options or whether or not you can.

  5. If you have multiple linux and win systems. you can not do. For the boot e linux menu

  6. Grigor Danut said

    Very interesting tutorial and even necessary for me, that I have some problems lately and may need to reinstall the windows. I would like to get a windous bootable from the windows already installed in the computer, a suggestion or a tutorial if possible.
    Thank you.

  7. Florin said

    I would also like to make a butable picture of the windows already installed.

  8. Do you go to 7?

  9. Hi Cristi. I have a problem with this video tutorial. When I extract the windows I do not have that tab specified by you "boot.wim" I have the tab "bootmgr.efi". Can you enlighten me too?

  10. Andrei Cosmin said

    How can I delete it?

  11. how to do a Windows installation with recovey as from the factory?

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