How do Android phone faster with TRIM

How do Android phone faster with TRIM
How do Android phone faster with TRIM

Why move after a period of heavy phone usage?

Surely you've noticed that after a few days or weeks after buying a new phone, it began to move increasingly harder.

Be RAM to blame?

Usually many blame RAM, but often is to blame for slowing the entire phone's internal memory.
Take for example the latest phones brought from China, with a lot of RAM. They move very well when they are new, but after a few days or weeks, it's like….

TRIM command is essential for a healthy storage!

Almost all backwardness phone that can not be explained by overheating or insufficient RAM come from sloppy internal memory.
Flash memory, which is present in our phones is quite difficult task. You have to keep your operating system, applications, pictures, video and other files that users generate.

Trim command without creating chaos in your phone!

The internal memory of the phone are made daily all kinds of write operations. Without Trim command from the system controller does not know what can and can not be rewritten, and must do more operations further, which of course slows and spoil the user experience.

Example TRIM in real life!

Imagine that you are a truck driver bringing goods to a warehouse.
1 scenario without TRIM:
Reach warehouse and there must seek empty space for merchandise, but find all warehouse full of empty boxes that can be thrown, but it will slow down a lot.
Scenario 2 with TRIM:
Reach warehouse and there you will find a complete list of all the empty boxes on which you can place the goods smoothly boxes should be discarded anyway. So much is this the TRIM.

But TRIM does not have to be included in Android 4.3?

I had, but that does not mean that every time things are done correctly. Producers are still prioritize other things in Android that look good at marketing, user experience disadvantage in the long term.
Usually no-name phones have problems with TRIM software does not work or works poorly.

Trimmer application (FSTR)

Trimmer application is very easy to use; With it we can do Trim manually or automatically.

We need ROOT!

If you do not ROOT the phone and want to do, I invite you to watch our tutorials on this subject.
Tutorials Root, Recovery, Bootloader:
How do ROOT the phone without a PC or applications
Delete ROOT your Android phone or UNROOT
Install TWRP Recovery on any Android
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It has to:

Optimization - speed up your Android phone
Superb speed of copying files via wireless, PC - Android
How can increase the battery life of the phone

Video tutorial - How to make your Android phone faster with TRIM

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  1. Marius Florin said

    Cristi greeting can do a tutorial from a samsung galaxy grand first I want to root you do not know me too much I would not Vree please try one I'm afraid it ruin

  2. Andrew said

    Does it make sense to do root a Samsung s6 so I can use this application. Or will not see the differences. Thanks in advance for an answer.

    • There's no way to know if the Samsung Galaxy S6 TRIM command works or not.
      If in doubt, better stay out.

    • Antonio said

      Hello. Do not do anything stupid to put the Galaxy S6. Install an antivirus program like CY Security Cleaner (which I think is the best) and solve a lot of problems. And not install software from unknown sources. Good luck

  3. Does this application make sense on LineageOS (formerly Cyanogenmod)? It's an android distribution very close to stock…

  4. Hello videotutorial. I follow with pleasure and almost all tutorials are your strengths ok, thank you very much for your hard work.

    I have a small problem, or misunderstanding… Why does the page keep loading when I access your site? I stop it from x but it loads again after a few seconds, so many times until it stops.
    I mention that it is the only site with something like this out of the thousands, maybe, which you visit often… By the way, my net is very ok.

    Thank you.

  5. OnePlus 3 needs this app?

  6. Pascale Dumitru said

    To me this TRIM does not work
    The message appears: Terminal; Error root not detected
    The phone is a Samsung Note 3 Neo

  7. redeswd y09g4er said

    what the? What is this?

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