How do you make your phone read your text with Select and Listen

How do you make your phone read your text with Select and Listen
How do you make your phone read your text with Select and Listen
Very good accessibility feature on Android - Although the function I will present today is made more for the visually impaired, we can also use it to read the text on the screen when we can not or do not want to read the text in a document or in -a web page on an Android phone.

What is the "Select and Listen" function for? - Initially this setting was designed especially for the visually impaired, so that it can be oriented on the phone screen, which does not have any tactile feedback.
Although it is “Select and listen is a setting for people with problems, we can also use it to read the text on the screen.

Where do I find the Select and Listen? - In the phone settings in "Accessibility" you will find this setting, which you only have to activate.

Available settings for Select and Listen:

1. Read the entire screen by pressing the Play button
2. Read items by touching the screen
3. Read a portion of the screen by selecting it

How well does the "Select and Listen" function work? - the sound is very good, a good pronunciation in Romanian. The only small problem I felt at the punctuation marks, otherwise it is surprisingly good.

Text, read, PDF, OCR, etc. tutorials:

How to make your phone read your text with Select and Listen - video tutorial

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  1. The version of 6 android is not a thing on HUAWEI

  2. From 2 useless children video.

  3. Excellent explanation, I am convinced that many will want this option, especially in traffic when they want to "read".

  4. YOU ARE NOT SOUND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. please tell me how I make you see in Romanian I have oneplus3 verse 8.0… .Thank you I would be helpful I have prblm in sight!

    • Adrian Guduş said

      A OnePlus 3 was also used in this tutorial. Make sure you have all the Google applications up to date (especially for Google TalkBack and Google Voice Synthesized). In the Play Store go to My Apps and Games and on the Updates tab, update the apps mentioned above or install them if you haven't installed them. Also the language of the operating system must be Romanian (Settings> Languages ​​and text input> Languages> Romanian (Romania)

      • Thank you very much ... those who are prblm overlooked I think they are recognizable to you. I made those updates and it is now in Romanian but in web pages it says that "no text was found in this location, when I select a bigger text .... I would be grateful if you could advise ... .ms

      • Iulian Sorin said

        Hello, I updated the app to date, set the English language, only it does not speak in Romanian, only English on huawei p9 lite. What to do?

    • Nicu Bordânc said

      Hello, you can use TalkBack, once you can use it as a screen reader.
      You can normally find the program in the Settings -> Accessibility -> TalkBack menu.

      • ms much for advice… but it's a problem TalkBack remains permanently active and even becomes a problem when it's ok… it's a pity that I can't use the desired text in the web pages… !! if anyone has much more advice

  6. if you can si .and you have time I wait by email…

  7. Thanks a lot for the advice, but I tried with TalkBack, but these are perm, anent active cecea what creates a discomfort ,. and in the other case I could only use it when I need it but I repeat I don't know if it doesn't recognize the text in the web pages… thanks to everyone who can help me… .a setting… or something?!?!

  8. For Ios?

  9. super tutorials on the beginners,

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