How to find a stolen and reset phone - anti-theft applications

How to find a stolen and reset phone - anti-theft applications
How to find a stolen and reset phone - anti-theft applications

Why do we need anti-theft software?

Now we should not just think about theft. It is quite possible that we often forget or lose the phone, running through the park, on a bench, in the grass after a picnic, etc.

Anti-theft applications are good for locating the phone for various reasons, but I think theft is the main cause that causes us to install such applications.

Nowadays, no one is surprised that phones can be stolen, because they are quite valuable and thieves do not have to make a great effort to take them. How is fashion now, with the phone on the back, as if the thief is invited…

Today I will present two anti-theft solutions. The first solution is from Google and can be used by anyone with an active Google Account, and is called Find My Device; And the second solution is a bit more complex and is called Cerberus, which is, from my point of view, the best anti-theft solution for phones on the market, as it can withstand a total reset of the phone.

What do we do after our phone has been stolen?

It would be fair to think about what we do before our phone is stolen, but unfortunately the human mind does not work like this. If you think in advance, you are called PARANOIC, and if you think after you are called CĂSCAT.

It is obvious that the best anti-theft solution should be implemented before the phone is stolen, but also after we can apply Plan B, trying to locate the phone with the Google service called Find My Device.

Google's "Find My Device" service

It is a service that can locate your phone very easily and you do not even have to install anything special. Everything is integrated into the Android operating system.
This service is similar to the iPhone or iPad.
If you want to use all the remote functions, in case the phone is stolen, you must have the Device Manager rights activated for the “Android Device Manager” application.
This way you can lock / reset the phone remotely.

Cerberus application and service (resist resetting)

The Cerberus solution was presented to you A few years ago, But since then the app and the online client have evolved a lot.
Now, this app is a real spy. Apart from resisting the reset, if we inject the application into the system with Link2SD, Cerberus can get all sorts of information on the phone when he is in possession of the thief.

Cerberus Advantages:

Two versions of the application: Cerberus and System Framework, which is a disguised application.
Getting Location History
Get call log
Get SMS list
Get device data
Taking pictures
Audio recording
Video recording
Turn on / off wifi
Turn on / off Bluetooth
Send data
Delete phone memory
Delete SD Card

In order to use all features, you must enable "Device Administrators" for Cerberus or System Framework

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Video tutorial - How to find a stolen and reset phone - anti-theft applications

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  1. Hello. I am also owner of Oneplus 3. I have bought Cerberus since you presented it last time. Then I had Oneplus 1 and I had root. But to resist the reset I had to flash a file in TWRP. Now I only need to install Apk disguised version or something else to do to resist reset?

    • Just install the apk disguised and make it a system application with Link2sd.
      The Link2sd application will inject the application among the system applications.
      That's why you need Root.
      This is all.

  2. let's continue with the tutorial… otherwise, only words of praise for what you do.

  3. Adrian Marin said

    Howdy. So I have a Samsung and I'm using Knox. In order to benefit from what Cerberus knows and in principle resist resistor, do I have to root? If I do root, go knox.

  4. It has not been used in the middle of the word since '93, and in some places there are no diacritics. I don't care if it's a tutorial blog, at least you don't use them if you don't find them 🙂 See the Iron E?

    • Why not use it anymore? What, are we making discrimination?
      That's how I learned at school, and I want to do the school again. At times, at school, I learned that only Romania, Romanian, etc., are writing with "a.
      …in another train of thoughts:
      When I was younger and poorer prepared, I couldn't wait to catch someone with a mistake, to show them how smart I am. Actually…

      Keeping proportions; If Eminescu appeared on television with his lyrics, everyone thinks he would correct it and make him laugh.

      • Bravo!!! Cristi, you told her. Another appears to correct grammar mistakes but does not see his own. Pt. Gogu's "Pecingine" you see that you also lack diacritics -> care (care) and you have more, read what you wrote and see them, so shut up. First of all, on the internet, when you write, it is important to understand what it is about, you do the grammar elsewhere if you don't like it. To more tutorials guys! Success!

      • Congratulations, Cristi! You gave an answer from the academician. These occasional "linguists" who put 2 "i's" to use must also be developed. Maybe they will heal to make more grammatical corrections in a technical site. further.

    • We don't care about you and your comments either!

  5. catalin said

    The super Cerberus tutorial is good, and while it restarts, it made 10 sec. Shooting girl front to restart. Further 5 euro per year is not much what he's doing I'm still testing it's a Prey service what do you think of him? Other thanks to tutorials that surely take all your free time. As for Gogu above, this is actually a kind of DOREL

  6. You can install the anti-theft application you want, after resetting your phone, pa. As for Cerberus, to resist resetting, you need to rotate the telephone, which a few people know or accept. So it remains a problem for the average users finding the lost / stolen phone.

  7. Claudiu said

    Without root, will not the apocalypse go? legaturacu app “app to sd”, fara root merge? Because I don't want to lose my warranty on my phone // I've had it for 7 months… can you show us how to do it with that app?

  8. Potang Florian said

    I'm also gonna bite in milk but when it's crappy in this country, it's no longer a good idea to get the letter written with a. What do I do now that my name is written with And who reads his name does not read Potatha but Potanga. In other words, if I write the name on an act or something official with Î instead of the name is not recognized. It seems that I am not I. And else How to write I AM or SINT. In my time it was written with Q. DEI?

    • The rule "î" in "a" does not apply to the names of persons or to the names of localities. So, you have to load your name with "î" from "i", if that was originally the case. 🙂

  9. Hi, my Cerberus or other application (especially paid) is not worth the effort, take care of the phone and ready.
    1- read the conditions of use—- the use of the application can often be considered abuse of admins and implicitly the suspension of the account. The experience speaks with my own phone proven with the invoice and number, ,, I repeat the use of the application 2-2 times a day it's abuse and I suspend my account for 3 weeks 2 month or permanently and you can't do anything for them. that you have signed the terms of use.
    2- I'm not sure that Cerberus doesn't spy on me as a user… (many have data and pins on the phone, Pay applications ,,, I don't develop).
    3 - huge resource and battery consumption.
    So think well before installing any application of this type, I do not recommend

    • The privacy and data security thing applies to almost all apps on Android and even the operating system itself.
      Skype or Whatsapp
      Google Play services
      All the applications and services above, plus many others, collect your data "to improve the experience".
      I think we've been on this since we first started a smartphone.

      Now what do we do?

  10. I have a samsung and I use it
    Being in the warranty, and the convenience of doing root, I think findmymobile
    Thanks for the tutorials.

  11. According to European legislation, ROOT and custom software do NOT lead to the loss of the warranty. I have used Cerberus on several devices without any problems. Then install from recovery to resist reset. Currently I use a Meizu m2 to which I do not have access to recovery, but I installed the disguised apk and then in link2sd I went to the System Framework and then I came across the option "change in system application" and it works perfectly. It does not consume any resources or battery and is also easy to use.

  12. Valentin D. said

    Hello Cristi. Respect for the tutorial. If you can help me in a problem.
    I have root-at and with android custom on xda dev. Tel is j5 (6).
    The idea is k have changed the cereBus (system framework) application from link2sd into the system application. Now I want to uninstall it and I can not find it anymore in link2sd. K in phone applications as normal apk is no longer a problem. There is a way to uninstall it. Thank you.

  13. software3g said

    I bought the license from Cerberus .. it was still ok… but it didn't start every time after a restart .. and if I reset the phone it would return to the factory settings .. that made it a bit useless… if you reset the phone .. don't I could still find it in my Cerberus account. Cerberus was returning to the settings from the first use…. it is a good application but not for all phones .. I think the software has to work before advertising the application… green .. I'm not happy because it can't resist resetting the settings ,, and I think it's in vain if only the application resists

  14. Hello Cristi.
    Please tell me which program you use to display your mobile phone screen on your PC.
    Thank you

  15. You can use Vysor

  16. Adrian Covaci said

    I have a XIAOMI REDMI NOTE3 rootphone, but no SD card. In this case can I install Link2SD?
    Thank you!

  17. Hi, if I lost the phone and I found it I reset it and made it firmware again, can I find it again?

  18. Hi Cristi, I have oneplus 3 root-at but I do not have an SD card. How do I put the app in the system without a card? I tried with link2sd and it does not work. The one on the play store does not even open, I mention that I have android 8 on the phone. I'm waiting for an answer or if you can do a tutorial with Link2sd on this topic. Thank you.

  19. Hello Cristi, I am still looking forward to answering my question above about this application. Thank you in advance!

  20. Vajas Attila said

    Hello, maybe sometime you will find a solution without rotating the phone, but still find your lost phone, even if it was made Totally factory Reset to your mobile phone. I do not quite agree, to rout my phone, better, I prefer to take care of the phone, not to lose it.

    A beautiful day!

  21. Hi! My phone was stolen and it was reset, I have another phone, I installed the application but what do I do with the root? Thanks!

  22. Ionut Marinache said

    Hi Cristi can you call me or contact me please help me find soramea and if you help me pay you please help me is important

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