How was loading Romanian subtitles on Netflix

Recently, Netflix was launched in Romania, unfortunately, without Romanian subtitles. But it's OK…
After I searched the Internet, I cobbled together a method by which we can watch movies and TV shows from Netflix, with Romanian subtitles.

How was loading Romanian subtitles on Netflix

How was loading Romanian subtitles on Netflix?
We need 3 stuff:
1. extension Super NetflixFor Google Chrome.
2. Subtitling the film or episode.
3. Website
Install a browser extension in order to help with uploading the track, we need to convert from .srt in .dfxp on site subflix.
The limitations of this method.
Go on your laptop, desktop or tablet with the Google Chrome full. Do not go on your Android or iOS mobile with Google Chrome.
The trick to watch Netflix movies on TV with subtitles in Romanian.
With his help chromecastWe can send Netflix movie tab, from PC to TV.
Netflix benefits.
Subscriptions 3, 8, 10 and 12 euros per month (first month free)
Content SD, HD, Full HD and 4k (moşuleee)
parental control
Separate account for children
It's super comfortable

Service payment
The lack of subtitles in Romanian (partially solved by moi)

Alternatives to Netflix.
Websites with online movies (Illegally and is slow)
Torrente (Quite uncomfortable, risky and illegal)
voyo (Legal movie but dusty)

Chromecast + Netflix = Love

Video tutorial - How to upload Romanian subtitles on Netflix

Video Tutorial - Netflix in Romania with Romanian subtitles on TV


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  1. A media player pork belly them all.

  2. An excellent method, used by me and many others for watching movies is: The movie is downloaded into the computer, moved to the external drive that is connected to Router (Asus Ac56U), thereafter simply watched on TV smart by using DLNA server. An excellent method, watch the film personal Wi-Fi network, good speed, excellent quality, wire-free, hassle free, without convert.

    • Your method is "classic" and less legal. We also have a lot of tutorials with different combinations.
      However, the method has an advantage Netflix is ​​legal.

      • That would be the only advantage, but still, we don't have enough loans, enough subscriptions? After we pay for the internet subscription, we also give money for some things, which, with a little ingenuity, we can solve on our own, without much trouble. I will probably try Netflix too, as I still watch a lot of content from them (Jessica Jones, Daredevil, House Of Cards, Master Of None). At the moment the 'classic' method remains standing :). If it solves the subtitle problem, Netflix would gain many subscribers, until then, it remains to be seen.

        • Adrian Gudus said

          Your arguments are ridiculous. If we can not afford then we steal. That translates what you say. Nice thought, that entrepreneurship does not have and will not have a future in Romania. There are many of you who thought it was not able to appreciate the effort paying for it is more convenient to steal, just everything it deserves! Only your labor costs!

          • Sir, you say you found someone to steal new guys paupers who occasionally download movie torrents :) :). Let me talk dastea gentleman, however, we are in a comments box does not receive any prize, rest assured, if you look at the law, most honest, most civilized and most legal man in the world. Let me memorize your mug, tomorrow, after tomorrow can see you on television showing programs for, with, and about entrepreneurship!

          • Adrian Gudus said

            Typical offenders. When caught it gheboşează and humble start to cry and explain that her embittered, poor.
            By the time he caught a kite burning in the neighborhood, with neighbors if her adolescent makes those little pockets that he has a cigarette. If he married man, make loans than loans to be in line with neighbor, to take plasma large and BMW, pull Tepe wherever possible, pinches a bit everywhere, the rest is bitter and very nice!
            To argue that stealing because you did not allow yourself or you're bitter, it is the most disgusting argument.
            You can not afford and are bitter? Do not use! Where provided that watching movies is imperative survival? You have money, you do not take your BMW or plasma. It is very simple. There is no law or penalty for people who do not own BMW, plasma and not watching movies. Not necessary for survival not give you eat it, do not you solve everyday problems these films or plasma, do not educate children.

          • Ask someone to blow in your direction as you lit bad. View not taking fire, you burn quickly at 35 kg, as you

          • The serious problem is now that

            a lot of money is required for little content. The lowest tariff is more expensive than the internet subscription and we know what Romanians think about the internet. "If I paid for my net, I can download whatever I can find." Seriously now, the guilty pleasure of seeing anything free on torrents is hard to stop with such offers. It is also valid for Google Play “Music or Apple Music that came to us recently. I had active subscriptions to both. I shut down Google first after a few months. I found their system uninteresting and the offer weak. I liked Apple Music until it started to go wrong. The streaming has been infected for about a month, including on Beats1, so I'm content with the podcasts streamed via WiFi and the automatic and free (sic) system from Deezer, Flow. Even with Uber I don't go non-stop since they have increased the price and their 1,7X or 2,4X rates seem insensitive to me. I didn't confuse the jars, and Uber is from the same story. " - How well George Buhnici says.

          • Adrian Gudus said

            Little content? What movie did you find on Netflix?

          • Are you the Netflix delegate in Romania or how? I understand, it is the largest Stream Online service, with high quality content, with a very successful Smartphone / Smart TV application, but, from what I understand with some limitations for our country - “It must be said that very popular series are NOT will be found in the Netflix offer in countries where the company does not have the right to distribute them. But Netflix promises to try to buy them in as many places as possible. ”… To solve this problem, the problem of subtitles, smaller subscriptions, and we'll talk!

          • Adrian Gudus said

            And you are elusive. Be specific, what you wanted to watch you and you have found on Netflix.
            I discovered a characteristic of yours, and take good cud everything you read and do not pass through your own filter what they say X or Y.
            Clearly I am dealing with spoiled. Shared / Mommy gave pennies for the current month?

          • That's the darling, it came to the head, probably when you looked in the mirror, although I doubt probably break if you try.

          • Take you to answer me this intrebararile 2:
            1 - The quality that Netflix offers to movies from its own archive, can it be found or not on torrents?
            2 - Do you prefer to watch a Stream, when without big problems, you could watch the movie on your own hard drive, connected directly to the TV?

          • I did not BMW, Ford Fiesta am
            I have Plasma, I have Sony Bravia
            I do not smoke, stay quiet, not anyone fleeced for a cigarette
            I have not cried since I was little;)
            You missed some stuff, still find a sheet!

          • RaZdVa tri cetîre said

            @ RâiaZoaiaVaricela
            You are right!
            You're just a sad frustrated freak who has bravia, fiesta, doesn't smoke and hasn't cried since he was little…
            ps. don't bother with the mirror anymore! Have a neighbor take pictures of you so we can see the "torrent hard" too!

          • If someone wants to sell me a product in Romania and on my money worked in this country he writes in Romanian BNR, then to deliver services in my language. As that seller ignores me, I have no obligation to him either… I pay when I am paid in his currency and on my understanding… Who allows to enter the market with such CONGO standards…?

          • correct

          • CORRECT!!

      • You know, what I winks bad at all thing with Netflix-u in Romania? Content 4K !!! That seems an advantage as important, perhaps even more than that is legal. Can we get in the near future, a tutorial about 4K about the development and availability of, and how could reach 4K content on TV as many people, in 2016.

      • Alexandru said

        "However, the Netflix method has an advantage, it's legal."

        What warms me me it's legal as long as you have to pry money out of your pocket? Frankly, in Romania is not worth it ..

        • Adrian Gudus said

          Because the illegality consisting of charges. It would have been interesting to argue, why not worth paying for it in Romania?
          I know the answer, because there are illegal alternative, you can steal mug torrents. Theft and illegality have always existed. That's your argument? That way there thief?
          You mature!
          Why he not steals everything that is not what you lack and can not afford?

          • Adrian Gudus said

            Corrigendum: why not steal what you lack and what you can not afford?

          • Adrian Gudus said

            A second amendment: because consisting of charges and legality elaborate here to understand why you pay. Netflix movies can not ciordi torrents then to stream globally later to ask you your money. It would be equally illegal.
            Netflix pays some taxes in turn, licenses, royalties to producers of movies, series, charges the state, hundreds of thousands of euros for streaming servers, bandwidth, internet, management, the technical, management, technical support call if you have trouble playing or service functionality and more

          • Marius L. said

            Adrian, can you tell us the origin of the photo used as a presentation image of the tutorial entitled "Parental Control", if you don't mind?

          • On a site with stock content, where I got the picture package, and it was in that picture.
            Find packages picture / video pretty good prices. Yet I do not recommend it. If you can make your own pictures / video, it's more ok.
            Lately I have used images from other sources pose a risk that the same image appear on other sites, and this is not pro. If you want exclisivitate on that content, you must pay the premium.

  3. Alex Radu said

    I would not mind than for serials, but I do not like any speaker series on Netflix. My opinion is that it is not worth paying 10 euros to see some films that were on Pro TV, and if you want to see a film you better go to the cinema, honest services you offer a site type torrent does not compare with no streaming video service, if they legalize torrents surcharge would pay and 20 euro but to see what I want when I want in the format you want with Netflix if you want to see a film I must have net so I download what I want and when I see him.

    • Do not see anything interesting on TV just crap, prerfer to watch a movie on Netflix than to sit and torrents download a movie, you have a little patience and you'll see.

  4. offtopic:

    I could use your views. What's the best and who deserves to be purchased between one and OnePlus OnePlus X?

    Thank you very much!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      OnePlus One. Technology has fast charging, NFC, a better battery, AC WiFi.
      OnePlus X does not have

      • Thank you for the answer!

        Now if I don't ask too much… I noticed that from them on the oneplus one site it is no longer possible to buy (out of stock) other reliable and close to the price sites?

    • I recommend not no name known companies.
      Companies with which you can trust are Sony, HTC, Samsung, Nokia and Huawei rest is not recommended, now everyone does as he sees best for him.

    • I have a OnePlus One bought a year ago. I am very pleased so far. The battery you hard two days. All apps in Google Play so well including Netflix.

      It's good to have a Netflix subscription, only if you put your US IP on your device. If you access Netflix with IP from Romania, England or other countries, it's like watching ProTV. Netflix gives access to the entire library only to Americans, other countries are restricted. Netflix does not like when the user uses HOLA app for Firefox or Chrome, so by default in HOLA + Netflix conditions = half illegal. ☺ He doesn't like Romanianisms like “we do half-half” either, but what should my children do to eat?

  5. Peter bisog said

    Thank you! Very good option proposed! But I remain of the opinion that using KODI everything becomes much simpler… It's just an opinion!

  6. This year, Top Gear is going to start a new show on Netflix, and I was really thinking about how I could watch it. For me, at the moment, the only advantage of Netflix is ​​that I can see it then, warm. But, without subtitles, I prefer to download the show from the torrent when it appears… And for movies and series I use Voyo.
    That will always be with subtirare in English?

  7. How can I synchronize subtitles with the movie / series?

  8. I have a question. I tried netflix on chrome, and we did not make it to go hd. wtf?!. hd go only on IE (so the problem is not in my net connection).

  9. nick5roo said

    By the way, why not go put links from the site Not allowed! Do you have any grudge with them?
    And if we talk about legality, you put links to torrents and movies online sites illegal?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Before you make accusations, click on the link and see where it goes! The link "online movie sites" only takes you to another tutorial in which only the term "online movie site" was mentioned, no address was given in the tutorial to one of these sites did not verbally mention the name of such a site.

  10. I also read all the comments above. My opinion: There is no point in that unproductive contradiction and justice, as always, is somewhere in the middle. On the one hand, the guys in the tutorials are very nice and put on the tray a series of free information (for those interested, without being forced to use them and so there is no point in criticizing them, except when we have a another better solution and we argue), on the other hand the "incredible theft" of some movies on the net is not the big damage in this country. Everyone looks at what they want and I think it's very good that way. Whoever says he doesn't access anything that doesn't exactly respect copyright is a HYPOCRIT. If you download to watch or watch a movie online, there is no hint that you just don't multiply it and sell it. I apologize for adding a comment that has nothing to do with the tutorial.

  11. Very cool, thank Cristi.

  12. anyway I have to pay for movies or others. one reason is that you can not find any movie you want. while the online movie sites find just about anything. if not the one looking for another site. When you can find all movies and TV shows on earth is a legal site movie serials and then I have to say is worth paying. until then. and quality and free of quality. and it's important to see clearly filmu or serialu and be subtitled even if not always and everywhere hd.

  13. I bought my TV Stick Fire from Amazon, I installed on it kodi. I'm super satisfied. Also you can buy everything from emag on eBay or a device that has already installed media player Kodi.

  14. Hello ! Cristi I want to ask you, where that download subtitles?
    Times what Romaneşti subtitles site?

  15. By the way, when a tutorial on how to install Chromecast 2 us apply it and whether you can use the remote control, keyboard and muse! I searched the net but most are only for the first Chromecast.
    Thank you in advance !

  16. How long will sites like Romania filelist world not doing their subscription to Netflix

  17. hello, I live in Germany can be subscribed in Romania? Answer expect thanks

  18. voyo play the antenna you can not watch certain programs if you're not in Romania, only torvpn and other programs (which are subject to payment and give you ip romania).
    watching movies is a good fff POPCORNTIME (I think makes streaming torrent) and if it did re a novel.

  19. View Product said

    If I keep making an effort to download an srt subtitle separately, I don't see why I shouldn't make another small effort to download a torrent with that movie. At today's speeds, it doesn't really matter if you have seeders from Romania or not, it doesn't really matter if they are public or private torrents (like filelist). They will download very quickly even with a 100 mbps subscription. Movies can be viewed on PC and almost any other device… and the srt format for subtitles is also universal.
    So why give money to Netflix? It's like I buy a garment from a fancy store, when I could take the same garment from elsewhere at a lower price. Lowest price has priority, and if is free, the better.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      And take a human life, everything is free, but it does not cost you money illegally is a crime! Why not kill their daily interests or anyone bothering you?
      So methods to enjoy a movie are free but illegal.
      This is not about free but illegal. I do not see why it makes sense to steal content believing that doing a minor offense.
      Incidentally, those offering such content for free, make money from you but you do not realize.

      • You're being ridiculous! Becoming a millionaire boys Blu-ray gives us, 1080p with DTS sound with fast download, priced at 0Ron

        • Adrian Gudus said

          It seems you do not know what this whole eat free. All sites that you go to download content for free, you pay indirectly, you are often annoying banners. Those banners are paid, either click or per thousand impressions. The guy who owns the stall with Free make money off of you. You asked what motivates him / her to give you to you for free? If not profitable, why continue to do so?
          You don't know all this because you don't look at the "picture" as a whole but only in your own interest. As long as you watch the movie "for free", the rest doesn't matter.
          Encourage these people to illegally profit off of you and those like you
          Go underground with them
          It influences you or other more reckless people to get into such a "business" and they might get caught.
          You're the kind of person who doesn't care about doctors' salaries that "what, I haven't been to the doctor in years, I don't care" But when you hit them you scream and shout that they don't do it, that they are thugs, you bastards, they let you die, they don't have equipment, some domle hyenas

          • Lord, but You really like to fight so plain? How did you talk about doctors, about doctors, Lord? From flower to flower, the bee you like to fly? Relax do not see any banner are many browser extensions, enable Adblock and ready. If you knew you how it works, there are some sites without banners do not know what you come Turn ON. I do not know where these pearls remove, but even as you have talent!

          • Adrian Gudus said

            I see that avoid some answers! Okay, you lost your arguments? Grow up and the things out of the box how do the movies you're watching it with subtitles free, deh, so you know where to English?
            You're acting like a spoiled child of Mommy and Daddy, what you are. Do not care about anything, you have your back to get you out of all the trouble that you do and you did. I am convinced that they are proud of you!

          • What do you have, your mustard jumped? For everything I have, I have worked, and I still work, for the car, and for the TV, and for the phone, for everything. On the contrary, I am 'rescuing' my parents very often. You try to give your opinion, but you fail miserably. And believe me, I also understand English, but, like any person without a sheet to say - English expert - I also need a subtitle. You are a big dreamer, you create some scenarios in your head, a little deformed, if I can't believe it. If you keep talking about your parents, tell them to give you something to eat, because you are completely dry 😉

          • One thing is very disturbing in Adrian's comment. Why I should know English when I am Romanian and live in Romania? That the "Americanisms" seems awkward.
            He entered the territory of that, it also has the necessary options. Just do not go to Spain and I expect to speak to me in Romanian simply because there are Romanian labor.

          • Adrian, he is the image of the right man… .. ugly image, just look at the avatar :))

          • Adrian Gudus said

            Mr. Dark, I said you have to know English, I was just ironic pampered RZV who thinks everything it deserves and if you dare to ask for remuneration for services performed by dance, you steal!
            I saw that he knows them all and that he has the impression that if he and a few others use an adblock extension in the browser, those who offer such a thing no longer make money from illegal things. Seeing that he is so good and has an argumentless logic, I was amazed that a man so lying and "let me know how it works" does not know English and still needs subtitles

          • Adrian, I put 2 questions, you answer? Okay, go to bed, think ye too late for you, miezu already passed the night. I have pills, and put to bed

          • I'm curious - is your full name Adrian Gudus Gollum, or Adrian Gudus Sméagol? I can't sleep, if I don't find out, sorry….

          • Ok, I understand now. Thanks for the clarification!

          • Really does not understand guys who all say that you have to know English why I use subtitles as hell the German, French and other nation can have movies DOUBLE not subtitled, and I like Romans I push on the neck English, once it Netflix came in Romania if they have customers to put subtitles.

          • What a pity to know an extra tongue for some is even sneaky that neither doubts would understand them and by the way what is the big deal to wach without any subtitles

        • sarumana nene rzv, agree with everything you say; I do not consider that the theft of a bank, a corporation, is an attack and robbery against a person; netflix is ​​not who knows what and of course it is not as complex and varied as it is rumored here and there, it is just a "legal" alternative for those who watched shows like ,,, maruta, access ,,, blah, those who are programmed a large part of a few good hours in front of the TV by the TV media trusts and who want 4k because they have also heard from the media ;;;;; as long as there is no fascism on the internet and as much as possible, free things are the best; -) ,,,,, the danger is the DICTATORSHIP OF THE INTERNET, not piracy… ..peace and love, less religion (sometimes it works)!

      • “Hello” comparison :))

    • How to say, Netflix is ​​intended as a legal alternative to what you say. However, it can not come to ask us 8, 10, 12 E per month, without giving us all the content available on the platform, and most importantly, subtitles. I remain with the classical method, other complications and not pointless, others give money, I think that's enough. Even if you can afford it, yet not worth it.

      • Adrian Gudus said

        I said above, what content you have not found what film? Precisely because of this, as mentioned in the video, you have 1 month try it for free. Do not like it, get rid, nothing more simple! No one forces you to keep your service!

  20. Good service for convenience but once you do it disappears convenience
    I have a chat with the people from netflix about subtitling and they answered me this: “I understand completely, and you can be sure we're working on it, I was checking my system information and at the moment the service is fairly new in Romania , you could say fresh hehe, so we currently don't have an estimated date for subtitles in your language, but you can be sure they're on their way, as we want to make the content more accessible to everyone. I would love to give you an estimate, but I'd hate to tell you a week or two and then read then disappointing you. ”

  21. Well folks, Netflix's busy this did not abuse any parking. There is no point criticizing crazy, just because they are not subtitles. Look, you've just found a solution in the above tutorial. Probably soon will hire a few guys taletati, which will deal with Romania, with subtitles and doubling cartoons.
    Regarding the subscription price, I think they are correct. That we're talking about movies that appear relatively quickly in the collection, a few months after theatrical release.
    How much is a DVD? Not to mention the 4K!
    Netflix is ​​a platform for civilized people who do not want to break the law and will comply art.
    Of course, for who does not want a paid service, there are alternative ways, which I mentioned and the text-in tutorial. So after all that has shaped torrent market and has since helped launch such services by distribution put pressure on the houses.
    Again, Netflix does not occupy any improper parking. They came to Europe, where they found all the empty parking lot and took advantage. That is capitalism!

  22. Very good tutorial, I have a proposal for a tutorial gentlemen, very often I make thousands of nerves ads by youtube PC and phone, what to do you can not watch a video that appears after 1.30 reclam and again and again etc. Thank you

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Grab you also must deal with YouTube and do this for several years without getting anything in return, allocating your time to upload those clips on YouTube, to produce, paid from your pocket money to date, the company Internet.
      Those ads appear because who produces her time to upload them to YouTube, pay bills, equipment with which to film, record sound, to pay the bill to the net. As can continue to do the job that needs money. The money that does not put you to pay them directly but show you some banners for which he is paid by Google. You swallow but enjoying content ad free, he can earn money to continue making YouTube.
      If this system there would be no monetization, no one would climb YouTube content that is not bad to do voluntary work any more than you think you do not.
      Try to understand and accept that if you want to get something, you have your turn to give something in return!

      • You want to say that I do not think is the company you are doing that all the illegally online.

        • Adrian Gudus said

          I understood none of your comment. What I do not understand the black?

          • Adrian Gudus said

            Making a website and creating content and then monetizing all this through ads placed on the site, is not illegal. Anyone can do this (if they can afford it and have the necessary knowledge. If they do not have the necessary knowledge, we have a series of tutorials dedicated to the topic "how to make a site from scratch" and how to monetize a site)
            Become illegal when you create your site, monetize it and provide illegal content, commercial, made by others such as movies, games, software or other digital material under copyright.
            We make our own tutorials, test software, look for solutions, talk to them, we write the text for each tutorial alone basis.

          • Or who can do site that wants big brazed great tutorial is netflix what to say, I will advertise it that is my opinion and that of his money on him when found movies torrent but are not dumb as you Adrian! Romanian you think we are stupid or what?

      • ion mosu said

        Right now I have finished the settings for netflix on sony bravia smart tv spun I tell you for sure that for 7,99 euros per month the offer is very weak… .it is not worth it… .it has no search option and you can only see their offer which is embarrassingly weak … 7,99 is for a single TV… what can't I ask?… .Nothing… .you don't paint "alien", independence day.13-th warrior.300. Silent hill. And what's worse "game of thrones" which is owned by HBO. Only a dozen series that you can see on axn, and low budget movies. Not even "star wars" is not. Try it free for a month…. anyway to benefit from free month you have to give the data on a valid card and read carefully terms and I already cancel my offer free month.bafta

    • Instead of reading the "blablauri" of the great IT expert, Adrian :)) you better install the "adblock" extension and get rid of almost all the ads, not only on youtube. As for the Netflix thing, leave the spell of his honesty over fried, subscribe for. a month or two to get big here and on the other side fry HDD with the seed on FileList.

  23. You are perfectly right. We have to give people time to put in place infrastuctula. We can not expect the change to the American public to the world to be instantaneous. Pricing, as many complain, I think are common sense, the euro 7,99, especially for content that it offers. Who wants pays, who does not ignore it. This service is ideal for lovers of companies. I'd be tempted service, but to me not worth it, watching a movie a few months. It's better to pay for something that eases your life.

  24. Brothers, you want movies and series taken from here ""
    and subtitles from here ""
    Neltfix not to give money and $ 12 is enormous not subtritrat in Romanian
    I think hidden advertisement to make sure neltfix

    • View Product said

      Certainly disguised advertising is not done here… there are others who have talked in various articles about the coming of netflix on the Romanian market.
      I do not care for me that's a different story netflix. (Like many others of us).
      The Romanian has a special mentality regarding the multimedia content. He knows better what to do. Plus the subtitle phase is nonsense… we get too complicated. We are looking for a subtitle, we convert it, we install special plugins only in google chrome. It's a strange process. Wasn't it better to have a "load srt" button in the netflix player? I think it was better that way, you could browse the PC after subtitling and you're done. You could watch the subtitled movie with any browser, any operating system and any Android phone (or tablet)

  25. Adrian, you have not downloaded anything illegal?
    Listen only original CDs?
    You've only seen the original movies, purchased, or from download sites?
    Computer / phone / etc you used only applications purchased / free?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Do not download music, I subscribe to YouTube channels of music, make playlists and listen to them directly on YouTube, anytime I feel like it. Who the hell uses CDs? No optical drive in PC do not have, you can do everything with the USB stick
      Related films, all summer I sat in someone's 2015 City and I looked at all the films that I liked. I do not understand why I buy a DVD, I just see a movie once, I have Alzheimer's disease (forgetfulness)
      I bought enough apps from the Play Store because I liked them. I bought one of them in a video tutorial presented here in which I talked about "how to add a card and how to buy applications from the Play Store"
      It's amazing how some see you as a strange if not steal and you're right. Wow you seem normal and Abnormal is normal for you. They did well educated tembelizoarele!

      • Adrian Gudus said

        I suggest you start to encode you a simple application for Android, and then can understand why some apps cost money.
        Once you do see how well you will do to publish the application made by you, in the Play Store. Do not forget that to get your app in the Play Store, you'll pay a fee! Even if you offer it free in the Play Store.
        As I said, the Romanian picture close to his door. The rest does not interest him, it is ignorant and it deserves!

      • Someone City - what is this? go to the cinema for fear of downloading an "illegal" movie? hmm?

        • Adrian Gudus said

          Correction, Cinema City.
          I do not fear, do not fear it but individual choice and preference. I am a more classic, I like the atmosphere and the sound system of a cinema. Does not compare to a movie at home saw an inch monitor 30. TV Fortunately I'm not looking for.
          Do not give me your hand to do a plasma bank loan of 80 cm and later to steal movies and see them on a plasma taken in ducks. (I was being sarcastic of course)
          Even if you would not know that anyone illegally download movies and see them on a plasma taken in installments, and I know enough, in my head does not look good and doesn two
          As I said above, plasma, film and BMW are not urgent things needed for survival!
          In conclusion: I do not fear to go to the cinema but respect for film, art, education and moral values

          • It is the right attitude and I want to congratulate you!
            Even if I want to and I do so, I can not afford!
            I have not seen anyone fined / punished for downloading a movie / listening to a song downloaded from the net. It's immoral but I don't rule with legality…
            Why not apply the law?

            Back to the questions asked above: you have not ever done anyone a CD? you have not ever used pirated software? you have not ever heard a MP3 downloaded from the Internet?

          • @Adrian Gudus
            Adrian, I really admire the way you write - correct, cursive, clean. To me, this is like a breath of fresh air in an environment that is becoming more and more toxic Congratulations and respect for being an honest man - that means you have no chance to make a career in politics :).
            In terms of illegality, I would like to draw your attention to something that I think you missed. You can only copy Romanian subtitles from sites that promote piracy, because absolutely all subtitle versions are made for illegally downloaded movies. So whoever copies a subtitle from these sites indirectly promotes piracy. On top of that, these sites also make money from commercials… Ha ha, as a small parenthesis, even the televisions see that they copy their subtitles from these sites. You realize this when you see space between the last word and the punctuation mark :)).

          • Great justice of the 'Ether'. Let some not download movies, it's illegal, daaaar download subtitles :)).

          • What is illegal?
            Who is made subtitling?
            There are copyright on that text?
            He recorded one subtrarea to any authority?
            It's easy to censorious. Eventually everyone has downloaded at least one: mp3, avi, mkv, exe, iso or more.
            It's a childhood to ask the man, "yes sir, didn't you do that?", As if the man wants to become legal, and you pull him back.
            Even if in the past you threw down packages, instead put them in your cart does not mean it's bad to throw the chimney packaging.
            After all, everyone does what he wants and how he wants. But that does not mean you have to head those who want to become legal.

          • Adrian Gudus said

            When they have no arguments, they look for any loophole to justify their theft. Like, kindergarten children: “madam madam, why do you steal ionica and don't tell her anything? Do you only see me? ”
            On this logic, we will not ever heal, which is why we go wrong nine novels. We must always relate to each other, we always look into the neighbor's yard to go by others, as if I have our own head.

          • Adrian Gudus said

            The fact that a television "steals" (faces) I see that comforts some.
            Do not let yourself be comforted that others steal or steal everybody! Start the change with you, and if they do it individually, we live in a united country. Change for the better begins with you! Once you will get at least 1 person and another person after him and when the change will be sufficient, it will automatically put pressure on the rest still will steal.
            Do you consonance with the thought that others steal? So?

          • I am very glad that you managed to change and have legally entered ~ ~.
            I find it immoral way you questioned.
            A former ~ HOT ~ condemn others who behave as he compartments when there was great ~ ~ girl.
            For all your posts shows that you're a big girl now ~ ~.
            As he said Cristi, totate world has downloaded at least one mp3, iso image, etc.
            Do not pull one back.
            As I said above, an attitude that is not in place and it seems immoral to me how it behaves.
            I find it immoral to do it one time and you were hot hot.
            You can make him understand that he is not on the right path and is not doing the right thing, not that you are CLEAN AS A TEAR…

          • I do not know where it is apparent that I would console that others steal or I would bring any argument to justify theft. Forgive me for asking, but you read what I wrote above? I have drawn attention to you most sincerely that the principles you advocate in your comments not firmly attached to the action of downloading from websites that directly support piracy; maybe it's a detail that you missed. I wanted to come to help. What are you talking about? I confess that I do not like this kind of attitude, always critical, and any imposition of Good aggression.

            Adrian, let me tell you, just like you do, that life is much more organic than this linear way of looking and thinking about the world. It's nice, maybe, to support some "new age" concepts - as you did above - but, in the end, they are utopian. Do not eliminate humanity's opponents with "popcorn on the plains". On the one hand you say that why we have to relate to another as if we did not have our own head, on the other hand you say the opposite, that at least one person might imitate you and that this would be good. It's not good if he imitates you without discernment. Do you really think that people do not know the basic principles of ethics? Do you think they haven't heard a lot of talk about change? Why haven't they changed? This question can lead us to the heart of the problem of both Romanians and humanity because they are intimately linked but it does not make sense to go into details.
            And another thing: if it was my intention to defend piracy would have made it simple, in my initial comment. Because if you do not have preconceptions and prejudices and able to see the other side of the coin. But I did it because I have my reasons for not supporting piracy, one of them being that it is just another way of population control to keep it busy. The only piracy that would support her books would be the best if people would read as much as watching movies. For those open your mind. True authors have never ran after wealth but by merit or even wanted to change the world and make sure that he would be given the blessing that information to spread to as many. So let's not mourn for poverty and criminal companies let's stop pretending that we do not know / what world we live in.

      • I use CD and DVD to PC, CD audio system, CD with drivers for PC are of great use.

    • rest assured that 99% also downloaded it illegally. he's just not a director at transelectrica. the problem is that they entered Romania without Romanian subtitles and still have the courage to ask for subscription money. to have free access until you add subtitles. why should I pay the same price as Italian or Spanish and have subtitles in his language and I don't ... I don't need it anyway. I watch a movie every month. and then I have where to get it. to put Romanian subtitles and to be able to watch movies directly on smart TV. not so 7 utensils. laptop chromecast dlna… .. Popcorn Time rulz. at least for free.
      to put the net cable on the TV to open this netfix application… and to be able to watch full hd movies with Romanian subtitles. then yes. I give them 10 euros… until then to go straight.

  26. HBO GO is a relatively good service, legal, subtitles and not cost as Netflix. Pt lei per month 15 has two devices simultaneously stream. It's true that not 4K has a standard resolution! But TV productions and series offer not just junk. But certainly from Netflix will develop in the coming weeks with subtitles.

  27. Michael T said

    Titrations can be used for converting and Jubler, but needs titration converted to UTF-8. I download classic titration SRT format, convert it with Notepad ++ to UTF-8, open it and save it with Jubler dxfp format. We HBO Go, Netflix are covered with very well.

  28. offtopic:

    You can make a tutorial with a PC configuration / acquisition guide that is good for software development (programming, to support virtualization of several machines / instances, all kinds of local servers, powerful IDEs, etc.), but also to be good for video editing. , rendering, (Sony Vegas, Adobe Premier and other tools for video editing and fast rendering). ?
    I personally could use such a tutorial!

    Thank you!

  29. My opinion is not worth Netflix, their catalog is pretty limited. I stand here in Spain and Netflix reached a number of months and series like The Vampire Diaries, The Originals were available only the first seasons. I had three months Netflix and Hulu in the US using a VPN and catalog all equally poor. So I do not understand where so much strife and insults in the comments above, each is free to do what he wants. I agree that we must respect and support art multimedia creators just as no one works for free, but not so.

    I use torrents one, a plex server, an application and paid plexus chromecast phone. And it is almost the same. If the catalog would be as rich as torrents I would not bother to pay. I do not know who said above but agree with him there if all subtitles and they could make a discount up to solve the problem.

    I repeat this is not about money it's about content (catalog weak) and I think each seeking to satisfy their needs

  30. CLAUDIU Stoenica said

    Cristi good! I have a problem with ping on three days I rds.De over 300 ms ping speed test .When I got very good speed (150-230 Mbps) but I deranjeaza.De ping eg SV DIGI TIMISOARA LA KM OF ANY 12 MN. AM: PING 234 134 Mbps.DE UPL 45Mbps DOWN TO WHAT IS THIS PING awful? Can you recommend a SAD THAT THE GOOD HOST PING?

    • What the …. to ping other servers? It's clear, the networks are crowded!
      Stop whining you only 134 mb / s, that's a pretty good speed.
      We have nothing to do, and networks have their limitations.
      If you complain to RDS, they will come on Monday morning, in the first hour, when you have super speed, because there is no one on the net. The boys will do some tests and I'll tell you, "What are you doing, sir? Look at the concrete net you have! ”
      To understand:
      You, along with 9 neighbors, you have gigabit. If all you look on youtube movies while 4k + download torrents + streaming Netflix, panic switch and ONT's. As higher bandwidth, there is a switch to schedule packets based on priority or elsewhere in a row (depending on who you configured). That increase ping!
      If it's any consolation, the Americans are doing much worse with connections, and pay waaaay more.
      Internet and bandwidth-consuming services like YouTube, Netflix, Torrent, etc., were developed too quickly and connections can not cope.

  31. ,, Do not argue with a fool like ,, a man has rested mind is limited if it is pointless to stoop to nivelu them to make him understand,
    Thanks for. I was useful tutorial, I received the necessary information about Netflix, I now have to draw the conclusion if I use Netflix or torrents
    Happy Birthday ! and I hope to have a year 2016 with many tutorials, even if some people were not too helpful or not they like the idea

  32. CLAUDIU Stoenica said

    The thing is that over 300 ms ping you and I ka 02: 00, last night I did various tests .Viteza's super ok even at peak times, but apart from a bad ping packets lost somewhere in 20, a conv . Skype is impossible .They came from the RDS and found losses have thought it ka iptic terminal (using FTTH) ipv4 only have losses, v6 are 0 pierderi.Nu was terminal, they after it's thought from my laptop, but their laptop and do the same, then called again about two guys who have tested and a neighbor to see if it's from me or from ei.Surpriza vecinu all the rds have lost 34% of packets, they exchanged cables and UTP and fiber, as losses made tests ladder across the street and were not losses after saying it's because routers and it's not good to use (of course reason excuse, and another reason is that people from rds I have argued that the use router and gave net neighbor underneath, dimming their clentela) we directly test had lost me and neighbor packets, in the end they said both on FTTB to go but I agreed to go from one technology to a more proasta.Atunci good to go and I said and neighboring ipv6 because I had lost pachete..Asta happening Friday now and I ipv6 3% loss .de what are these losses and bad ping and 2 night ??

  33. A tutorial Raspberry Pi? HDMI-CEC, Kodi etc.

  34. I would take between intel and samsung - the one that has the biggest guarantee. I understand and move very well without problems for 2 years. I think if I had taken Samsung it would have been the same.
    So between these 2 I choose the one that has the highest guarantee.
    ps: all important data on the hard disk and keep them on sticks and Google Drive; SSD not.

  35. Samsung

    • I had bad experience with exactly the model Samsung SSD 850 EVO died two in a year and I used the computer normally. Luckily the Amazon gave me money back every time. I have a Intel for about 3 months and yet go well. The Samsung was as fast as any 30MB / s wait to see if time and it gives me confidence.

  36. View Product said

    in reviews samsung seems a bit better rated… Anyway I'm going to put it on a desktop and I'll transfer it to the operating system. I keep the hard drive as a regular storage space for data… .whatever it is.
    Thanks a lot for opinions.

  37. I hope there is a good program to not advertise unless I apologize to delete Admin Posts
    This program is an installation kit POPCORN who says that has a lot of movies, cartoons of all categories and upload your film without further downloaded directly from the source, ect torrent and subtitles automatic or gender has separate Netflix
    I apologize again to me delete the message content is inappropriate admindaca I hope I was helpful and understood

  38. Neither this method is perfectly legal, do not forget that subtitles are used for films made from the torrent, that falling exactly into the category of piracy. It does not seem right that on the one hand be blamed piracy, but on the other hand, when it serves some interests to be okay. It would have thought it right that a giant to have started when the subtitles, at least partially.

  39. Toni knows who told you that titrations are used for pirated movies are all the category piracy? Titration is made by some boys / girls who know English well, are not stolen, even more people to espouse their television titles on net that are made with passion by others without asking for attention from one material.

  40. I said they pirated the subtitles, I said that pirated movies are made, and those on the TV does not acquire subtitles. I know very well what I mean, one of those in charge of translating the films / serials. And yes, it's true, subtitles are made free from passion and therefore do not seem right that someone use them to make money.

  41. If you have not as torrents now had Romanian subtitles, so the version torrents remain than to stay exactly synchronized captioning to look better each take the movie from torrent and I know exactly subtitles found.

  42. Adrian Gudus !!!! You are very strong! I want to admit that you are 90% right in what you say. This is the case with anyone who does it in order to have a high-performing site, commercials, with yt, with a play store, everything is paid for! But, as a person who has been to many countries and watched from the net everywhere, I can assure you that in every country they steal as much as possible and cheat on the net as much as possible and everything possible! to know that in Romania the fraud is extremely small compared to other countries, where the legislation is stricter than in our country… ..and there are many countries like this !! I have been following this site for almost 5 years and of course you too, so without wanting to, I know your attitude, the native-intellectual acidity you have, so I recommend you to spend some time in different countries, to see how is the "net, download and traffic" around them and after that I am curious what attitude you will have to post certain statements related to piracy and others! Otherwise all good and I am convinced that the strongest is having fun with all the acid comments and the fierce fight against you… .Cristi, but in a positive way !! Peace to all !!!

  43. Andrei Bozga said

    Hello Cristi greeting cards for tutorials… ..
    many of my friends say they would like to learn from one of your own tutorial on how to clean dust laptops
    Thank you a treababuna

    • How many laptop models are there…. I don't think it's a standard. Unwrap it and clean it with a small brush, possibly change the vga paste, cpu. Never use compressed air spray or who knows what solutions. how I found laptops "cleaned" nicely with prompt.

  44. ..Cristi offtopic apology appeared ..5..1.1 REMIX OS based on Android I've tried it on a laptop (e exelent) ,, on a desktop failed to boot.

  45. Ciutuc Daniel Catalin said

    Hi all users and greet Adrian Cristi! I have a pretty interesting story for me now do not know how interesting it is for you!
    I started watching your tutorials from 2011 (windows xp installation) that I had no idea how to start and what to do! I searched on google and I entered your site ( and I found exactly what I needed, at that time the tutorial was very useful to me although I tend to say that I saw other tutorials but they were reduced by the speed at which they were played and I didn't understand what to do… in principle I remained an anonymous user and I continued to watch all the new tutorials you published until today… my level in IT increased daily saying today that I am a advanced and well-understood archlinux user I also use windows 10 to be up to date with the latest operating systems… I also use android x86 5.1 rc of course I also learned from you… so all your respect and merit and your effort… you said cristi ca a simple thank you gives you energy for a few days and as work for this wonderful site you do it with pleasure, I feel just as good with each new tutorial loaded by you saying look that it is possible… two people who have succeeded to get where you proposed… given all these words 2016 to say to keep it the same still do not let yourself be beaten I look forward to the next tutorial and I ask if it can be well understood to make a video tutorial about xiaomi mi5 or to you tell me if it is worth buying it specifically that also at your recommendations I bought the phone xiaomi mi note pro of which I am as convinced as you with oneplus one… as you said is the first phone that I do not feel the need to sell or change xiaomi mi5 which will be released in february after what i found out i want to buy for my wife and i think maybe there are others who would like to see about this phone… if you want you can make a video with xiaomi mi note pro which fights with iphone 6 🙂 with these being said hello and I look forward to an answer from you 🙂 good luck everyone

  46. I do not know how you managed to convey tab you PC complete with subtitles because it does not work, it connects automatically when the TV is changing the subtitles. Article by 2 money.

  47. Mascherini said

    Adrian, things are not in black and white, they are actually completely gray. In the artistic field, (movies, music…) are often deliberately allowed to be pirated. Although apparently they do not earn in earnings, they earn in views, and in the long run this is to their benefit and the profit will increase.
    For example: a singer if it were based solely on the money collected from the sale would, especially early career would suck. Instead if he is viewed by many more people, even if it is illegal to grow and gain share much more of concert appearances on TV and even sales will increase significantly. Because no matter how hot the man would have a respect for art, quality can surprise even him that he wants to buy do not know what I do not know whose album artist.
    The film is the same. Besides being out torrents after a while, after they have done something about collections, artist name and a share increase depending on appearances and watching it has.
    And things have changed in our age. 50 years ago, 70 years ago, people did not consume even 20% of the visual products we consume today. And the market grows every year, it's profitable. The series are produced on the conveyor belt, with all the "theft" of people, and are increasingly profitable.
    As said Cristi, Netflix has its place, and customers will not even be in loss in Romanaia.
    And now let me give an example of product that has lost because not found the net. Romanian film, is difficult to obtain and less money and hardly that. Romanian film is very well protected, you do not find any Romanian film on the net, and if you have missed the cinema could find to him by chance after some years. Although Romanian film is highly appreciated abroad, Romania is appreciated. The directors are increasingly unhappy with the film's sales in Romania and this is due only to the fact that it is promoted. And the tide is one of the best methods of promotion.
    I am a consumer of Romanian films and I want to tell you that I did not find certain Romanian films in any form. No dvd, no torrent again on tv
    A lot of people talk about the golden generation of actors, how they were and what they were doing…
    At present, we have sensational actors in the country, directors appreciated even in America, but completely unknown in Romania. Why? Because the golden generation had a promotion. Everyone knew who Toma Caraciu, Amza Pelea, Dinica, Iordache were… Today we know who Daniela Crudu, Capatos is…
    Sorry for the long comment but my opinion is about the torrent is an important form of promotion and products can be found on torrent agreement with major manufacturers.

  48. Mascherini said

    I specified, "any Romanian thread".
    ex; "Treasure" or "a floor below" movies that appeared last year and are no longer found in cinemas or torrents. They will appear at some point, but that can mean this year or next year or maybe in 2 years.
    As for the fact that Romanians do not make action movies…
    First in the history of Romanian cinema, many films are action adventures (or anything with action) even before 90. So we never have developed in that department compared to the French who have a totally different with history in the field. About US There's no point to bring the discussion.
    Second Romanian film production dropped drastically after 90, the state no longer subsidizes Romanian film as he did, therefore fewer movies, fewer directors, fewer genres. Most movies despite playing only Romanian in Romanian, are co-productions for a director not get the money that gives the NCC and will apply for funds in other countries. It's really hard to make film in Romania.
    Therefore, we have two types of film in Romania, art films and "filth". A director after struggling 2, 3 years to raise money will choose to make a film that matters primarily for him as an artist, to reach major festivals in the world, to return to Romania with some awards… And for the other side will be productions like "Garcea and the Oltenians" which will have record revenues.
    And for those who are interested in an article about netflix… ..edited by admin….

  49. ….how…. Romanian to be able to get NETPIX without Romanian subtitles ?????.
    and how brave you would be to brag that you also launched NETPIX in Romania….

  50. Agache Emanoil said

    And subtirari can put in other languages ​​(Russian), other than those already on netflix now? Thank you!

  51. FanDanys said

    I understand how I put the subtitle….
    My problem is how do the subtitles to be exact, with video?
    Many in not correspond with movies on Netflix. A little help, please!

    The thank you box

  52. Hey,
    I'm staying in Germany and the idea is that if I download something illegal, I have to pay the fine.
    I have netflix account, but subtitling in Romanian does not exist for this area.
    my question is: is it legal or not?

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