How to charge a phone from another phone

How to charge a phone from another phone

How do I load a phone from another phone?

Phones are super smart until…
Smartphones are very smart as long as they run out of battery - and that's when you remember you had to get an SMS or an email.
If you're close to the socket it's not the problem, but if you're somewhere without the ability to charge the phone, it's pretty unpleasant.
An appropriate place to stay without a battery is in a tourist adventure with the tent in the mountains. If your lap colleagues have the loaded phones, you can load them from them.

How do I load a phone from another phone?

Using an OTG USB cable, you can charge a phone from another phone or even a tablet, so they have bigger batteries.

Use only in cases of extreme urgency!

The phones were made to be loaded, not to be Portable batteries; That's why it's good to know that a phone can take 500 mAh to the USB port, which means it takes 6-7 hours to charge a phone with a 3000 mAh battery.
Besides the limited current on the USB port, we have some pretty small circuits that can not support the passage of current through the USB port in the long run.

In emergencies, this method can be invaluable!

Emergency cases:
1. You want to find a number on the agenda
2. You must receive an urgent SMS
3. You want to check a document from your phone
4. You need to confirm a transaction by phone
5. You must get a confirmation code for whatever

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How to charge a phone from another phone - video tutorial

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  2. Does the phone that holds the charger need to have an OTG port? Can not use a male USB mini cable at both ends if we do not have an OTG phone?

  3. Hello . Would be interesting a tutorial about feeding 12v photovoltaic surveillance camera. it's worth it ? Have these batteries included on them or how is it? What's the light outside?

  4. I have a s6 after factory reset I always notice
    (Unauthorized actions detected.
    Restart your device to cancel
    Unauthorized changes)
    Is there a solution?

  5. Who's carrying the cable otg?
    If he is watching and does not charge the phone
    And I'm afraid I do not have a battery on the phone and no charger has been found with friends,
    It's my fault I forgot to load the phone I assume I was stupid I forgot to load it,
    I stayed without 7 phone hours until I got home to put it in charge I went several times

    • Why not carry such a cable in your backpack, especially on the mountain, what's so hard? you do not know who you can do for good, or to do well. Very useful tutorial and good to remember.

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