How to install Windows 7 gadgets back on Windows 8 (part 6) - video tutorial

Hello prietenni in today's video tutorial to see how we can install desktop gadgets in Windows Vista and Windows Windows 7 8 back. As you know, in Windows Vista and Windows 7 a simple right click context menu option I Desktop Gadgets location allowed us some gadgets on our desktop. These gadgets offer us various information such as weather fast the Weather gadget, solocitarea CPU by CPU Meter gadget, free space on partitions by DriveInfo gadget, Drives Drives Meter or Monitor, stopping, restarting or locking your computer with a single click by gadgetu the Control System, and more.
Well we have all these gadgets and more desktop 8 new windows operating the system with the help of 8GadgetPack. By simply installing the application 8GadgetPack have available neither more nor less than 40 desktop gadgets for Windows 8. After installing it will be again in the context menu displayed when right-clicking the Desktop Gadgets option where we can control and put all these gadgets.
Personally I've had no problems using it 8GadgetPack and all the gadgets came with this application functioned properly. In closing, I highly recommend that nostalgic feel no desktop gadgets in Windows 8 8GadgetPack install to be able to still enjoy them in the new Windows 8.
That said, I invite you to watch the video tutorial to see exactly how to install desktop gadgets in Windows Vista and Windows 7, back in Windows 8 via the 8GadgetPack

DOWNLOAD 8GadgetPack

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  1. Misto.Chiar ago I installed Stardock download 8GadgetPack.Dupa Start8, Windows 8 became less annoying.

  2. I do not know if I should ask but I need Camtasia Studio 8, but my trial is over. I tried in several ways, but we did, and if you kindly help me I would be grateful.

  3. Hatman Alexander-St. said

    I do not really useful gadgets, live tiels sites in Metro UI replaced them.

  4. Hatman Alexander-St. said

    I do not know if I should ask but I need Camtasia Studio 8, but my trial is over. I tried in several ways, but we did, and if you kindly help me I would be grateful.

    Do you know trick?

  5. Do you know of any similar applications for Windows XP where I can remove that sidebar?

  6. Emi:
    I do not know if I should ask but I need Camtasia Studio 8, but my trial is over. I tried in several ways, but we did, and if you kindly help me I would be grateful.

    Buy it if it has expired, do not cry here, really have not learned even now, he's not allowed to informal guidance. You need buy that software, if not his Camstudio alternative.

  7. Adrian please do a tutorial about the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 smartphone. Thanks 🙂

  8. Hi, I noticed that Windows 8 is a bit weak on the gaming side… .tested. most wanted 2012, in win 7 it moves perfectly… smoothly, …… in wind 8 it jerks me like all hell :)) …… I don't understand why this windows 8 has been to blame for 90 days? and an answer :), bye

  9. What's the point of complicating your gadgets… She's trying to double-click on the task manager when it's open on the desktop, of course, to see what happens .. maybe you'll be surprised to see that it's already a much nicer mini gadget even simpler than struggling to bring something that was on windows 7: :)))) that in a better way stay on windows 7 :: :))) is also the start bar and the start button and dads .. is bini di tăt

    • Adrian Pascu said

      hi, I noticed that windows 8 little weak on the stand .... degaming tested. Most Wanted 2012 in 7 win moves perfectly ... lin ...... in wind 8 sacadeaza I like all demons :)) ...... do not get dc ... be the fault of the windows 8 90 days? .... May your opinions ... maybe and an answer :) bye

      Well I still have not win8 so I'm not sure but I know for run app incompatible, win8 uses a setting to tell it to trick app or site that goes into a win xp, vista, 7. By default if set comes with winXP SP1 SP2 or that you can not compare cun win7, and I think tricking the app, it does behave like the OS that

  10. Michael Passat said

    I installed Windows 8 and complain that Adobe Flash Player not working in Metro UI interface, reason you can not install Nero, can someone help me?

  11. Adrian Pascu said

    If you could make a tutorial on 8 Windows shortcuts and how to install applications like yahoo messenger that the official site says it is not compatible with win8. Thanks

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