How to install Ubuntu Linux without CD bootable USB stick without

Hey friends, in today's video tutorial to see how we can install a Linux OS (Ubuntu Linux in our case) without the need of a CD, DVD or USB stick bootable. Because I've done in the past a tutorial on How to install Windows Vista, 7 or 8 without DVD or USB stick and you have called the comments section about each install Linux without a CD or bootable stick, I decided to make this tutorial.
Before you follow this tutorial to say that I assumed that you already have installed as a main operating system but probabl want to install Windows and Ubuntu or another Linux distribution. Maybe you have an older computer that does not have an optical drive to use a bootable CD in order to install and do not have at hand a bootable USB stick or can simply optical drive is broken.
At first you will still need to have at least an internet connection to download the required or if you have no internet connection, you can get a friend to download UNetbootin, EasyBCD and an ISO with Linux wanted you.
If we have the 3 some necessary first step is to run the UNetbootin to prepare the ground. It will extract the files for installation of Linux, Windows partition, and then will change the boot loader and restart will have the option to choose between Windows and UNetbootin.
If you choose to enter the UNetbootin, we get virtually Ubuntu operating system but it will run in live mode (not make changes to the partitions but after restart, settings and changes made in Ubuntu Live will lose it unless you have chosen as UNetbootin to do and a persistence cache)
Towards the end I invite you to watch the video tutorial to see exactly what are the steps to install Linux without a CD or USB stick bootable and if you'd like a tutorial on the same thing but with the main operating system already installed a Linux all, remember to I ask this in the comments box of this tutoril.


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  1. Hello !
    I would be interested very much a tutorial on changing player in XBMC with another, external (eg: MX Player). Also I think it would be interesting and one on using the SD card from android to help RAM (Memory Ram addition of SD card).
    Thank you.

  2. Windows already installed can use Wubi / community / Wubi

  3. Adrian Gudus said

    Bogdan: With Windows already installed can use Wubi / community / Wubi

    If you choose to use Wubi major drawbacks:
    Because Linux will be installed on Windows, you will not have real performance, as if it were installed on its own partition, in EXT4 format. With Wubi you don't do a "native" installation
    The second drawback is that you can not access the data on the partition that you chose to install Ubuntu with Wubi (while you are in Ubuntu)
    Wubi is useful only if you want to play, to test Ubuntu, not install it.

    • gabridian said

      Wubi install on another partition may not necessarily Windows.Diferenta partition that is installed is that you can choose to boot the operating system, Windows or Ubuntu.

  4. Adi Ita said

    I want some tutorial with Ubuntu host!

    • cristi1973 said

      It's easy. UNetbootin go and Ubuntu, do the same steps as on Windows. Instead you can use Easy BCD you install Grub Customizer typing the following command in the terminal:
      sudo add-apt-repository ppa: danielrichter2007 / grub-customizer
      sudo apt-get update
      sudo apt-get install grub-customizer

  5. cristi1973 said

    Bravo! Congratulations! Very good tutorial!

  6. cristi1973: It's simple. UNetbootin go and Ubuntu, do the same steps as on Windows. Instead you can use Easy BCD you install Grub Customizer typing the following command in the terminal: sudo add-apt-repository ppa: danielrichter2007 / grub-customizer sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install grub-customizer

    bravo. Thanks a lot. you spared Adrian minutes 30 3 work in terminal. ACU can do another videotutorial for example how to do a mail server on Linux.

  7. Romeo1999 said

    Hey, if you have 50 gb storage to how you make partitions? I mean, how you allocate and how you allocate Ubuntu Windows?

  8. Hi Adrian I would like to ask if you can install windows or ubuntu on a server on the internet that is have a server there and put sifierele times where I have an internet cenectiune I could reinstall the operating system

  9. "Failed to create swap space"

  10. Dumitru said

    No USB stick!! but so is the title's tutorial stick. WTF??

  11. if they choose instead of Ubuntu, Fedora or other Linux can also install it in dual boot with Windows 7?

  12. We did, thanks!

  13. Adrian Gudus said

    wayne: If you choose instead of Ubuntu, Fedora or other Linux can also install it in dual boot with Windows 7?

    Yes, I mentioned this in the tutorial!

  14. Adrian Gudus said

    Dumitru: No USB stick!! but so is the title's tutorial stick. WTF??

    I do not know where you saw that I used a USB stock. Next time do not run editorials!

  15. Adrian Gudus said

    Correction: I do not know where you saw that I used a USB stick. Next time do not run tutorials.
    The self-correcting keyboard of the mobile phone is to blame for mistakes…

  16. Costelina said

    Dumitru: No USB stick!! but so is the title's tutorial stick. WTF??

    you were not careful you
    and even if it were that expression means that yours?
    ----Respect and you will be respected-----

  17. cristi1973 said

    wayne: If you choose instead of Ubuntu, Fedora or other Linux can also install it in dual boot with Windows 7?

    I think it works on any Linux distribution has a casre graphic installer.

  18. Anderson said

    Adrian got a crystal or queries:
    - What does INT 19h boot loader error mean?
    - The NMI is disable. Power-on delay starts. Verification of the initialization code checksum?
    - INT 19H boot attempt. The motherboard has been tested to be ok?
    - Programmable reset interrupted controller?

  19. nicusor said

    hello .. how to install windows xp without cd or usb stick?

    • hello I don't think it works to install xp without cd or bootable stick, I tried something like that and it didn't work, it asked me for a dvd or a flash media from which to download its files

  20. Costelina said

    nicusor: Hello .. how to install windows xp without cd or usb stick?

    in going virtual

  21. cristian said

    Hi, I have owned a laptop for a long time, I bought it with win7 pre-installed. On a partition called 'healthy (recovery partition) of about 15 gb. is win7.
    Probems is that the hard drive started making some noise, not very pleasant. I fear not leave me!
    How can I recover the wind of the partition, in order to install it on another hdd? Thank you!

  22. cristianHi, I own a laptop long time, I purchased the win7 preinstalled. On a partition senumeste 'Healthy (Recovery Partition) about 15 gb. is win7. Probems is that the hard drive started making some noise, not very pleasant. I fear not leave me! How can I recover the wind of the partition, in order to install it on another hdd? Thank you!

    "Hard disk cloning or how to copy all content from one hard disk to another - video tutorial"

  23. Francis said

    Please keep in mind and my opinion and do a tutorial or series of tutorials on installing and customizing Drupalului to Drupal CMS is a very stable 7.22 use features many famous sites.

  24. You have finally done that since I asked tutorial:

  25. gabibetis said

    I can not boot Ubuntu alongside Windows 8. How do I disable UEFI?

  26. On my motherboard I have 16 mb flash ROM. When I bought the asus p7p55d motherboard, I had installed in this 16 mb flash memory, asus express gate was installed. I accidentally deleted it. Does anyone have any idea how I can install it again? Or does anyone have any idea if it can virus this 16 mb flash ROM? I know I didn't post where I should but someone can see and a simple man answers me too!

  27. Adrian Gudus said

    ThLegend: On my board I 16 basic MB ROM. I bought Asus p7p55d, was installed in the flash memory 16 MB ASUS Express Gate was installed. I accidentally deleted. Any idea how can I install it again? Or does anyone know if this virus can 16 MB Flash ROM? Know it but I have not posted where you can see someone and I answer to me ... just a man!

    ASUS Express Gate is on the manufacturer's official website (in your case Asus) You go to the Support section, look for the model of your motherboard and you'll have to download that ASUS Express Gate

  28. I tried to restart in Ubuntu 10.04.4 and nothing happens (nothing appears, enter Ubuntu 10.04.4 directly), I loaded Lubuntu iso image with 12.04

  29. I would be interested unbutu installation on Linux

  30. Hi, I have a problem with laptopu, I try to get into the browser, whether you use IE or Google chrome laptop restarts, that since I installed the game Counter Strike Global Offensive. I uninstalled the game, still the same problem I have, strange is that the steam can surf the net still. I can not figure required is the problem. Please help me if stiiti which may be the cause.

  31. It tells me that the system can not remove the CD-ROM partitioning does not want to install

  32. I took the latest version of ubuntu and tried to install it like here but I have a problem creating partitions da it gives me an error when I want to resize the partitions and I don't know why.

    The error is the following:
    The installer must apply changes to partition tables, but can not do so because of the following places mounting partitions can not be removed
    / Cdrom
    Close any application that uses these mounting locations

  33. "Unable to find a medium Containing a live file system" error When installing gives me this after countdown ends you need to make nustiu ms

  34. We could make a tutorial on how to use the Windows bootloader and the Linux GRUB not booting OS in parallel with Linux. Thank you!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Unfortunately Windows bootloader does not know and does not want to load Linux operating systems. Where have you seen corporation (Microsoft) to make money with dump trucks and even promoting and supporting developing commercial software to provide compatibility, support, acceptance of a concept (Linux) that promotes and Sutin the opposite: free software, open source (open source) software, free software?
      I would like that to happen but I'm afraid that in the near future and even in the distant.

  35. Do you know if you get the NTFS partition you could not install windows loader grub and ubuntu and windows should be detected 7

  36. Hello. Please help me much with the following problem: I have an old dell laptop c400 who does not want to boot USB. BIOS did not allow it. There are somehow able to fool the BIOS and boot my stick? I want to do this because: I 1 20 gb hdd divided in 2. I want to format partitions and do a single HDD. If you can not make it work copying the Ubuntu drive D as in tutorial. It is possible to make the image stick and install UNetbootin that tutorial, but you can use the setup information on the stick instead of the image on the partition 2? thanks

  37. Saltu,
    I have Windows 7 (64bits) and Ubuntu 13.04 in dual boot, and when I open the laptop if I don't select windows 7 in time, as you said, after 30 seconds it automatically boots on ubuntu. How can I change the order (if I don't select anything in 30 seconds to boot automatically on windows)?
    Thank you

  38. We Alut, i want to put ubuntu on a laptop and I old I just like the tutorial and I say (please use a kernel Appropriate for your cpu) Intel Celeron I 1.7 512 with rami, XP I get a little weak and mam thought to put a linux advise me to do?
    Thank you!

  39. Hello! I have a problem. I had pcccc windows xp and put in partition D: with daemon tools windows 7. I wanted to format my C: drive I never went. I made a CD with Windows XP and earlier does not work. No boots. Now I have both sides filled. How do I get rid of windows xp?? Please help me I always watch when I have a problem!

  40. "Unable to find a medium containing a live file system" after the number ends… and remains so…

  41. Installation at "Detecting file systems" stops, crashes; freezing time; nothing happens; I left him like that for an hour and he didn't move on. (I hope you understand)

  42. Adrian… I have a big request to you…
    I want to do a tutorial on software for linux ASTERISK. Thank you!

  43. And if you have another operating system and unformatted HDD and want to install ubuntu and stay HDD how to do?

  44. Hi Adrian, I installed everything in the tutorial but I can not select to boot ubuntu, the keyboard does not work I do not know why, for otherwise the keyboard is ok, what can I do?

  45. Cosmin said

    I have a question. Why always prefer English? If the program has the option of Romanian language, why prefer English?

    • No Adrian but an explanation that I think he would give it is that not all sites have soft Romanian and so prefer and those who use English Romanian language. I think I got used to it. In IT there are many words in English that if you get used to them in Romanian one is gonna sound weird. Plus the translation of names is not always correct. Of course this is just my opinion. Adrian may have another explanation

  46. I tried to install ubuntu alongside win 7, everything went perfect. near completion alerted me that it can not complete the installation of the boot loader and use another device. I have two hard drives. I tried to give him the boot loader installed in the same hard where is installed the win. I warn you that it is error loading the boot loader. though he sees not let me complete the installation. I followed exactly all the steps. I tried three times. may have to try another Linux? expect an answer. Thanks in advance.

  47. Hello,
    I use an external USB network card from ST Lab and I can't install it. I use the Ubuntu 14.04 distribution. It should be mentioned that I also have the CD with the driver related to the network card but I can't finish it… if you have solutions I would ask you to give me a helping hand… thank you

  48. Good. I have a question: To install Ubuntu needs to have two hard drive?

  49. We looked and did not find anything. Windows does not start and I just handy android phone with an SD card 4gb, and internet. What do I do? How do I install an OS on PC

  50. Ady if you drive and keyboard is USB. enter and search the bois to Seter where you usb to be enabled. Successes

  51. Kubuntu but now I want a slackware three harduri.iar win 7 although I have no input or hardware asks me where I want to go.
    it my fault that I did not espect some steps that I saw a tutorial.
    is very Geu to decide what kinda why I like the few DWD-uiri bottles. I got some that were not simply installed. vea is why I ask you to do a tutorial how to install another Linux linux cd without DWD, etc.
    mjultumesc you for the tutorials you make your alleles have a very clear way of explaining myself which makes me seek tutors

  52. I tried that but nothing uf wants me to open this UNetbootin although taken from section linux
    dev packet says it's not !?
    I took the software center software installer but not open.
    if you install programelele idea what it would solve everything.
    anyway thank you for your advice

  53. hello I close my leptop delete files of slvate of ubutu I can do exactly what I spent spatula adrian ..astept you did help me a razor ms

  54. cristian said

    I can't install it on windows 8.1ubuntu, I only have it for download or it appears on my E (dvd) but I can't select it to take it to unetbootin….

    • Costelina said

      can not have a software for ISO images
      Windows in him as having one thousand always made me a little trouble
      installed power or magic iso disk or daemon tools

  55. Alexandru Leonte said

    Very useful so far, or I missed something..or it's not what I'm looking for… namely .. I want to see how I can install ubuntu .. without cd / usb. Thank you!

  56. mamaleone74 said

    I downloaded UNetbootin and following the steps described in the video tutorial I "prepared the ground", but after UNetbootin finishes its work and restarts the computer with XP nothing happens, Windows XP boots without the selection thing described in the video tutorial.
    The method described is only valid in letting windows or 7 should work on Windows XP?
    Thank you.

  57. I followed carefully the description of the tutorial, but when I restart and choose UNetbootin appears:
    set-root-ignore-floppies / menu.lst
    15 Error: File not found
    Press any key to continue
    and get into more complicated.
    A little help, please!

  58. laurentiiu said

    Ubuntu 14.04 I want to change the resolution to 1366 × 768 60 or higher 1920 × 1080 and I can't.
    I tried various methods found on the net but it did not work either.
    You know what?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You need to install the video card drivers to set a higher resolution. See that there is already a tutorial on the site on "How to install video drivers on Ubuntu" which you can find with the search box on the top right

  59. Hello I'd like a tutorial on how to install 3 operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows 8 / 32biti and linux mint on a single hdd so if possible, I personally need all operating systems 3 have them on a leptop, win xp for work, win 8 for personal use linux mint and Internet browsing .Multumesc .Sincer not see how that's possible with a tri boot 3 it so different real meaning without virtual machine.

  60. Caesar Visan said

    I did everything I saw, but does not appear to BOOT than UNetbootin and LinuxMint Options. ENTER Dau-error: missing something. (It happens with both). The problem is that Windows does not appear 10 and now I can not get in anything. Help me please!

  61. Hello, I try to install stlinux with UNetbootin after restart or unsupported executable format invalid Error13
    Partion NTFS Filesystem type is 0x7 what to do.

  62. I would like to install kali linux besides Windows 10 but I don't know how to play games at all….

    • Hello. besides if you can install a Linux distribution and gender 10) 10 windows and Xubuntu) to tell me that I want to do and I dual-boot with windows10 but not sure if you should go with this method

  63. Hello! If I just want to have Linux Live like reverted before? No boot Linux and Windows partition?

  64. As cream stick with linux installed on a USB stick as a system installed on the hard disk so it does not stick bootabil.Daca you do not understand the question please to collaborate through gmail

  65. eugen marian said

    hello my name is Marian ditch matter new year received a gift leptop ubutu with linux installed but I think it was good that only appear scrisuri year continues ami any 4ore I expected and so if I saw him as I installed windows7 another seansa .What I did not say I want you antreb it would be the easiest linux and Windows as little lafel the ditch began arriving expect an answer

  66. catalin said

    I'm trying to replace ubuntu 14.04 with lubuntu 14.04…
    I used unetbootin, I made the stick, I changed the boot, it doesn't want to boot after the stick…
    UNetbootin tutorial no longer exists?

  67. Adrian,
    I have Ubuntu 15.4, and it gives me big pb!… My menu bar has disappeared and I can't close / open the program in Firefox / Google Chrome. The first time I managed to do it, but the second hour no thought! … Does not respond to the alt + f2 key to open the terminal and put what others have used…! A colleague managed to install a bar menu that closes with sudo poweroff and password, but you can't move the chrome goggles on the screen, which is once open, and now I can't even exit! No longer have the option to make the window small, close it, down, or how big the screen? If I download it from Ubuntu Software Center and reinstall it over the one with pb, will the existing pb be corrected, returning the menu bar as before? I gave up windos 1 because I had a pb, telling myself that with Ubuntu I won't have it at all, it only lasted 7 months… I noticed that the disappearance of the menu bar is also due to the unplugging before the lapel top closes complete… Any help?

  68. Do not let me see video

  69. Hello. I bought a DELL 15.6 ″ Inspiron 5558 Laptop (5000 series) - it has a Linux operating system. I'm not very good at Ubuntu, but I only get into a guest session… where I can't do anything, the net doesn't work, I can't create another account, I can't install programs, etc.… it's just a demo? what to do? needs to be reinstalled or…? Thanks for the help.

  70. hello, I installed ubuntu that tutorial, I left LIVE mode [so I have not installed] but not going netul.Conexiunea is wirles I typed key on the modem but it asks and password, i- I typed password client [telecom] but it's not. advice please?

  71. Handa-Sei said

    I don't get the reboot option after I finish UNetbootin, I restart manually and I have to select windows 8 or UNetbootin / I select UNetbootin obviously, but I get something from Windows that it needs a cd or stuff like that…
    I really do not understand where the problem is, I tried at least 5 times, and with the image and download UNet alone ubuntu, but nothing works…; (

  72. But how do you install an operating system if you do not have an SD, DVD or a stick with windows and you have a pc with a malfunctioning system that restarts. Can you use a tablet and a data cable or something?

  73. where is the video tutorial? is just a comment page.

  74. i can find tutorerial, but unfortunately i can not install linux lite. can you in the future you will do a tutorial about linux. with respect and many years on 2018

  75. Super.
    I don't like Windows. Too many risks / viruses… ..
    I want to know if it is possible to use a Laptop just for the Internet. Like a Chromebook?
    I mean a fast and simple operating system only for internet (for children).
    Thank you in advance

    • the tendency of the base said

      I recommend windows lite is just my opinion you are not obliged to implement this idea but if you want to search the internet (windows lite) I will not give details because not everyone will agree to this possibility even if you do it at your own risk because they will always be evasive answers like "it doesn't work enough or there are errors in some applications" become those who deal with programming that leaves certain gates open, so in conclusion thank you for what you have.

  76. and i want if i can not uninstall mxlinux17 even without stck useb and dvd can put the other hard ubuntu mate.
    And that's because Linux does not allow any DVD to open.
    i'm sorry i do not feel good in mxlinux and i want to change it ..
    or at least put the other hard [1Tb] ubuntu mate
    I tried with unetbootin when it arrived about 95% to load ubuntu I close my pc
    please advise me to eliminate mxlinux from pc; or how to accept dual boot with ubuntu mate

  77. I bought an ideapad330S laptop with ryzen5 and 4g ram… nothing special just that it has freedos on it
    i want ubuntu and my laptop wants 10 win
    what do we do? / I do not want windows as much as he wants nothing but win10.
    A! and does not have cdroom so I took a stck of memory I set in the bios to take off the usb .. I watched the tutorial [because of the stick does not want]
    I took a bootet drive and here's what it turned out: booting 'boot drive'
    Filesystem tipe is ntfs, partition type0x7
    [Linux-bzImage, setup=0x4200. size=0x821af8]
    initrd / unetbin / ubninit
    Error 16: Inconsistent filesystem structure
    Press any key to continue
    and if you hit any Keie you get to the same window: to install unutu, to try ubuntu, to test the memory, to test if the cd has faulty
    nothing in this list can get you out of the situation above

  78. ionutz87 said

    Hi bravo tutorial excellent, i would have a question it works with Kali Linux this tutorial, thank you in advance


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