How to install Windows 11 virtually in VMware - let's see if we like it

How to install Windows 11 on virtual in VMware
How to install Windows 11 on virtual in VMware

What is the "how to install Windows 11 on virtual" video tutorial?

In this tutorial called How to install Windows 11 on virtual, I will show you how to install Windows 11 in a virtual environment.

Let's do this virtual installation of Windows 11, let's play with it and see if we like it or not.

The virtual installation of Windows 11 will not affect in any way the current operating system you have, it is only the host.

It's safer to try before you venture into installing Windows 11

For anyone, especially now that Windows 11 is in its infancy, it is recommended that you first try the new operating system before installing or upgrading it.

Like any operating system in the beginning, Windows 11 can be unstable or cumbersome on some hardware configurations, so the best option is to try it virtually.

The advantages of installing a virtual operating system

  1. The host system is not affected by the installation of another bone in a virtual environment
  2. We don't risk losing data
  3. We can test if certain programs we are working with work on the new system
  4. Both operating systems, the host and the virtual one, work at the same time
  5. We can try different settings and experiments without affecting the gas system
  6. Most importantly, we soothe the curiosity generated by the launch hype

What we need to install Windows 11 virtually

  1. Follow tutorial on editing an ISO image Windows 10/11
  2. Download and install VMware Workstation Player

Don't worry - the virtual installation is safe!

You don't have to worry. No changes will be made to your current operating system.

The virtual machine will run as an application with the new operating system, and it will be available exactly as an application, in a window.

The only disadvantage is that the virtual machine consumes hardware resources and the system, if it has heavy tasks to do, will move a little harder. But this will only happen when the virtual machine is turned on, otherwise everything will work normally.

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  1. Thanks, I'll try too.

  2. I don't have VMware workstation Player installed on Windows 7. It tells me it wants it from 8 onwards.

  3. I tried twice and failed (I mention I have Windows 10 pro installed)
    so I did it step by step as in the tutorial I downloaded Windows 11 I made the change with Any burn (previously) I made the virtual machine but when I install Windows 11 in the virtual machine at some point it makes me choose which version of Windows to install and Windows 11 does not appear, but all variants of Windows 10 Windows 11 then create iso (and guess what)

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