How to play PC games on an Android phone

How to play PC games on an Android phone

What's Game Streaming?

Remote gaming technology, as it is known, has been available for a long time; but still we don't really see gaming services, to which you can subscribe and play, any game until you are full.

Why do we have streaming platform games?

Some time ago I did a tutorial about OnLive, a gaming service on remote resources. Unfortunately, the "big interests" stopped the service after buying it. It probably didn't do them any good in their business.

How to make our own streaming games?

Nvidia (AMD unfortunately does not work) GameStream we provide a service / function that runs on Windows which enables us to send games on any device, preferably from the internal network.

Why we need to play PC games on Android?

1. PC, Nvidia GeForce GTX (not GT) of the series 600 up.
2. Driver Nvidia GeForce Experience (recommend 376.33)
3. Enable GameStream - GeForce / Experience / Settings / Shield / GameStream
4. On the phone Moonlight (free PlayStore)

How to run PC games on Android?

1. PC and your phone or tablet will connect to the same router
2. Launch Moonlight phone and PC access
3. Enter the code that appears in your phone to your PC for mating
4. Select the games you have installed
1. For pleasant experience, it's good to have good wifi signal on your phone
2. Do not connect your phone to a Wifi network guest (guest network insulated)
3. Turn off power saving options for network

Frequently asked questions

Q - Does it work from another network / internet?
A - Yes, but problems with too much latency can occur.
Q - Is there another remote gaming application?
R - SplashtopIt is not special, but it works.
Q - It doesn't work for me, what should I do?
A - Install another Nvidia driver


Video tutorial - How to play PC games on an Android phone

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