Today we do not have a video tutorial but an informative video, with a very important topic about a phone call that deviates from us.


After the accident method, calls with surcharge are refining to a maximum social engineering. Basically, those who invented this method of making money by phone use our curiosity and our concern for relatives who have gone to work abroad.

How does this teapon work by phone?

We get a call from a number abroad, the country does not matter, because there can be calls from any father.
These numbers are surcharges and, of course, if they're called, we're out of money.

Why does the world go to the ASTEA NUMBER WITH SUPRATAXA?

As I said before, social engineering is a method by which you use the safety, care, or curiosity of the victims to get something or reach a goal.

The land is fertile for such TEPE BY PHONE

People have the safety of:
Unlimited national minutes and SMS
Minutes and SMS in roaming
Minutes and international SMS

People worry about relatives:
Family members working abroad
Friends on holiday abroad

People have curiosities about:
Who called me?
Maybe it's important
Maybe there's something urgent
Maybe a relative has serious problems
Maybe she called me after somebody else's phone

Unscrupulous people use these "crevices" of man to reach the goal, which is simple: MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!

Who is the only culprit for the SPELLS BY PHONE "CALLS SUPRATAXA".
The main culprits are the service providers who allow these things.


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  1. It is self-evident that we need to solve the problem, especially because it is a table and tel. they also have children.

  2. Thank you, I would really beg to you if you can get an informative video about blocking numbers with surcharge. Happy Holidays

  3. Blocking over-charge numbers would be useful. We all have children, parents who are quite vulnerable.

  4. Mr. Cristi, do you have any idea if I can answer these numbers, is it taxable, that is, does that surcharge apply? I ask you because for some time a similar number, respectively "… .. 611 400" keeps calling me and when I answer it closes. Of course I didn't call back. Thank you, Happy Holidays.

    • I have written all the complete phone number with the prefix 0376, I do not know why only the last digits appear in the first comment. I wanted to write it all in, to find other "dangerous" numbers. Thank you for understanding.

    • It is logical that if you answer you are NOT charged! You're Dedicated if You Reach!

  5. Hi Cristi. And I've been calling from outside numbers with a strange prefix and I did not answer because I knew about it. I tried an application that says it recognizes such numbers and blocks or warns you but I uninstalled it as annoying. I think it's best not to answer and that's it. If you know a better method, I'm looking forward to your tutorial. Just fine and thank you for all your work.

  6. Paul Paul said

    Can a video tutorial how to block such numbers with surcharge?

    • there is an application on the store, ie truecaller, it tells you the country of origin and if there is a risk that the number of spam or the toll with surcharge

  7. Card is the risk if you have a rechargeable card and not a mobile phone subscription?

  8. Cristian Cismaru makes it a sheep, logically, the world is more interested in how to protect yourself from these calls.

  9. Viorel picu said

    Hello Cristi,
    Even if I didn't suffer it, a video tutorial with methods of blocking these numbers with a surcharge is very welcome. This would save many from the "trouble"
    Happy Holidays to all!

  10. Dear Cristi,
    Thanks a lot for all the tutorials you've done and that, I hope you'll do it again.
    We would be glad if you were to give us one how to block certain phone numbers.
    Thanks again for your activity. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • If you just want to be able to block some numbers, it's simple: either from the phone menu and if it doesn't have this option, there are applications in the play store. Now to block the needles with the surcharge and make it effective… let's see what idea Cristi gives us.

  11. I have called on the Provider and said they can not block these numbers, so we have to do somehow.

  12. hello folks…
    when you see that you have an additional cost, contact the mobile operator as a matter of urgency, and he takes the necessary action (including the non-payment of that additional cost)
    the operator does not lose the money (my opinion), and he does not turn his money to that service with surcharge.

  13. I think that than the TV commercial with "drink 2 liters of water a day to be healthy" it would be more welcome "do not call numbers with more than 10 digits without knowing the correspondent because this call can cost you a lot!" ! 🙂 And the question about “how do I block to…” seems “obsolete” to me! 🙂 It goes without saying that there are those who want it! 🙂

  14. Daniel Vlad said

    Use Truecaller, download it from Play Store (PlayStore) you will know who will call .. If you can Cristi D, a tutorial with Truecaller .. Thank you!

  15. Dragos Icleanu said

    Excellent tutotrial. Thank you, Mr. Cristi. Inform you about something new. I received it on 05.12 at 12: 01,12: 51,14: 18, on 11.12. at 11: 11,12: 57, on 13.12 at 11: 45,12: 35,14: 44,16: 25, on 14.12, 8 such calls between 11: 43-15: 20 from the number 0351.733.011 .7. DOLJ number and information appeared on the phone display. I checked and yes, the number is from Dolj. The first time "from TEAPA", I answered. Because I have many friends in Dolj. He spoke in bad English, because I didn't understand anything. Except it was probably in English. I didn't call back to this number because my friends in Dolj don't speak English to me. That's how I "got caught" and didn't call back. It is interesting that my wife was called from the same number, on the same days, exactly XNUMX minutes away from the calls I received. Then I blocked the number and ……… .to fuck it * .So ATTENTION !.

  16. Greetings to all. From what I read on certain profile sites for mobile telephony, another option would be that these numbers with surcharges are related to certain programs installed (or eg) in the Google Play Store (currently, not verified by to those entitled to do so, the volume of programs posted in the Play Store being very large) installed by certain users. The creators of those programs (eg for Weather, various Lunchers, Converters, Radio Players, etc.) abuse your phone numbers, not to mention access to contacts, location, text messages, etc. etc .; … The next day, I will have to give no. from the shoes. It is difficult for me to accept that different borfasi, hotomani from anywhere use a phone book, or databases and access those no. random phone.
    Continue with this article and hope to come other people with other information read from other sites, forums. Just be fine and be careful!

  17. "Maybe he called me for someone else's phone"
    Correctly spells "Maybe he called me from someone else's phone" or "Maybe he called me using someone else's phone"

  18. Hello . how can I transfer a .ro mail domain from one hosting to another without losing my data?
    now he is hosted in England and falls twice a day. I would like to transfer it to google (I know that I can also host google and remain .ro - not gmail….) or other capable hosting.

    Do you know why emails are not synchronized? when I enter from mail / outlook / webmail z. I can't find the same received and sent emails or I had received / sent emails which after reading / sent them disappeared and I didn't delete them but they don't appear on any mail client.

    after all, where is the mail database? when I go in shouldn't I see them all? aren't they all "parked" on hosting? as it shows me in cpanel: Disk Space Usage… on each address as it is occupied on the space with the mails.

  19. cristi you don't have an alarm system at home to do a video tutorial. presentation, settings… 🙂

  20. QUESTION: I have the same but very interesting thing is that we all called in the same room.
    We were three people with different subscriptions but at the same location. Where the hell did they get the numbers from?
    They were exactly like that: Albanian and Ohaio numbers or some American state. But they sounded like at the train station…

  21. Teodor Julian Deacon said

    Thank you, a very useful video. I block calls and messages from foreign numbers.

  22. marius zgripcea said

    393331168630 spike I don't understand the police sleeping this is a scam ……

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