How to move the Windows operating system from the hard disk to another HDD or SSD - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's video tutorial we will talk about moving an operating system and all installed software on another hard drive or hard disk SSD current.
When we take a new hard drive or SSD, we want to use it to give your computer a new life, better speed, access time lower overall PC want to move better.
Reinstalling Windows is a great job but unfortunately lasts, especially setting all applications exactly as we had before. All the details we eat this time, we do not really have.
The fastest way to move the operating system is through applications that can move the entire contents of a hard disk to another storage device, HDD or SSD.
Today we use Acronis Migrate Easy, an application that we find to many producers (rebranded), eg Intel, the software that makes it possible to move the operating system or data on a hard disk to another is called: Intel® Data Migration software, it is all Acronis rebranded Intel. Those who bought an Intel SSD have access to free software.
There are many tools on the market sites that can move data from a hard another, I can confidently recommend Acronis because I used it several times and never let me down, not for nothing that Intel uses the same product.

Download Acronis Migrate Easy

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru


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  1. AdrianGudus said

    For those who want a free software that does the same thing been done in the past a tutorial on this subject: (Cloning your hard disk or copy all such content on a hard drive to another)

  2. sailorriver said

    Often I wondered how this software works, I have not had the opportunity until now to my culture it folosesc..Pentru now I lamurit.Multumesc.

  3. I greet you! SSD What would you recommend to me and I am your windows faster and go fast?

    • It does not have the eMag more digging on the net that are similar and cheaper SSD produse.Nu you make it faster but the configuration that you have and how we optimizezi.Eu eg HDD, boots (in 2 sec.) and go on a razor decenta.Placa basic configuration, CPU memory and give you vitality not only an SSD!

    • Teofil said

      One of 1000 from intel mb

  4. Howdy! Is it possible to clone the OS from partition C and put it in the Virtual Box? If YES, with what program? THX'!

  5. Andrew:
    I greet you! SSD What would you recommend to me and I am your windows faster and go fast?

    Intel 520
    Samsung 830
    Kingston HyperX 3K
    Corsair Force GT
    OCZ Vertex 3 or 4

  6. Hello!
    OS can move from SSD to HDD? I want to make update firmware and do not know how to put windows on 7 when you've installed HDD and SSD. 100MB mention that appears on the system partition of your hard drive. Thank you!

  7. axelluny said

    I salute you! Can I put a link with bootable media file that typically does not want to produce it than to burn, thus relieving users from installing software? He asked me to serial instalare.Poate there is no need because as pointed Adrian same results can be obtained with the software mentioned above, series of Acronis Recovery.

  8. Can I put Windows on an external SSD, if that?
    You delete the page that contained the codes tv programs that you can directly open the sopcast software? No longer find. It was until recently the top right.
    Where is the tutorial where we learned how to secures at gmail password received via SMS to your mobile phone. Thank you. A nice day.

  9. If you can, please help me move two hard drives on a virtual machine installed on another hard. The two hdd I want to move windows containing one 95 and 98 and Windows is installed on a virtual machine with Windows XP HDD. Windows old sites are on different computers and do not know what programs can I clone you do not think working with programs presented in tutorials and systems so old. After that I would like to turn them into virtual systems. The problem is that we need those old systems with all the programs installed there is no better option to download ready-made virtual systems. With thanks!
    PS I accept other solutions that lead to the same result, ie the functioning of the old 2 systems on a PC with Win XP.

  10. Hello Cristi you could faciun DBAN tutorial about the program? I would like to use it but not sure how it works.

  11. I know there are off-topic, but you can make a tutorial about Avast Mobile Security? That if you can

  12. on a stick, bootable, gb of 8, with persistent caching, can move hdd? and May and boots the PC? Zorin OS is linux.multumesc.

  13. View Product said

    I have a PC with a single hard physically divided into two virtual. Fail to clone the OS partition. When I try, I copy all hard drive with two partitions, and so put them in proportion to the new one. How clone only the OS partition?

  14. gabibetis said

    I WANT TO CHANGE hard drive with SSD PTR. THEN HOW DO LAPTOP clone Windows ??

  15. Adrian Gudus said

    I WANT TO CHANGE hard drive with SSD PTR. THEN HOW DO LAPTOP clone Windows ??

    Please do not post future to uppercase (capital letters). If you do this, you will get faster response on the contrary. We see anywhere you post your comment and anytime you post, no need to stand out!
    Now answer to your question:
    You buy a rack in he put the hard drive of the laptop and PC put SSD then using the computer (aWhen HDD laptop and SSD connected to your PC) do what was shown in the video tutorial above .
    Rack helps you transform your hard disk in a portable hard drive that you will connect to any laptop or PC via USB.
    You have details in the tutorial dedicated to this topic. Type in the SEARCH box in the upper right sidebar: "How to make an external hard drive from an old hard drive using a cheap rack" press enter and you will find the tutorial

  16. a hard drive of a laptop system can run in it in another laptop?
    Thank you in advance!

  17. Hello. I can move only the C partition where Windows that is installed in all he did on a laptop hdd external but only as a partition of it, then BIOS to boot from Windows on external hdd? But it's not affecting my other partitions of the external HDD. May? Pixy

  18. I have two hard drives in RAID SSD 0 (2 64 × = 124gb) Besides being filled were pretty (I have available 14gb) began to show signs of fatigue. I want to exchange or a 256gb SSD or SSD 2 124 in raid0. I mention that a laptop.
    My question is how transfer (lonez) operating system and programs on the new - or new SSD (taking into account the raid)?

  19. Dan:
    I have two hard drives in RAID SSD 0 (2 64 × = 124gb) Besides being filled were pretty (I have available 14gb) began to show signs of fatigue. I want to exchange or a 256gb SSD or SSD 2 124 in raid0. I mention that a laptop.
    My question is how transfer (lonez) operating system and programs on the new - or new SSD (taking into account the raid)?

    Drives your tired as a raid array 0 trim unsupported chipset than z77, you can make a backup then you trim manually. After you finish restoring the backup.

  20. Cristi-admin: Drives your tired as a raid array 0 trim unsupported chipset than z77, you can make a backup then you trim manually. After you finish restoring the backup.

    Are novice, so please "translate" a little: why driver's have tired? ... Why not raid my CPC 0 trim than the chipset supports z77?
    How do I manually trim? I 3 laptop hard drives. HDD 500gb (free 300gb) (as drive D :) and two SSD in raid 0 (as drive C :)
    I had read that older SSDs (mine are 2008) is a little over soon (especially if you are almost full) I tried to check with SSDlifePro life, but does not see it (perhaps because of the raid.

  21. Dan: Hello,
    Are novice, so please "translate" a little: why driver's have tired? ... Why not raid my CPC 0 trim than the chipset supports z77?
    How do I manually trim? I 3 laptop hard drives. HDD 500gb (free 300gb) (as drive D :) and two SSD in raid 0 (as drive C :)
    I had read that older SSDs (mine are 2008) is a little over soon (especially if you are almost full) I tried to check with SSDlifePro life, but does not see it (perhaps because of the raid.

    Trim technology works as follows:
    When the operating system deletes a file and announces SSD controller so the SSD controller knows what to do, stop wasting his time looking after sectors when there is space available. Once deleted a file, the space they occupy can be rewritten.
    Without trim sooner or later the search space gets crowded controller that can be rewritten as nebunu goes and looking everywhere to see where to put the files you want to put them on the SSD.
    When using a raid configuration 0 things get complicated because the marking delete a file space can fce harder, that's because a file is present on both SSDs belonging Martre. Global intelligence for managing a raid array and support for TRIM requires a modern chipset that Z77 or above.
    These things are so complicate InSAT can be managed only by an intelligent controller specifically designed for this.

  22. OK, I basically understood what trim means. It's weird, that I have had my laptop since 2008, at about 1 year old I had the SSDs full at 90% of capacity. The razor was working… speed at work. Last year, running TunupUtility, (I run every few days) told me it should be defragmented. After doing this, I realized that I was actually doing something stupid. SSDs do not defragment. That's when the problems started. The programs are getting harder and harder, they get stuck… etc. Reading about SSDs I saw that they degrade quickly (I have Samsung) especially if they are used at full capacity. That's why I want to change them. My problem is to take 2 SSDs or one? From the factory it has 2 with raid 0… And then how do I put the image of the system and the programs installed on the new or new ssds. Below I put the picture of the SSD. There are 2 face to face (sandwich)

  23. Dan:
    OK, I understand basically what trim. It's funny, I laptop in 2008, about 1 year I had full SSDs to 90% of capacity. Razor ... Amre functioned speed work. Last year, running TunupUtility (Running every few days) told me it would be defragmented. After I did this, I realized that I actually did something stupid. SSDs are not defragging. Cam then the problems started. Loading increasingly difficult programs, stiffen ... etc. Reading about SSDs saw that degrades quickly (I amSamsung) especially if used at full capacity. That's why I want to return. My problem is to take 2 SSD or one? The factory has 2 0 the raid ... And then how do I put the image system and the programs installed on new or new SSDs. I put the picture below SSD. 2 are put face to face (sandwich)

    The dumbest thing you could do it was defragmentation on a matrix RAID0 and SSDs?
    SSD never ever-ever-ever not defragging, it over the head controller basically it's like you've turned the world ass-upwards.

  24. so that's the conclusion I came to. That's why I want to change them… obviously with more capacity. So I will look for 2x128gb or 1 × 256? The bios is set to raid .. and the connection is to raid (plugs)
    I see that my ssds are 1,8 and are undressed (they don't have a case). I saw that I was MVA…. I read that SLCs are more reliable… What do you advise me to look for? After that to see how I can put the image on it.

  25. I for one, I still do not understand how you can clone only the C partition (not all hardware, to me 55G C) or another SSD HDD !! Acronis understand that doing this proportinal, but all hardware !. If you 320G with 4 HDD partitions, and want to clone an SSD 60 G program will squeeze in proportion to the 320G 60G ?? !! As only the C partition clone?

  26. Hello,
    I decided to put a single 256GB SATA SSD (samsung 830 or 840pro). In raid0 (now there are 2 1,8 ″ 64Sb microSATA SSDs) you can't do TRIM.
    For that you have to change the connection cable (250 roni). I already bought the cable. Now I want to buy new SSD. I think I'll install the new SSD fresh W7 and each program to have no surprises. Save an image to keep in case you can restore the old version. After going to see that everything works to pass on this saving on second HDD (500gb) on the laptop.

  27. Thank you very much!

  28. Catalin Zeyknw said

    Hello how can I get an ID from you? Can you help me with a question about paypal I noticed that you hold an account there! I can not explain in detail here! pixy

  29. Someone enlightens me and me? How clone only the C partition on the HDD to SSD, and not all hardware? There is this option Acronis, and I have not found it? I have successfully used this software in the past, to clone one HDD 80G of 320G. Everything went well, the proportion of cloned partition 4 taken on the 320G hardware. But the question above I found the answer.

  30. Florin said

    Hello! First of all, congratulations on your work! Secondly, please take me out of the following "mess": Helped by the video tutorial above, I cloned the old hdd, a WD 500gb 32mb with 2 partitions: in partition C the operating system and in partition D I have various. The new HDD is also a WD but 1TB, sata3, 64mb. The cloning went well (I went on proportional cloning), at restart I booted after the new hdd, the system started and I noticed that the new hdd had 2 partitions proportionally larger than the old one. OK! But the partition with the operating system (from the new hdd) had the letter F attached and the partition with various had the letter G. The problem is that my programs and games didn't "work" very well. I tried to rename the new hdd partitions with the letters C and D respectively, but I didn't succeed! I removed the old hdd, completely, from the system and booted after the new one… in vain, my system did not start, it remained at ”Loading”… Please offer me a solution to get out of this mess. The only solution would be to reinstall the operating system directly on the new hdd? I have the GA EP45 DS3L motherboard, Windows 7 / 64bit. Thank you in advance!

  31. Florin said

    We solved! I used the program 2.3.1 Home Edition EaseUS Disk Copy, then I booted after new HDD. Acronis program, I noticed it does not work properly on Win 7 / 64 biti.Cel mine.In least it happened in any case, thanks for all the Videotutorial that I have learned something in this area!


  33. Salu !!
    I have a little big problem!
    I bought a new computer and I want to move & clone a hard drive ... I have some important programs in it!
    Can you help me somehow a yahoo id or a chat conversation we be easier?
    Ms beautiful !!

  34. Constantin said

    Hello Cristi
    I have a question:
    In the desktop I have an ssd and an hdd, both a partition, the ssd for the bone, and the hdd for storage, are connected as follows: the ssd on sata3_0, and the hdd on sata3_1, in the bios is the correct order displayed , the primary boot is the ssd, but my surprise is the following: in Computer -> Manage -> Disk management, as Disk 0 is seen the hdd, and Disk 1 the ssd, everything works ok, but I don't understand why not is displayed in Manage Disk 0 (ssd) and Disk 1 (hdd) how should it be?!?!?!?
    Thank you!

  35. How do I connect the laptop HDDs 2 ???

  36. Adrian Gudus said

    We already have a tutorial on that. Type in the search box at the top right "Second hard drive on the laptop instead of the optical drive" and press the Enter key

  37. I puzzlement: Acronis according to the manufacturer's Web site does not work on Win 7 or 8. Supported Operating Systems at least two do not appear.
    How I Win7 if someone tried I can confirm that go?
    Thank you in advance.


  39. Hello Cristi, please let me recommend a free software with which to clone the old OS on the new HDD hdd1 2 but I do not affect other partitions on the new hdd 2 have data files .multumesc

  40. mirceacluj said

    Windows tutorials do not give him thither as everyone torment us Stay on Linux for that is clean and when you delete old files when you upgrade installs the drivers noi.Windows fill nemaistiind with which to operate and locks always .
    Linuxeaza them all

  41. brotherhood said

    Thanks for that you will take the time to share your experience.

  42. Irina Brinza said

    for win 10 with license i would like to replace ssd_… has anyone tried cloning?

  43. Hello.
    I have a question I bought a laptop with Windows preinstalled and I want to change the HDD with a SSD but I wish I could keep the option of reinstalling Windows on the SSD. What program should I use Acronis out that not only make you full of errors.

  44. Hello,
    The guild is very good, but please also explain how you get to mount the two hard drives on your pc / laptop. The part with the rack and the one with changing the boot in the bios, etc. Usually we who are looking for such guides do not have much our technology takes us up.
    Thank you,

  45. HELLO
    THANKS PETER TUTORIAL.E clear is understood by anybody

  46. hi, can run sinultan SSD and HDD!? ssd be the operating system and the remaining HDD p (movies, etc.)

  47. Romeo Blaga said

    Good morning,
    I have a split 360gb wd HDD (c with windows and other features, d with programs…) that starts to cause me problems. I got a 1Tb wd. EVERYTHING that interests me is the accounting program (installed on D but also with other dlls through C). When you do such an operation are both partitions automatically cloned? I've done enough in my life but no cloning!
    Romeo Blaga

  48. Hello, who can help me? I bought a new gaming laptop and it has a 1 5400 terabyte of 10 rpm and it has installed 64 2 pro xNUMX bit with license. I want to take 128 ssd one by 500 of GB for windows and another one for XNUMX GB for games or various applications. My question is how can I transfer the licensed windows to ssd?

  49. Howdy. About 3 days ago I received a better leptop but it has windows 8, I understood that it can be installed on win7 without any problems, but at the same time I was discouraged by someone that win 7 is retired, so no more upday because it they closed. Moving on, I said to try on the net what I can do because I still have a Dell intel-duall 2 core that has a licensed win 7 and is updated to date or at least until it was available, of course I did not notice this, make upday or not. I found the tutorial above, and before I see if it's going to do any nonsense I said to ask you IT specialists, My question is if I can move this windows 7 from the first leptop to the 2nd or cloned, it will work ..? Both leopards are with HDD. Thank you very much.

  50. I have the password bios. i can install the operating system on another computer after which i put hdd in the laptop with password bios after which i take the necessary drivers. THANK YOU

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