How we choose our video camera surveillance system

Hi friends, today I will tell you all you need to know when you want to buy a room or a video surveillance system.
The most important thing you have to know is that cameras are of two types, analog cameras and IP cameras (can connect to the internet on either or wireless), the latter are more modern and versatile. So be sure the money goes, lest choose a room that you will not be able to use when you get home.

I can recommend you to try online store surveillance cameras where boys orders can help with technical advice on product selection or setting up a comprehensive system of surveillance, and post sale technical support, if you need.
Besides other advantages, IP cameras can record moving images at very high resolutions up to 4K or 5K, unlike analog cameras that are limited by standards to PAL or NTSC, PAL = 768 × 576 and NTSC = 720 × 480 or 640 480 ×.

Storage on analog cameras can only be done on a special device called a DVR, without it nothing can be recorded. IP cameras can store on SD cards, in the cloud, on local file systems, on an FTP server (in Pakistan, Nigeria or….), On a NAS device (located anywhere on the net). Basically, the storage possibilities are limited only by current technology and imagination.
IP cameras can operate autonomously 100%, just power from the electric grid. Can connect wired or wireless internet and can store images or videos directly on SD cards. So we have a very clever device knows to care for himself and, of course if it is correctly set.
Another great advantage of IP cameras is that they can be accessed even from your mobile phone, this way we can know at any time what intempla to our home.
There IP cameras Special non-DOME 360, they are mounted on the ceiling in the middle of a room and because the objective of high performance can shoot at 360 degrees after that, using a software can recompose every angle, and result all angles in the room shot with one chamber (youtube demo).
Some time ago I presented two tutorials how to work with an IP camera:
Setting up a video surveillance system audio, the 1, installation and setup IP camera
Setting up a surveillance system, the 2, audio recording and video management
After watching this tutorial I invite you to watch them and the two above, first I showed you how to install and set an IP camera and in the second we introduced software for surveillance with which it operates more rooms in front of a computer.
The advantage of systems with IP cameras is that they not only need to have cameras in one location, you can manage many rooms located thousands of kilometers away exactly as would be side by side.
Power IP cameras can be done to plug feeder integrated or through technology POE (power over ethernet) if we do not prize apart the place where it will be mounted camcorder, technology (PoE) allows us to transport electricity cable net. for that we not only have a PoE switch or injector (a kit of energy transport cable net) PoE Adapter Kit TP-LINK TL-PoE200.
Another function that analogicele can not have is Motion Detection function that helps to mark certain areas of the field of vision of the camera, so we can detect and find out about activities in certain areas, for example in the vault a field Motion Detection it is very necessary.
Alarms triggered by events can be extremely useful, for example we want to receive one email with a picture every time someone enter the bedroom door.
This tutorial is part of a series dedicated locurintei and property security, of course if there is interest from you in the comments box.
How about we continue?

IP cameras:
Simple interior
IP Camera Edimax IC-3115W
Simple exterior
PNI IP941W surveillance camera, Wireless, Exterior

IP camera performance, resolution x 2.048 1.536 card slot, PoE, infrared audio.
Edimax IP camera IR-113, PoE

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  1. I believe to continue with these tutorials dedicated security locurintei and properties.

  2. Anderson said

    Hello and welcome back Cristi finally tutorials us. I have a IP70 Compro IP camera from which meets everything you say in this tutorial has everything you craving heart. This is interior room and I still have one whole interior of the GD-370PRO GRANDTEC which is not really so good, but withstood a frost -25 degrees and did not give in and still go low.
    The best IP cameras are the ones with IR Cut, meaning they cut the gray color from the image, meaning if a tree is green, it will see it on a gray background. IR Cut - cuts IR to stop working when it has normal light, as it still works but we don't see.
    Anyway I am satisfied IP70 Compro camera has a mechanical IR.

  3. Cristi Hello! Welcome back among us, where were you 3 months? I missed tutorials made by you. I hope not to miss you so much.

  4. Hi! While a tutorial video camera for good. car?

  5. Hello. Welcome back. I hope to do as soon as a new tutorial system configuration accessible with the latest technology but as only you know to do. Thank you

  6. Good ... good ... good!

  7. Hello
    How about we do the engineering to put on ZYXEL ip camera?

  8. Howdy !
    Yesterday someone had posted a few words about this site and about Adrian
    I see you deleted that comment er although extremely true
    It's very sad to see that the truth supara.Pacat!

    • I deleted because he had no comment about the subject tutorial nor any other subject. Personal repercussions must be worn elsewhere. On Facebook for example.

      • Adrian Gudus said

        They have the nerve to settle accounts my Facebook personal account or by e-mail because I know that there can be identified easily. Have the courage to make public only in an anonymously under a pseudonym hoping that just so someone can approve them leaving a comment diseased opinions favorable to them.
        My Facebook and Twitter accounts have been made public repeatedly in various video tutorials. With a simple Google search for "Adrian Gudus" you quickly find me.
        Catch up courage, I will delete comments that further unrelated tutorial but only with your frustrations against a person or another

  9. Hello, I use a laptop as soft (Conta Cam) and webcams rooms use smart enough What do you think of Christ?

  10. Cristian said

    Hello and welcome back Cristi, yet you made a really big break tutorials.
    Your idea with the cameras is very good, but you have to go deeper into them "not just show us the cake and we will salivate after it". So I would like to give examples from your point of view about the outdoor / indoor cameras that you would recommend on IP and you know about them that they are good (eg: no., Model) and let's say an outdoor configuration of 4 -5 rooms (to record and watch and at night to eliminate the animals) indoor 4-5 rooms (to watch and at night to eliminate the animals) with card, or without card, to have some good specifications for all everyone's pockets, possibly with examples of prices grandmothers and very good not the bad ones. As far as I can remember, you did a tutorial for a very long time with an indoor camera also on IP and that was good.
    In conclusion you have to come with examples not just mean that there are some good and some bad that we did not know about that man is the best or how good both in terms of quality and price and it is old or new technology. Thanks

    • Next I need your opinions, to know in which direction to take the tutorial.
      I do not want to bore you, you must give the exact information you need.
      How many of you have installed a surveillance system?
      How complex?
      How many rooms?
      Inside, outside?
      There are many questions that I try to answer reading your comments.
      It is quite normal to go directly to the target without rambling about things that do not matter.

  11. Welcome back!

  12. Cristi, with mining how it goes?

  13. You were in the army?

  14. Indeed, IP cameras are better than analog, but at the same time, there are more expensive, however, with lower prices, it will migrate to IP cameras due to increased performance.
    With your permission I will make some remarks:
    - the storage of images from analog cameras can be done on a computer through a video capture card - basically a computer equipped with a capture card becomes a DVR;
    - and analog camera (actually images captured on DVR) can be viewed from anywhere there is internet access, both on computers and on tablets and smartphones (android or iphone);
    - the Motion Detection function is present on all DVRs that are sold today; in addition to this function, DVRs are also equipped with Video Blind and Video Loss functions. You can even send e-mails and / or send images over an FTP if events are detected.
    It should be noted that recently manufacturers have begun to produce HVRs (a combination of DVR and NVR) - so images captured by an IP camera can be recorded on the DVR - IP cameras are connected to a network switch with DVR.
    I even recently saw the company provides firmware for Dahua DVRs to NVRs be converted.

    Thank you for the video tutorials and I'm watching you.

  15. Hi Cristi, I am glad that resists further and very valuable post topics, given that to us as the Romans, as anyone envy some of the fruit, my advice is to ignore those papa something other than food!
    I have a queries and want your precious advice:
    I explain, are the country house, own a lucuinta of 114 sqm (9,55m / 12,00m) arranged in a square yard 1300 I would like to help me with the idea of ​​purchasing a DVR performance with 6 8-channel (minimum 6) video surveillance, a powerful and inexpensive, as well as cameras, something exterior (interior do not need at all)
    also outside perimeter habitable feet 250 about the house, own a parcel of living in that year are stolen trellis ba, ba grapes, ba galvanized wire, I did something nice textbook, with fresh and good to withstand time and as the novel is tempted undue and as we all know all thieves is fashionable, I record annual losses between 5 600-lei, I was thinking to put a DVR 6 channels 5 located on the property (yard) and a camera on a pole 4 meters tall at the edge of the back yard, which directly fight in the plot, vivid, there are possibilities to solve my problem in this respect, or not? focus on land outside the court, there it hurts me, waiting for your answer, I would ask nicely if you can send me and the links to each product, thanks so much for everything you do, know that I learned a lot from your site, if any passage of my comment bother you kindly change it, thanks again.

    • 250 remote meters is quite difficult.
      I were you I'd do anything, I just put a couple of IP cameras that record on SD only motion detection, high-resolution cameras to be discreet and quite, because there are cases in which besides crops were stolen and rooms.
      I also perimeter (via) with a weak electrified cable, so as not to kill the thief, only to give it back, for it speaks to an electrician. Legally you can do that, you declare that you grow in the future in live cattle and that they do not approach the fence to escape.
      You can put some lights and sensors to signal in your home when moving from grapes.
      Fuck the stars…

  16. Super tutorial. Cristi, welcome back!

    • I'm glad I came back and thank you for the warm comments.
      It's like I'm about three months away….
      I'm kidding, of course, I'll try not to miss 'motivated or not'

      • telling us what you did 3 months? best tutorial still necessary.

        • I missed 3 months but I'm almost finished the job I started it a year.
          Can I add that this job can be done several times in a lifetime.
          It takes more
          Every man should do at least once in life
          You consume physically and mentally
          And our parents and grandparents did it
          If you still don't realize it….
          Adrian does not respond, he knows what it is.

  17. Salut.Am written in the hope that someone gives me a program raspuns.Ruland TOR, I will open a browser anonymously, entering on him with another id of another country that gives mil automatically or by selecting it, one or the net where you will see I have on me, I see that I download something or nu.Merci more

  18. It became more dangerous world and we want to control too much?

    • I needed to know that everything is okay, we know always protected.
      Current technology permits anyone to make a surveillance system at decent prices.
      We are in the era of communication, we want to know everything!

  19. Cristi, it may take you a while to answer my question above… in fact, your opinion about the rooms that use them, more precisely I use 6 rooms from that model. Thank you very much!

    • I understand you want to make a few money, the thing is that you do not have autonomy. All this engineering will depend very much and that's not good.
      On a PC you can use multiple webcams without have problems.
      Webcam is webcam and so.
      Maybe occasionally can use a webcam for surveillance but not a serious configuration you.
      Not to mention about the functioning of the 24 / 7 for a web camera is not ready.

      • I do not even use 6 Cristi taken earlier webcam on a laptop, as well as software used Contactless, the only problem was when leam configured in software because they were all the same, I had to choose microphones for each that gave me trouble, otherwise each has its job, filming one other camera makes other ftp upload photos, sensitivity lam gave each as needed, Apropoo 2 the kind of cameras are installed under the eaves outside and went perfect winter especially one of them filming nonstop, I have interest to advertise the webcam but within those years I was very pleased 3 mia did not surprise either, and blue lights seen at night because I say pretty good!! SUCCESS! !

  20. marius512 said

    I think you've done your home.
    It would be better if you continue with the series of acquisitions: PC, Mini PC, router, webcam.
    Currently I am interested buying a dual sim phone and 3G to 900 Mhz, which will issue RDS and Cosmote, which have A2DP. Thanks for the information.

  21. Hello. cristi could you make a more detailed video tutorial about POE? I didn't understand exactly how to use it. how to connect… I see that they have more inputs, outputs. thank you.

    • surveillance cameras said

      POE stands for Power Over Ethernet if you have not read the entire article. In other words have power and signal on the same network cable. So what do not you understand? How to put a plug in the camera ip? As surveillance cameras linked article, here and there pulling hair. Not to say they are drafting mistakes.

  22. Nothing about Raspberry Pi ??? can also be used for video monitoring…

    • this model works… .edited ……
      but not the system itself registration
      is used as sensor, communication etc.…

  23. IP camera said

    Good evening. Very good article. You touched the PoE that is very important.

  24. There are so many models and so many sites with all kinds of surveillance cameras… it's hard to decide!

  25. Good, I have a QUESTION, I work in a shop, we have some strange dungeon fff penalizes us if vb between us and are all day to do something ochiibpe rooms as cun call us and we just want to know and I cearta.vreau I realize how they look? register when not watching? knowing and November 1 lucru.avem romtelecom.mersiiiiii modem!

  26. and another thing, the one who mounted cameras as they told me and hears everything vb.e legal?

  27. Air Conditioning said

    I think it is very important to infrared cameras and can shoot from several angles.

  28. Can I use android tablet ptr to view recordings from the camera's SD? I want to put 2 cameras from different angles I need any specialist installation ptr?

    • Yes you can and still very comfortable.
      I use 4500 IVMS application for viewing records made on certain days, hours.
      You can do this from anywhere in the world if you have internet connection and if you have port forwarding in the router is connected to the camera.

  29. I appreciate the effort to provide this information. It might not hurt a continuation on compatibility standards (Pelco,…)

  30. Hello .. HD cameras with DVR CVI can work normally? From what I saw and HDCVI are DVR.

  31. Hi Cristi. Wine with a great petition of thee namely please help me configure a router as you can see on the internet and phone cameras. The router is TP-LINK TL-DVR WR841N and a Q-See QT426.
    I tried in the DVR settings I put static ip, port http 8080 and 6036 server port. When I entered the router DMZ section, we introduced the ip DVR and I checked enable, but still does not work. Where did I go wrong? or you had to do?
    Thanks a lot and maximum respect for what you do.

    • You need to make a virtual server (port forwarding) in the router with the camera ip (192.168….) On port 80.
      It would be wrong to book ip that it is now in DHCP room, not to change your future.

  32. Dragos Touch said

    Can you recommend me a car camera dvr.

  33. Stefan said

    Recently, someone, "a benevolent", tried to set fire to my house, so I decided to buy a surveillance system, the idea is that I found on a site packages, eg: 2 camera KIT-57 SONY (2 CAMERA KIT WITH SONY CHIPSET AND 4-CHANNEL AUDIO DVR). I wonder if through this system that has a DVR, I can save the images in another location if the house where the system is located (remote)? And how is this done (more details)?
    I do not want to advertise, but the systems we have found the following site.

    Thank you in advance!

    • It depends on the DVR. If the kit is cheap, I do not think you can save another location.
      Should you worry about a resolution. DVR systems have low resolution, and you will understand difficult images.
      I prefer IP cameras.

  34. Stefan said

    The cameras are wireless viable alternative? I mean I can connect to the camera on a remote computer and save it to have records without the DVR? Mci

    • I would go as often as possible on the cable. Where there is no "critical situation" goes wirelessly. On wireless you can have problems with configurations, interferences, etc.

  35. Stefan said

    Cristi Hello, and thank ptr response,
    So I should and wireless IP camera, and in this case you can tell me why I need to record / store the images on the computer?
    Can you recommend something more affordable wireless IP camera?
    Thank you in advance!

  36. mircea said

    Hi Cristi, lamurestema in problem, owning a home surveillance system, can follow what is happening at home, anywhere there is phone and internet
    There is an option Start VOIP what I use? I can say that some remote communities where trench installed cameras at home but do not know how to set up, can you help me thank you very much! a good day!

  37. cristiansv said

    Morning. I would like to install a camera system or suparaveghere in two locations. At a house under construction and a garage. I 220 garage network. In construction, I have not power industry. What I recommend getting? Someone said that a fake surveillance camera is good. I do not think. In waiting for an answer. Thank you in advance!

  38. 30 days I struggle for me to choose the right room, must supervise 30 meters long night of 2 format cameras on the outside, all I found the IP and megapixel 1 waierless with an operating temperature of the -20 degrees and shooting at moving on SD Card is around or 8 9 million.
    If the price breaks this room after warranty're finished, I think I opt for. eftine rooms more if it fails.
    The tutorial which he's done is room inside, but know that for. outside it is not convenient, pt. distances with waierless not worth the price.
    Outside are half price, I would buy from this site makes me skeptical but low prices, can you tell us more about this site, as it is not true cat.
    …… link sters… ..

  39. adrenalintm said

    Can you recommend a surveillance camera outside ip 360 degrees 720q or 1080p, infrared, you have card slot, loop or sensor (inregristreze he feels to move), not a wireless, battery and a Poe with something?

  40. Cristian B. said

    Cristiane Hello, I have a rugaminnte, if you can help with advice.
    Staying in an apartment building on the first floor, corner and I want to buy a camera that her ceiling mounted the balcony to shoot farther away so possibly optical zoom, move at an angle as wide and necessarily filming at night and be and wireless. Too much sky and hope to be so, as far as not looking too find, or who find they have it all. I have a car that you park in front of the building and found a crumpled almost weekly. Thank you for your response.

  41. Cristian B. said

    You managed to publish some one so far, and I saw him not?

  42. Marius C. said

    Hello Cristi same problem I have and I drive every year after I mount winter tires a patient comes and bites you on the side repeatedly not to be folosite.Deja this is the third winter and fifth rubber arunc.Am I have been to the police and told to mount a video.De room that I'd be grateful if you recommend a surveillance camera IP best I live calitate.Menţionez 4 floor, and parking is seeing fairly well-lit.
    Also own a country store with a square courtyard where they want 1400 6-8 video surveillance camere.Aştept forward to a response from you.

  43. I had the same problem, I found it at first with a bent mirror and wipers raised a few times, then I woke up with it scratched and one day with the left front tire intentionally stung. I went to the police and they told me the same thing, or I put the camera on the block to hit it, but I have the window on the other side from where I leave my car, or I put the camera in it, I sat down and bought a model of at vicovation, with two cameras front and rear /… ..edited…. / it cost a lot but the next day I saw who it was… and he had the car

  44. Alexandru said

    Hi, I've been thinking about buying a surveillance kit for a while. I don't know what to buy, I don't have them with this technique, but I can tell you what my expectations are from this surveillance kit. I would like it to have a quality as high as possible the rooms I saw cameras ahd full hd 800 tvl 1200tvl etc… .the idea is that I would like in 10 15 meters to be able to identify the person, to be able to connect and to be able to view online from another locality the images captured by the cameras in real time. I need 8 cameras to record only when it detects movement and I'm wondering if I can view live images from the 8 cameras on the PC. I have a budget of 3000 RON. Thank you and I'm waiting for answers.

  45. Hello everyone,
    I have a question, want to monitor car parking, it is technically possible to do without NVR IP camera?
    It can store data in the cloud or on servers outside? (NVR without that?)
    We wi-fi and 1 TB external hard.
    Rule out the SD card, the camera mounted on a wall intending to neighbors, so without easy access. Plus this, there is more movement in the parking lot and I thought the card data will rewrite a day.
    Thank you

  46. I Salut.Am and a intrebare.Cum I could oversee an area where I have no internet, and a current or battery room and a internet connection?

    • You can install an IP camera with wirless using a car battery, a circuit stabilizare.Din Unfortunately, I think you mood, charge the battery periodically.
      Another solution would be a solar panel, but which is too expensive and will attract thieves.
      There are also movement activation cameras, and they are used through forests, for the surveillance of "beasts".

  47. I understand, but how can I connect to internet.

  48. Hello!
    I'm new here and I do not know too much about these systems.
    Please help me with advice to buy a video system consisting of 4 rooms to oversee a house and a yard. I am interested to have view at night, I can see them from a distance mobile and receive messages in the event of movements in the area.
    Market supply is so generous that if you're not good, there is no point.
    Rugaminte a bit of pity for my pocket.
    Thanks for the help!

    • @Florin: Interior room can go on WIFI. Me do not go outside with wifi for many reasons: poor connection quality on video streaming but also for reasons of aicea development.
      Outdoor (yard, especially if big) I would go on an NVR with 2-4 outdoor cameras (depending on how many channels you want), the cable connection.

      . NVR (looks like a video player) binds to the Internet and can access real-time stream or main rooms (that live) or recording (NVR can record either move on command or continuously).
      Also, all DVR or NVR have mobile apps.

      NVR rooms are pretty good 720P.

      An entry on the NVR with enough functions at 240 is lei + rooms (about the 200 piece).
      I recommend the camera-nvr / dvr connection on FTP / UTP POE.

  49. Hello. I need a little help if I can. I have to take care of a property where no one lives, the biggest problem being the frequent current fluctuations, as well as its interruptions. The generator variant is out of the question because it would be the third one without which they remain. 😐 So, I'm interested in video cameras with autonomy of up to 24 hours, if there are any… Thank you very much.

  50. Valentin said

    Hello. I have a DVR - the box says: AVerMedia AVerDiGi EB Series 4CH Real Time MPEG4 DVR. What surveillance cameras do I need to buy to have the best images with this DVR? If not, what DVRs and cameras should I buy to get the best pictures at acceptable prices? Thank you very much for your help.

  51. What can you tell me about the system cameras EX-SDI, HD-SDI? Appeared on the market in Romania? These rooms can connect directly to TV / monitor / tablet without DVR?

  52. Do We Want to be your website is partner.Our . We are chinese manufacturer of security devices like IP cameras, car dash cams, wifi kits and smart motion sensors.We accept paypal for sample order.More informaltion, email:[email protected]

  53. I also got a surveillance camera from the net, the other day. My question is, can they be accessed from the outside? You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? I took it from the website, they say it's not possible but you realize that I'm staying with carrots, especially since I'm preparing for a longer vacation.
    Thank you

  54. Carmen said

    Now that I've found,, please, let me make a recommendation to IP camera (I think that it fits better what I need) for a parking place next to the building, surveillance car? I do not know how to do with the power of the camera, because I live on the opposite side parking and room installation would be done on the block in front. Thank you very much!

  55. Good evening

    I live in the block and want to mount a small surveillance room over the apartment door. I saw that there is a camera that mounts in the viewfinder.
    I want this camera to be powered (not on batteries) and to store the images in the Cloud or on a server… that is to say that it is no longer necessary to install a DVD.
    Thank you

  56. Hello,

    I would be interested in taking an outdoor camera, powered by a solar panel, with a SIM card, and which would be preferable to have a motion sensor to film only when it is moving to save energy. The camera, battery and panel would not be in an area exposed to rain, but should withstand temperatures of - 25 degrees in winter, in a country house.

    Can you help me with a variant?

    Thank you.


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