How can we get in Windows 8.1 without password

Hello friends, today's tutorial we will talk about Windows and Windows 8 8.1. Specifically we will see how we can gain access to the operating system if the user account has set a password and no longer know.
Sometimes it can happen to forget your user account password for any reason. Whether I set it in a hurry or because I have not used Windows 8.1 so often. Whatever the cause is possible to gain access to the operating system without knowing your user account password.
To accomplish this task we need a CD or USB stick and an ISO image Hiren's BootCD approached us and during other tutorials
We must make a bootable CD Hiren's BootCD ISO image or to make a bootable USB stick using his Rufus
After I put the ISO image with Hiren's BootCD stick or CD you have to set the computer's BIOS so that it boot from the stick or CD. If you can not do this, my colleague Cristi will explain this in Tutorial Some brief explanations about the BIOS settings
Once I booted from Hiren's BootCD will have to choose its option from the menu and expect Windows XP Mini PC / laptop to load the operating system Windows XP Mini. When we get into the interface of desktop operating system Mini Windows XP will run live on stick or CD (depending on how you choose to use Hiren's BootCD) will need to access HBCD Menu menu that will give us access to utility NTPWEdit what na allows you to delete Windows user account password 8 / 8.1 Windows or to change it without needing the old password.

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  1. Wow guys go weeks without tutorials when you take them one after another. Not that I would love. I like to talk and I'm in business.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Came spring, snowdrops were out, we have invigorated and we head off ....

      • sterian viorel said respect.pentru you do, I bought a laptop Toshiba Qosmio and Windows do not open or password required im doing? stiu.dc not ask for a password if it again? I can not wait folosi.te please answer. thank you very much

  2. Kyo costy said

    Very useful tutorial. Adrian Don Thank you very much. Health

  3. Glad you came! Because approaching 8 8.1 April we purchased a win and I want to install it but I have some questions: can install over Win XP that are chitibusurile? Please make a tutorial! Thank !!!!!!!!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Why would you want to install Windows XP over Windows 8.1? You can do a dual boot (to stay with Windows XP and Windows 8.1) or you can format the C partition and stay with Windows 8.1
      About how to install Windows 8.1 or how to make a dual boot have already made several tutorials in the past. Use the search box in the top right to find tutorials.

  4. Many thanks for this tutorial.Am tried other methods and we lost a day but still have not managed to avert account login password Microsoft.Abia wait to get home to test him.

  5. Adrian can help me I'd like to buy me a motherboard and do not know what love is better the network is realteck or intel.
    Can you help me !!!

  6. Costelina said

    Adrian might want to greet telling us how to prevent Windows from something
    I would not want someone to come to me and enter uninvited into my yard
    about your colleague Cristi starlings hell ..

    • Adrian Gudus said

      It is relatively simple. Encrypt your C drive using BitLocker. It comes preinstalled in Windows and Windows 7 8 / 8.1
      About how to use BitLocker tutorial we already have on the site, use the search box at the top right to find the tutorial. Those using Windows XP can use TrueCrypt. And there are already about TrueCrypt tutorial.
      Use the search box, we have over 1100 video tutorials!

  7. Adrian is the best Intel or Realtek NIC.
    I mean download and steaming.

  8. Costelina said

    I tried to encrypt the hard drive but does not work (crash that goes with TPM and administrator to see this function in startup)

    I remember years ago when I came win7 a PC with AMD proc and went from first encryption

  9. What do you think about this software?

  10. Hey all! I have installed Windows 8.1 from a bootable stick and managed to install it without by to ask me any account or any password. What I did is very simple and you do not need anything more than stick or bootable DVD with Windows or 8 8.1 (yes, it works on both this method). Using this method you will not have to make an account on Microsoft and the less you ask a password when booting the operating system.
    The only thing you need to do, is that when you install Windows, you will be asked to configure your wireless network you let skip this step (puchinos writes in a coilt bottom left of the screen). If you have an Internet connection directly via Ethernet cable connected to the PC / laptop, disconnect the cable during installation and connect that cable only after installing the OS was successful. Connect to the Internet only after the installation was successful as windows'ul to and can make updates 100%.
    I hope I was helpful!

    • Nenicule ... you cow! This tutorial covers an administrator password or user operating system, no cd key site installation of Windows. You misunderstood!!!

  11. can not do anything, can not remove nor can change

  12. Hello, I have a big problem with 'User Account Control' (UAC) can not install anything because the yes button method is tried to get into safe mode with the command "net user administrator / active: yes' and I I says access is another way you can help? ms ...
    [Url = http: //] [img] [/ img] [/ url]
    [Url = http: //] image upload no limit [/ url]

  13. Howdy! Try to write in Run (Win key + r) netplwiz
    In the Users tab uncheck the box with users must enter a password to login
    In the window where I ask you for the password type the password that you use a login

    • FOS interesting but something like shown in the tutorial "How to put or delete the password for the user account in Windows 8" and this tutorial is about how 8.1 get into Windows without knowing the password. To use the presented method you must know your password to login will then be able to reset your password.

  14. mini me into my Windows XP but I do not HBCD appears menu..ce can I do?

  15. HBCD why I do not appear in mini xp? ..

  16. HBCD menu * excuse me

  17. Lorian said

    hello guys I have a problem with windows.u and I need emergency assistance I can to let a messenger or skype id something where we can work together ??

  18. Lorian said

    hello guys I have a problem with Windows 8 more complicated and would need assistance I can to let a messenger or skype id to talk more? or give me lorian_ddi messenger and skype add lorian1807

  19. Hey, look at me and not the Windows partition where I 8.1, shows only B: Ram Drive. C: HBCD 15_2 and X: mini xp.
    I and Local Disc

  20. Adrian said

    I get an error after opening minixp "the loader is designed to run under WinPE / BartPE" Any idea?

  21. Sal. Who helped me and me? I bought an Asus Tuesday and I put a password on that day has not recunoscut'o laptop. He says it's incorrect. I followed the steps in the tutorial but does not want to enter the stock. I changed the BIOS to boot 'eze stick but black and then upload a few seconds and turn windows and asked for the password.

  22. hi, there is a simpler way? I have a Dell Inspiron laptop 3537 which is recovered from an insolvent company, I have no knowledge of that laptop, I have no CD with Windows, Windows has the password and want to reset / remove

  23. I salute anyone can help me in connection with my BootCD Hiren`s this annoying error occurs when I try to use it "warning: the high memory area (HMA) is not avaible.
    Additional low memory (Below 640k) Will Be Used INSTEAD.
    Creating 100mb ram drive as r "if u cd bag on my old system works if you stick to the new system I no longer works or the BIOS on z170 block it no longer understand anything.

  24. Hi ! How can I get the laptop hp forgot password if opening? Please help me

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