How do we get a phone number from America - legally

How do we get a phone number from America - legally

How do we get a phone number from America?

How do you get a US phone number?

There are users who have not once wanted to use certain online services in America and have hit the issue of the phone number. There are cases in which some people can call only the US, otherwise you can not get in touch with them unless you have a US number. To use services, you need a phone number from America.

What can you use a number of America?

1. To confirm an account on some online stores
2. For registration on certain websites / services online
3. To speak on the phone with relatives on the US territory
4. To be able to talk to people in US custody

How can we get a number of America?

Of course, as I did not have access to US telephone networks, to make a subscription or to use a prepay card, we have to improvise ... legally.

VOIP Dingtone Service!

Dingtone is an application that has a well-established VOIP phone service back. I say the service is well set up because I can personally certify this. I used the service to receive calls from the US and it worked very well. I have to mention that the person who called can only speak with US phone numbers.

How much does it cost me ?

Phone number is relatively inexpensive, 2 dollars a year, a derisory price when you need a number of USA.
appeals are free if you receive them, and if you initiate prices differ from country to country (details in the application)

A major advantage is redirecting your number.

If you have used similar applications so far, you will see that Dingtone has the advantage of rerouting your calls. So, if you get a call on the US number, it can be redirected to the number of Romania, so you can answer the phone dialer, not Dingtone.

Where do we download?

The Dingtone application - Play Store (Android)

The Dingtone application - App Store (iOS)

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    1. Thanks, I paid for a dubious 10 $ site for a number of US and I've got the ...

      • I installed it last night and it works super Want More? I called my wife who was next to me and she told me how to call me with America when you are near me So super

    2. I had 5 euro with 800 minutes with US on Orange

    3. Is it obligatory to call every month so you do not lose the number ??? (I bought the phone number and 500 credits) fol number just for whatsapp

    4. Is it obligatory to call every month so as not to lose the phone number ???? (I bought the number and 500 credits) use the strict number for whatsapp and nothing else

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