How do you stop collecting Windows 10 data - it's like a shredder

How do you stop collecting Windows 10 data, which has become a scammer.

How do you stop collecting Windows 10 data?

Data is collected by any method.

Data collection has become a global sport, which is the biggest internet service provider.
1 is Google, followed by Facebook and Microsoft, after which, the shy ones are Apple, Twitter, Amazon, etc ... eee, I'm sorry to recapture them.

Like we've talked about privacy on Windows 10?

A little while ago I introduced you the settings we should stop on Windows 10, which we can stop. Unfortunately, at every major update, Microsoft gives us some holes in the system to get our data out.

We have tried and with applications to shut down "the ears of Windows 10!

I've also introduced some applications that you can use to stop some settings in the article STOP invasion of privacy on the Microsoft WINDOWS 10. Unfortunately, these applications become useless after major Windows updates.

We also have a tutorial with stopping behavioral advertising!

Violation of intimacy also occurs when advertising is served to us. Fortunately, there's a way we can make advertisers stop watching us. View Article - How do you stop behavioral advertising, advertising reads our thoughts

At this time, the "normalization of data collection" is done.

We have to establish from the start: It is NOT OK to collect our data!
Some are another parachute, saying, "I have nothing to hide." This is actually a neighborly creature with: "If you have nothing to hide, let's take a look at your house!"
When I say "normalizing data collection"I'm referring to how users started to become more lethargic when they hear data collection. If the man hears about collecting data all day, it becomes something ordinary. Something that was scandalous until yesterday is now a matter of relaxed discussion, and tomorrow, of course, it will become a triviality.
What the??? Gathering data ... yes ... like I heard something ...

Imagine that something else is stolen outside of your data!
You'll jump up if we talk about money or goods. Why ? Because we do not value data. Data is a kind of oxygen that costs nothing, but it is very important. It is very important that data remain with us, not to put others on them. Data is our thoughts, what makes us to be, to exist, to be rational.

What are our data used for?


1. Investigating the public after a rumor, before taking a measure (executive safety)
2. Modifying action plans by popularity (political chameleonism)
3. Handling masses that went out in the street for other reasons (misappropriation)
4. Changing voting options by altering cultural baggage (Cambridge Analytica)
5. Candidates' choice by popularity (not on competencies)


1. Adjust inventory by product popularity online
2. Price adjustment according to product request
3. Product search anticipation on a new market
4. Polling for creating new niches on the market
5. Anticipation by collecting data from ad sites (example Emag and OLX)

Social: (we work with customer ideas)

1. Collection of ideas and plans from various social categories (designer unwillingly)
2. Manufacture of HYPE to promote ideas or products (with the data in your head)
3. The demolition of some "social constructs" that (with the data in your head)
4. Reorganization and remodeling of social groups (with the data from your head)
5. Propaganda for different causes (with the data in your head)
6. Input / Output social experiences. You are shown some pictures, texts, ideas, just to see how you think about certain information, so that you know the stimuli you answer.

How much does your data cost?

This question should not have existed because your data is not for sale. Your data is YOU. You are not for sale!
How much does the oxygen cost you can not live for more than a few minutes?

Our data is the content of our brain and soul. Do not share them !!!

Back to our iole with DWS (Distory Windows 10 Spying)

Very easy to use, with an intuitive interface, DWS or Distroy Windows 10 Spying does not require installation.
I recommend you make a restore point, but you must know that the restore point will not cover Metro applications in case you want to delete them.

Download DWS Distroy Windows 10 Spyware

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    1. Bogdan Plesa said

      I think that with the latest major update, the two days ago, they have gone deeper into the guts of the windows because practically you do not let it safely disable any of the spy settings. Actually I applied what I saw in the "pile" tutorial and in turn. After restart the computer displays all sorts of .dll libraries, I can not open cmd or powershell, it's extremely hard to move the laptop, unexpected restarts. My opinion is that the DWS program needs to be adapted to the last updated Windows update studied. Something they did (Microsoft) to prevent us from keeping our data collected. You do not have to worry that once you get back to the restoration point, everything goes back to normal. So take great care: restore point or better backup before using the program so you do not have the surprises I had!

    2. Florin said

      Windows 7 is as large data collector as 10? I have Windows 7 Enterprise.

    3. Vlad B. said

      If many of you can - buy / buy an older PC, just for Net! I remind you, just for Net! On the 2 th PC, any version of Windows (W7, 8, 10) or Linux can be installed, depending on the needs of each.
      On the first PC (the one for Net), I recommend installing an OS version of Android; ; . I think this way: fear, ignorance of different versions of Windows will disappear and fall in love with these Android-derived versions of Linux. And simpler: it's like navigating on a smartphone but with a large screen 🙂 And for functions such as: music, movies, office, net, socialization ... fly! Bafta to everyone!

    4. Dexter said

      I disable the windows defender but now when I want to turn it back on it does not work, how do I put it back as it was?

    5. Dexter said

      I disable windows defender but now I can not activate it again, can you guide me?

    6. so are you specialists using programs to avoid spying?
      with 2 pieces. That's how I did ...

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