How to use your phone as a microphone on your computer

How to use your phone as a microphone on your computer

How to use your phone as a microphone on your computer

How to use your phone as a microphone on your computer

Smart phones are really smart
Today's phone can do a lot from GPS navigation to very complex 3D games. There are almost no tasks that smart phones can not end up.

Today I'll show you how we can use your phone as a wireless microphone on your PC without the need for any other accessories.
All we need to do is install some apps on your PC and phone.

What do I install on my PC?
On the PC, we will install the driver that is needed for the connection, without which a stable connection can not be made.
Downloadable for PC

What do we install on the phone?
We will install the WO Mic on the phone, which we find free of charge in the Play Store or the App Store.
Downloaded for Android
Downloadable for iOS

The PC Mic PC application is easy to use.

Connection options: Bluetooth, USB or Wi-Fi.

A useful option is "Play in speaker", which plays in real time on the PC speakers the sound coming from the phone's microphone.

On the PC you must know that:
1. When installing the application and the driver, you must accept the firewall rule
2. To get the sound from your phone and to hear it on your PC, you need to set your WO Mic its default device (see picture below)

On the phone you must know that:
1. You have to enter the phone settings and give the WO Mic to use the microphone.
2. For USB connection, USB debugging (from Developer Options) must be enabled.

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    1. Thank you very much!
      I appreciate this honorable gesture.
      Many health and successes I wish for you!
      I'm waiting for you with new useful new articles, less initiations.

    2. it's too complicated. better use the earphones.

    3. Congratulations on your work!
      Mr. Cristi, with which application the screen of the phone is displayed on the monitor, simultaneously with the desktop applications on the PC
      (as shown in this tutorial)?

      • Adrian Gudus said

        It's a video editing. It was recorded with an application that we posted on the site, what happened on the phone and then the resulting video file was exported to the PC and overlayed from the video editor used on the PC over the video capture on the PC with catch software.
        What has been created in technical terms is called picture-in-picture (a clip over another clip)
        We also have a tutorial on how to make picture-in-picture with two videos.
        The software they recorded on the phone is called AZ Screen Recorder, you can find it for free in the Play Store and tutorial about it as well as picture-in-picture, if you are interested, you can find them using the search box at the top right.

    4. Thanks for the promptness of the answer.

    5. Hello Cristi, I have a problem with the youtube application on the phone, I have an android 8.0.0 and each time I see a clip, it loads hard, then the video is played and again it interrupts, after which it is simply loading indefinitely!
      How can I fix this problem, I would like to mention that it has done just about everything I could to fix the problem, reset the phone, then delete the data from the apiculture youtube and so?

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