How can you send large files to your Facebook friends? - video tutorial

Hi friends, today's tutorial we will see how we can transfer files to Facebook. Because we still spend most of their time on Facebook to communicate and see what your friends, favorite celebrities or not the mayor, it would be good to have available the possibility to send files to friends via Facebook. Well this is possible through Facebook application called Pipe. This allows us to send any type of file to our friends on Facebook. Currently, although the application is still in progress, it can be used if we record an email address. I personally advise you to register to use the application with the email address you use when you log on to your Facebook account.
When the application will be available to the general public, it will not require registration. However, registration to use application Pipe 1 not last more than a minute.
Pipe uses Adobe Real-Time Media Flow Protocol and the connection at the time of file transfer is p2p (peer to peer - direct connection from computer to computer) which means faster file transfer. For those who worry about the security of the files sent, they are encrypted with 128 AES.
Both the file and the user making the user who should receive the file, you must be logged in to Facebook to occur file transfer. If you ask what is the limit for file transfer, according to the Pipe can send a file up to 1 GB. Unfortunately you can not select and send multiple files at the same time but if you still want to do this, we just have to make a .rar or .zip archive where to put all the files you want to send them.
To create an account that will allow for application usage Pipe Facebook access this address:
Towards the end I choose to give my vote 10 Pipe application points that way because we're campaigning and tomorrow we vote. That being said I invite you to watch the video tutorial to see just how close friend can send files on Facebook

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Enjoy !


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  1. cristian watermelon said

    Hi, I would like if you can make a tutorial on how to put IPv6 on your PC, the Internet is changing today. It's "the biggest improvement in history." Some users will find it harder to load sites. The Internet today receives the largest upgrade in its history, which involves the transition from classic IPs, which are almost exhausted, to IPv6. It's as if the "registration plates of the sites" are finished and some are introduced in which the registration numbers are made up of several digits. Without such a change, no new sites could have been added to the network. The classic IP (Internet Protocol) consisted of 4 numbers, for example the Google site has the code: Now, Google will switch to an IPv6, which contains 6 numbers.

    Internet have until today 4,3 billion addresses. Since the IPv6, he has over 340 trillion, so it can meet many more websites.

    People today will go on sites that have not been modified to cope with the transition to the new IPv6 will see them loading harder.

    "IPv6 is the only and greatest improvement in the history of the Internet," John Curran, president and CEO of the American Registry for Internet Numbers, told mashable.

    Switching to IPv6 was announced in February last year.

    • if you read all the information you knew that provideru will automatically upgrade will give addresses will run automatically or concomitant and ipv4 and ipv6 to final passage in ipv6 Therefore some websites might go slow for that is transfers from the 4 ipv6, not all providers net yet made it through. although it does not have to do that tutorial on how to pass. but like I said when will you have 6 provideru IPV.


    Adrian did you mean The (un) fortunately you can select and send multiple files at once?


    This tutorial is two times the same file second 19 4 minute video tutorial Here we go again and the sound is before image


    You forgot to put Blur I think you can see the data because these errors appeared blur or Adrian tired of these tutorials is that they all unite ungrateful bad comment

  5. FaraVirusi said

    I know your real email address from Facebook, begins with ando pi _ _ _ _
    LastPass This time you gave it away

  6. sailorriver said

    Where are the tutorials to watching online TV stations posted a while ago?

  7. FaraVirusi said

    Where are the tutorials to watching online TV stations posted a while ago?

    Have been deleted for reasons of confidentiality.

  8. AdrianGudus said

    FaraVirusi: Have been deleted for reasons of confidentiality.

    To clarify it on FaraVirusi
    Confidential reasons: reasons that you do not need to know, not directly concern / personal issues behind the scenes of a company may not be disclosed to anyone
    Confidentiality reasons: it meant that the videos shows some secret data, made public some sensitive information private. Not by a long shot!

  9. why does it sound? video but the sound did not work, why.

  10. Why would I bother to use such a service? It's not simple if all vb up 1 gb?

  11. You know how quickly transfer?: |

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