How can you see IPTV posts on your PC?

How can you see IPTV posts on your PC?

How can you see IPTV posts on your PC?
How can you view IPTV posts on your PC?
If last time I showed you how to watch Romanian TV stations on android in sop to http, today we will do something different on the PC.

How to watch IPTV on PC
This is simpler than you can imagine. All we need is a player and a playlist that we'll talk about immediately. But before we need to know what IPTV means.

What is IPTV?
IPTV comes from Internet Protocol Televisionin the standard that uses the Internet to transmit the flow of moving images.
Even now some of you have set top boxes in the house that also work with IPTV technology.

How can you see IPTV with your computer?
We do not need set top box because we have a VLC media player that is capable of decoding and displaying IPTV data streams.

Why do we need?
1. VLC media player
2. A list of IPTV channels

VLC Media Player is free and anyone can install it, unfortunately IPTV channel lists have to be purchased for yourself, because it would be illegal to post a list here.

What do we need to know about watching IPTV on PC?
If with VLC the job is relatively simple, channel lists have to be discharged almost daily, because some old channels do not run after some time.

Download - VLC Media Player

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    1. Hi, do you think it's possible to do that on Smart TV too

    2. Something bizzy for Samsung Smart TV. Now we have a telekon hd satellite, and if there is anything else it would be fain.Merci

    3. It works great. Thanks for the tutorial!

    4. Cristian said

      Hello. I also like a tutorial for android if you can. Thank you.

    5. Super, it also works on linux. Thanks for the tip.

    6. Peter Meiu said

      I have also tried to watch TV programs according to the tutorial, but at VLC I get the message: Your input can not be opened:
      VLC is unable to open the MRL 'http: // 8000 / live / supra / supra / 73931.ts'. Check the log for details.
      Tell me what I did not do well, or what should I do to see TV channels?
      Thank you.

    7. Thank you! I appreciate this article very much!

    8. Thank you! I was just looking for a solution for TV -> PC. It works great! Yes, you should also do one for Android. You're the best!

    9. Thank you

    10. After two minutes the program changes. Is it just me? I have VLC 3.0.3. Thank you.

    11. Hello
      Wonderful tutorial. For Iphone there is such a thing?
      On the PC, I have the following problem: after watching a channel for 10 seconds, the channel switches itself, meaning it goes to the next and after 10 seconds to the next ... and so on.
      I tried with multiple lists and did the same at all.
      Is there any setting from VLC?
      Thank you.

    12. Cristy S said

      Yes and I change the program after about 2 minutes.

    13. Maybe the author of the tutorial tells us.

    14. and to me it's just the way you solved it's just click the play button and loop twice and a point will appear in the middle

      • you are right, so I just solved it myself, except for me in the middle of the button instead of the point, the 1 figure appeared and the programs did not change automatically .. the misfortune is that the program is interrupted very often, is it a solution for that?

    15. Why does VLC change my channel automatically?


    17. Do not go any way.

    18. "Http://"

      PS Works well in PotPlayer.

    19. free lists go ... how to go ... do you want? are lists with 10 or 12 euro per month and there is changing the situation ... .merg all the way ... is it much 12 euro for 1000 tv channels? For 12 Euro, you get 1000 TV channels all in ro and in almost all countries ... .plus like you included a bunch of subtitled movies ... there are a lot of google on google ... just look for what suits you ...) ))

    20. It's all over. I tried this, too.

    21. Click on the loop (in the middle of the button to display the 1 number) is the penultimate button in the wolf and no more automatically the next program.

    22. And it changes to me automatically.
      Adrian? Cristi? A solution

    23. We live in a country where we all want FREE ... ..;))))

    24. I buy these lists because I am not in the country ... I have colleagues who when I show them how they all go ... they are surprised ... and they want ... they hear they are not free ... ALL BACK BACK ... we all but only mocca if you can ... ..but it can not really ... :))))) the reality of life ... you want something you have to pay ....

    25. At each 2 minutes, interrupt, then resume after 3 seconds Can anything be done?

    26. Nistor plays at two heads, he's not a real Dynamo! Mercenar ..

    27. It's a program shit. Use MY WEB TV and you have everything you want, except that besides VLC you also have to have PC and sopcast installed. I tried this program and like others I noticed that after a few minutes it goes to another program and so on.

    28. Very good tutorial
      You can do a dessprevent smartphone acquisition on budget, mid-range, high-end classes.
      Thank you

    29. I downloaded a list that, as others say, works. When I open the VLC, an "HTTP Authentication" window appears, saying: "Please enter a valid logging name and a password for realm (null)"
      And here I do not know what to do. Please help

    30. It does not work, it gives me errors of gender ....

      Entry could not be opened:
      VLC could not open MRL 'http: // 8000 / live / 1sn.ns1 / skype / 4638.ts'. Check the log for details.
      Entry could not be opened:
      VLC could not open MRL 'http: // 8000 / live / 1sn.ns1 / skype / 4639.ts'. Check the log for details.
      Entry could not be opened:
      VLC could not open MRL 'http: // 8000 / live / 1sn.ns1 / skype / 4605.ts'. Check the log for details.
      Entry could not be opened:
      VLC could not open MRL 'http: // 8000 / live / 1sn.ns1 / skype / 4606.ts'. Check the log for details.

    31. Good evening, I can not watch the grub reinstallation tutorial in a dual boot linux -windows message: Server not found: rtmpt: // 80 / simplevideostreaming / mp4: Can I find it elsewhere?

    32. Hello,
      I would like a tutorial for Android as well.
      Thank you in advance

    33. I have too many interruptions ... after 20-30 seconds. Is there a solution?

    34. No, so does the kodi and android.
      I searched but I did not find the solution. Lists are demo, that's it.
      Lists on looks better.

    35. it's a shit solution

    36. Hello ! I have a problem with Steam, maybe you can help me. I can install the games on Steam, but they do not open them, I do not know why. I updated the drivers, reinstalled Steam, reinstalled windows, but it was all for nothing. Give me a message when you can, please. Thank you in advance!

    37. Very simple, You have the option to uncheck the normal TV channel loop, by pressing once on the penultimate button on the bar where you have the ability to scroll forward, pause, watch full screen ... ..etc

    38. I have a question i have a samsung model ue43m5520 and I can not download anything because i do not know how to make a folder you can help me

    39. MulticastTV, goes without interruption.

    40. ILLEGAL say? I appreciate honesty but lack of money forces us simply commit small illegalities, (who think and complicate life if they win sufieni money per month) so make the lists beat,

    41. Your input Can be opened:
      VLC is unable to open the MRL 'link.ts'. Check the log for details.
      I mention that I have subscribed paid so I'm legal from what I read on the net The problem can be from firewall and / or antivirus. I disable the firewall I have set to allow for internet video access but nothing the same message always appears to me ... from everything I found on the net the only computer / laptop solution is another player.
      I still want to use VLC, can solve the problem?

    42. MulticastTV. No interruptions.

    43. this is the advertisement to attract customers and it still remains at the old cool cool variety

    44. SSIPTV
      Cristian can make a video how can we put on smart tv or smartUP TV function on a Philips TV is very hard to put Romanian programs

    45. I also have a question how to create these iptv lists?

    46. Hi,
      Please tell me how I can watch English TV stations (I only have BBC News, but I want others). I say I do not have Smart TV. Do you know any specialist, any company to help me with that?

    47. Rob3rt said

      Hello, I use this application on SmartTv, download the archive here, unzip it, put it on a stick> put the stick on USB to TV, install it yourself 🙂 then if you have an IPTV channel list you put it here: and it comes to tv 🙂, the application is not free, you have 7 days after you have to activate your MAC on TV 😀. You can not find a list of Romanian posts, and if you do not find all the programs, I created a list of Romanian TV channels myself: d. What do you want to leave a message here 🙂. Thank you !

    48. Why do I change the posts in 25 sec on another post and so on. it does not remain stable post

    49. Rob3rt said

      why not validate the comment with the IPTV list?

    50. someone who knows how to make a m3u list, it would be more useful to me than to make a useless way

    51. Hi, I would like to know from where you can buy the lists for the Romanian channels. Thank you.

    52. I installed vlc I took the list I removed it with vlc, it works, but the image is duplicated and has only a shade of red? Do you have any idea what can be done? Thanks.

    53. No need, I found, thank you.

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