How to print a list of files contained in a folder with music, movies, documents - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will see how we can make an automatic list of files contained in a folder. I'm sure you've been asked many times by your friends "Friend, what cool songs do you have on your PC?". Probably your folder contains about 20 GB of music and to sit and list to your friend on yahoo messenger or on facebook all the songs that are in that folder, would be an ordeal for both parties. Even in a phone call, reading the titles of 20.000 songs to a friend is boring.
The solution is to use a softulet which deals precisely with this. Automatically list all files in .txt format that contains a folder and you can even print a list of files that it contains a folder. The application is very small and tools that you can count on your fingers. Being only generate a text file that will contain the name of the file that was found in a folder, this occurs instantaneously no matter how many files are in the folder where you want to make a list of files that it contains.
That said and hoping that I have aroused your curiosity, please follow this tutorial to see exactly how we generate a list of files that it contains a folder with music, movies, games, programs or documents.

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Enjoy !

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  1. you may present the program where is it is a program that creates a database cd dvd etc it while I was using k akm help many lear

    • danonino:
      you may present the program where is it is a program that creates a database cd dvd etc it while I was using k akm help many lear

      yes yes… very good “where is it” software I have been using for some time. especially if you have many doc, pdf files and you need to search for them quickly… .I recommend it

  2. This icon indicates that the win98 softulet, ME

  3. nice tutorial… very useful

  4. Prerequisites said

    I needed nice tutorial cheat ms

  5. View Product said

    An alternative to "where is it" would be "disclib". It can be downloaded here "".
    He do the same thing. Indexed folders and files on DVDs, CDs or other storage device. It has an interface like Windows Explorer. It also has search function among files, thus can more easily find a specific file without having to put each DVD optical drive and look. I use it for some time and I find it useful.

    As far as I can see “where is it” has a few more options, it can also make thumbnails for pictures… but it is not free.

    It would be interesting if it would make a tutorial on one of the 2 programs.

  6. Very good and useful tutorial.

  7. this tutorial is very useful and of course the software: P | I just have a question, I don't like it, I mean, I right-click on a folder, I go to the print folder and a small window appears and it says "Failed to set data for" puteti can you help me please? My PC: Amd athlon 64 X2 dual core 4200+ processor, 2gb ram, Win 7 32, 2600 XT hd video

  8. Thanks a lot, I am struggling with nero (Programme for cover) to make such a list then copy them there in Word.
    Good luck in the future

  9. I myself need a little help.
    I want to make a video clip that is virtually supreapuse 2 a video or a slide and video. I want to do something like this

    I was thinking whether to make a slide or picture, to put a video clip on the side that interests me then register with a soft catch.
    Is there a better option?
    Thank you in advance

    • Kazaryon:
      I myself need a little help.
      I want to make a video in which practically supreapuse 2 Slides video or a video. I want to do something here

      I was thinking whether to make a slide or picture, to put a video clip on the side that interests me then register with a soft catch.
      Is there a better option?
      Thank you in advance

      Use a photo editing program Picasa and even video.

  10. … Good program, ceghirap Adrian, I have been using it for a long time for indexing movies, short and to the point… this YES tutorial!

  11. cristian watermelon said

    you can do a tutorial about AVG PC Tuneup please 2011

  12. … Honestly, a commercial program that should not be missing from a windows installation is nitro pdf professional… which is true there are many "alternatives" to this program so we better use what suits us!

  13. There is another portable program "" and you have the option to open the file in Microsoft Word.

  14. It can list the contents of a folder without using a schedule. For this we use the dir command on the command line.
    CD command position ourselves in the desired folder and then execute the command:
    "DIR / s> content.txt". In the "content.txt" file we will find what we set out to do.

  15. hello everyone on videotutorial and thank you for the effort you make those tutorials to teach us something, but I'm looking for a program that can tell me what applications are launched by me. for example to tell me what and where edit, create, delete files or a specific application, such as a crack or keygen. in short, an application that monitors everything that makes another application in terms of in case an application was infected with a computer virus and observe the performance that we are infected with some unwanted software would be better to know where where to look for files or created, modified or cracks to stop work keygenuri hidden application by deleting files you want some opinions and century if no such monitoring program email: [email protected]

  16. Good evening very good practical tutorial but when I try to print a folder tells me -failed to set the date for-
    Thank you very much

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