How to program automatic hard disk defragmentation in Windows XP - video tutorial

Hi friends, today's tutorial we will see how we can schedule an automatic defragmentation of the hard disk in Windows XP. If Windows Vista, Windows and Windows 7 8 this happens automatically in Windows XP you need to defragment your hard disk manually or schedule automatic defragmentation.
To program an automatic defragmentation of the hard disk we will use Scheduled Tasks and the defrag.exe file located in "C: \ Windows \ system32". In the tutorial we presented two methods to program a defragmentation. We can use the second method if we want to defragment several partitions / hard disks at the same time without having to program a defragmentation for each partition / hard disk. Basically for the second method we will create a file called "defragall.bat" in which we will write 2 commands and then we will program the running of this file which will take care of optimizing the existing hard disks or partitions in the computer. You can also use Scheduled Tasks in many other situations to schedule different tasks or programs to run.
What does defragmentation?
The process by which the operating system optimizes the layout of files on your hard drive so they can be accessed more quickly by operating system.
Windows will work better if you defragment your hard drive?
Definitely yes but we should not expect spectacular performance. However the difference will be noticeable when working on PC. The files will open quicker, apps as copying files will be faster.
How often you should defragment your hard drive?
It is helpful to defragment at least 2 times a month. If you know someone who download as many files, make moves / copying / deleting files frequently when you defragment each week.
There are cases where you should not use defragmentation?
Yes, if you own a SSD it is not necessary to make a defragmentation. Defragmentation is even contraindicated for SSDs especially if they have the technology TRIM
Towards the end, as sound and above on other Windows operating systems do not need to schedule automatic defragmentation because Windows Vista, and Windows 7 8 come by default set to make an automatic defragmentation of all partitions.

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  1. I use Diskeeper! It is the best defragmentation.

  2. Adrian do a tutorial about Diskeeper.

  3. Hatman Alexander-Stefan said

    I use TuneUp Defrag Utility

  4. Adrian Gudus said

    Each uses what he wants. The tutorial is not about what software to use the defragmentation or the best defragmentation software but about how to schedule automatic defragmentation!

  5. Which is why you can not download the tutorial? It is unpleasant to look a certain tutorial all you intereseaza.Chiar is something illegal in this?

  6. Adrian Gudus said

    Which is why you can not download the tutorial? It is unpleasant to look a certain tutorial all you intereseaza.Chiar is something illegal in this?

    Yes, it is our work that we offer you free. Free access is precisely because you have all the right to conditional access module and its distribution.
    To download tutorials is like stealing our work.
    Our tutorials are free and can be accessed anytime, from anywhere there is an internet connection (and today there are everywhere), you can visit us at any time, have access to the site 24 hours 24, 7 days a week from 7.
    I don't see why you would need to download them as long as in all the tutorials we start with "open a browser and go on" So in the end you still get to open a browser and you will still end up making the enormous effort to write 3 words in address bar or Google (note the sarcasm about the "enormous effort")
    What these tutorials to occupy space on your hard drive when we pay dedicated server and server streaming them to your free accessible at any time? You find logic?
    Try to get rid of the "what is in the hand, not a lie" mentality

  7. There are even tutorials for XP so important?
    We are in 2012, however…

  8. Adrian Gudus said

    Which is why you can not download the tutorial? It is unpleasant to look a certain tutorial all you intereseaza.Chiar is something illegal in this?

    In order not to make the giant effort to look for a tutorial, learn to use bookmarks to return at any time with a single click on the site where you know that information was. What is a bookmark? (you will probably wonder) Well, write in the SEARCH box in the top right sidebar: "Efficient management of bookmarks in Firefox and export them to other browsers" press the enter key and you will find the tutorial.

    • Sorry you did not get anything of what I said, they're doing you do not understand. To forget that someone would download all the tutorials. I do not think are interested in everything. But certain posts may be helpful in version that is a setting look like in an operating system were altceva.Nu tell anyone that you do not appreciate the work! But if you do the job then at least do it with such folos.Ca sent me to a tutorial din29oct.2010. That means that when someone looking for something to begin with 2008 year until prezent.Dar if that is your policy is not no problem. I hope I have not upset anyone was offended.

  9. Sorry but you do not understand anything of what I wanted to tell you they're doing you do not understand! You sent me to a tutorial in 29.Oct.2010 to see management of bookmarks! It's good that you gave me different names had to start looking until 2008 prezent.Nimeni not say that you do not appreciate munca.Dar do not even think anyone would even download all the tutorials. It is certain tutorials that shows the settings in Windows and other issues like that. (It was an example). But if that is your policy, there is no problema.Cred I have not offended anyone asked.

  10. I have a problem with even a HDD now taken 3 months last night looks OK SMART software, today after I started pc cold I put hd tune pro and when you see appeared Realocated Events Count 1 Waring from what could appear so? only trust any HDD today all crashes in all review sites say that most crack even after he has given. What guided me to do? some say the full format, others say the warranty Boulevard. Hitachi HDD 1tb 7K1000.D just what had taken Cristi but 2TB, appeared to me that thing. What do you think? Give me some advice please!

  11. nick:
    Which is why you can not download the tutorial? It is unpleasant to look a certain tutorial all you intereseaza.Chiar is something illegal in this?

    what you really want to download and fill your PC useless, it is easier to use signs book (bookmarks) and a single click you get the page you been

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