As the program automatic sending an SMS

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will see how we schedule the automatic sending of an SMS. Not infrequently happen to forget one day anniversary of a friend or loved one. Perhaps remind us of loved ones day but later, after it has already passed, and of course we will not regret that I sent a nice message for the anniversary. The speed with which things happen nowadays is fantastic and we are a people of troubles and worries stress can even happen to look at the day time dearest friend, brother, cousin, boyfriend, girlfriend.
Well today called SMS Scheduler application comes to our aid enabling us to plan or schedule automatic sending an SMS to a new timeframe. SMS Scheduler can be used in many situations, to recall a time to remember a friend, to remind his wife to take the child to school.
Me was very helpful when I wanted to send an urgent message to someone but because it was an hour late and did not want to bother the person, I programmed SMS to be sent automatically the next morning, the first time .
For all holidays approaching with quick steps, you can use SMS Scheduler for Android application to send messages to wish their loved ones for Christmas, New Year's Eve.
What exactly does SMS Scheduler?
- you can schedule the SMS to be sent to several phone numbers or people in the address book at the same time
- planning to send the SMS is quite granular, you can set the month, day, hour, frequency: every 2, 4 or 8 hours, every half hour, every hour, every month, every weekend, every day of the week at the specified time, every year.
- the sent sms will be automatically added to the conversation from the SMS application that came pre-installed on your device. (you can optionally disable this feature)
- the application will notify you when the SMS has been sent and received (optionally you can deactivate these notifications)
- you can always consult the history of sent messages
- you can edit the sending entry of an SMS already programmed by short tap (touch) on it
- you can delete the sending entry of an SMS already programmed by long tap (touch) on it
Personally, I really like this app that has a simple interface with a black background, sufficient options.


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  1. used as sms boomer go.
    The frequency at 5 minutes, not bad.
    If one bothers with mobile (fustratii that the call and do not speak, they hear only breathing), you give 2 100 many nights of guaranteed messages and stop calling.
    Logically it is very good to be used for the real destination. That's how my mother-in-law will receive messages and she won't say that her son-in-law didn't call her…

  2. Good, I have a question and I know somehow if a program:
    exp. after a fixed time 18: 00 who calls me go number that is added to the agenda to defend them as the phone would be busy or something and get a sms with the text defined by me exp: she called after closing time try hands in time blah blah.

    sorry if I posted in the wrong place! and thanks in advance for a possible answer!

    • @ Andrew
      search in play “reject the message”
      there are several types:
      Reject Call Answer Free
      QText: Reject Text & Blacklist
      Call Reject and Remind
      look and see what suits you

  3. Hated it is android. I would not leave iOS for the world.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      There are some very showy but I avoided them because they are too pompous present and have too many unnecessary functions (for me) besides automatic function of sending an SMS.
      One is Go SMS Pro which may look like the iOS app 6:
      or iOS 7:
      I know many iPhone users are frustrated that they can not make things so much easier and you can do as an android. Although the iOS there such an application similar to that presented in the tutorial called Txtot, it does not automatically send the message. When it came time to send the message, you have to give notice and permission to go hand in sending SMS.
      But what do you do if you sleep or take a shower or do not hear the notification?
      Tough time! On Android you set the message, the time and that's the rest of it themselves without the need for confirmation to take action.
      As shown in the tutorial application are hundreds in Play Store but too handsome and with unnecessary functions in addition to the automatic sending a sms.

      • Welcome. I have an offtopic question, I hope it's not a big problem, I have an android phone 4.1.1 jellybean, and when making a video recording barely hear anything when you give playback. What setting could I trick or increase audio volume video? I hope someone help me. Thank you.

  4. Why can not I see posts on samsung.S4

  5. Andi Turcu said

    Adrian, on a Huawei Ascend Y300 that do not support writing mode Swipe using Swiftkey app, you can use this way?

  6. Off topic: Someone brought me an Asus x55a laptop to format it, and now, as before formatting, certain buttons don't work when I press “k” for example, “11:55 PM 7/26 / 20138k” appears to me. at least key combinations like "fn + num lk" or "fn + f2" do not work, even in the bios when you press "del" it does not enter. I installed all the drivers from it including the driver "ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities" as to work these key combinations between FN and F1, F2, F5 and so on but it still doesn't work. What seems to be the problem?

  7. Please videotutoriale I channeled much as the previous ones (1-2 years) ie about prograde, websites etc on PC only (not the other but this foreigner videotutorialele about android etc) then watch every tutorial .Sincer the I, I find it very interesting

  8. Hi I have a question not related to the tutorial> if I keep a game server in the cloud it can stay open 24/24
    and if so how can I do / if not how can Hosta free server thx thanks

  9. Where do I find that Play Store to get SMS Scheduler application?
    Thank you !

  10. Hello, a program that helps me to send a sms automatically to everyone who calls me a period when unavailable, can it? Thank you.

  11. hello I do not find a problem and solve
    I want to automatically send sms one who calls me
    automatic message reply with gender

  12. Hello there vreao instead app that I write a letter, to import a .txt file on your phone notped round, this application or any other (in short, the notped to turn it into the message) ???? Waiting for your answers

  13. Madalina Andreea said

    you can block someone, that was odd turning up messages if you use this app?

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