How can remote control the uTorrent WebUI-through tutorial video

In this video tutorial we will talk about peer to peer protocol or p2p, specifically about uTorrent is an important representative of bittorrent technology.

Not about uTorrent application itself but we'll talk about the method by which we can order it from a distance (remote control) via the Internet and a browser.

The idea of ​​ordering something from a distance was always interesting and exciting, in our case we do not even need too much effort, setup is a breeze.

You will need to download WebUI (Web user interface) from the company that produces the famous torrent client uTorrent download, will help us to control uTorrent client.

The operation is very simple and the effect is extraordinary, imagine that you are in the office at work and you decide to download a film that will see him home at night, certainly not be able to because the computer that work is not a pc private and over can be supraveghiat someone in conclusion must get home, although you are tired and you put the downloaded.

Well now you do not have to do this because there WebUI and uTorrent, which you can order from the PC to service client uTorrent, which I have already installed on your computer at home and films or music will be ready downloaded when get home from work.

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  1. an interesting idea even if you do not have much time.

  2. to get directly to the trajectory of utorrent there is also this thing start> run>% AppData% \ uTorrent> ok and done 😛

  3. Kp.
    I see that you are an expert in the command line.
    I showed how it works in Windows graphical interface, because if we want to use the command line means that we go back in time.
    Are you ready to throw the mouse in the trash and use only the "command line" tomorrow?
    I want an honest answer !!!

  4. kp this is a tutorial on how to control your utorent from your home pc, assuming that you are in italy or spain and you want with torrent from your home pc to download what you want! you understood that it would be another way to open the tutorial and you probably said that with the command line… More k you certainly did not understand the tutorial!

  5. Cristi I say that the search engine site is very good and I propose to leave it as it is despre as for mail subscribe… I put mail 3 days ago I think and I don't receive any mail although I have posted 2 new tutorials since then plus comments and I don't have received no email subscription once? or do I expect that to be considered? Good days have passed since I subscribed!

  6. I also looked in Spam because maybe yahoo sees it as spam… but even there I didn't receive an email from

  7. Yes I am prepared to use than the command line: d

    Adrian whether philosopher remains silent.

    by the way if you're at Knucklehead ala day and give me honest Adriane you how many years of experience in IT?

  8. Adriane.
    You show up as a subscriber but are not confirmed, I had to come to an email and give you the link if you're sure confirmation.
    It's a kind of double check.
    May look you in the mailbox and if there is nothing we see tomorrow.

  9. kp I didn't say I'm smart! what do you feel inferior about attacking like that? Did I say something inferior to you? or what? I think you would have remained a philosopher if you were silent now… Please, I still know about those who install your windows on you, so you have years of it and you have no idea how to format a partition, maybe you know, I don't really believe in "Those with years of it in the back" if I tell you that I have 23 years of it in the back do you believe me? Well see? so I don't care much about your years of it and here we are in a virtual environment you can put whatever you are bil gates… please I don't know how to spell…

  10. Cristi I look at every 20 minutes that I am waiting with all my heart for 2 days for an email from someone and believe me it is not an email from you, I know what the confirmation email looks like, through which I have to click on a link to make sure I made the request… blah blah my formality is known but there is nothing from you neither in spam nor in inbox

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    Come as you've shoved me textbook on the list of confirmed, but not usually do this job because it is the right of everyone to longer think again and if you click the link in the e-mail confirmation is not considered as a subscriber and consequently it is not bothered by any mail from us.
    For you I took the liberty of putting you at the subscriber confirm that you told me that you want to receive in your comment.

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    I've been waiting for her for a long time …….!
    Hopefully a really snowing soon.

  13. Yes beautifully performed I like it cool how the decision to leave me out manually've done ft good for me just get ft often to see comments or what tutorials or posted and I could use a notification by mail although not it's hard to get in and out of you by any 40 times a day I like more! Thanks so much Cristi.Si rest assured that I will not bother you at least mails from me on the contrary I like to I work! and after all of this is mailu not? if you sit empty as well? not for me!

  14. Adriane I would propose you to shut up

    for me you're such a thread

  15. this is not flame me my parte.parerea baieti.certativa another.

  16. Guys.
    We want to organize a match between Adrian and Kp type K1!
    What do you think ?

  17. Just kidding.
    The confrontation of ideas is always constructive as long as it is on IT topics.
    No, quarrel be peaceful…!

  18. LOL who's arguing? I'm still calm, except that one of these guys who "has years of it" attacked like that… in vain. I pray…

  19. I guess I should have a static ip not?

  20. Bl
    Cloegul mau boby will post a tutorial on purchasing a free domain (site address type "www.etc etc") from dyndns and configuring it for a dynamic ip, with a small utility that will update your ip and it will sync with your domain every time you start windows.
    The combination you will use with web utorrent will be "http: // domain: utorrent port / gui"

  21. Adriane!
    What does "LOL" mean, enlighten me too, brother!
    I saw this word or phrase many times in your comments!
    I mean I know but explain them to others!

  22. Cristi who doesn't know how to use google !! it's the English translation lafing out laugh (sorry my English) adik laughing with your mouth up to your ears… dying of laughter, on your stomach, but most of them and why don't I admit it too, I use it when I'm surprised by something, many confuse it with the Romanian wow or woe to the Romanian mine.

  23. I know I don't use it in the right circumstances, but I'm too lazy to write, "Woe is me, don't you know?" I put LOL or when someone says what I think is a joke I use LOL please we are English speakers American speakers we are bubu bubu bubufoni it's about the song that belongs to the band TAXI

  24. I don't know..what to say with the e-mail..but since I found out about "Snarfer" I can say that I don't need to receive e-mail a new tutorial has appeared ..
    I find it easier to Snarfer.

  25. And anyway mail receive it later than ..adica tutorial is already done ..and I get mail until the day ..deci remain variant Snarfer

  26. Ramda first happy birthday and everything you wanted in the new year and of course at Mutt tutorial
    it would be interesting and a tutorial on how we can remotely control another computer, to excel at home when you're at work or vice versa
    Personel I use some programs but are curious to see and your Defendants

  27. boby_admin said

    How you can find all viruses in the world do not know
    I had no luck with them so far
    Let's let the joke when you want to download a file or program go on thepiratebay, isoHunt, Mininova and find information and vote good or bad for some files
    That way you will realize whether or not dangerous
    If you see that has to 4-5 good reviews mean that a file or program is safe and you can download it without worrying Yorkers

  28. @boby_admin: =)) What are you looking for boby? Didn't you realize how Romanian browses the web even now? Do you want me to tell you? Look: I open the browser… and how they keep browsing like this… yes about a site… they look at it quickly vede if they see a picture with cosmine bird they zoom in to see it better, or they look for videos that show how one he tripped and fell on his nose… if he doesn't find something like that on that site pa… look for another… do you think k reads someone's writing, comments? And when he tries to download something, he doesn't care about the content or the comments, if the title under the download button is the one he is looking for, click on it and you're done, only after he breaks his PC does his file fall and scratch his head trying to figure out where he got the viruses from as he just clicked the Download button! =)) That's how much Romanian is done on the web. lol lol lol and again LLLOOOLLL

  29. super stage, and the shame that goes with orange N70 wap. I tried all possible

    by the way, for everyone - after 3 years and some experience in torrents I can express my personal opinion as the best torrent in Romania - / is private and is registered by invitation, the download speed is fantastic compared to others Romanian or foreign tracheae

  30. @LucianGL: And you have accumulated great experience in 3 years that these guys do not know that there's a torrent filelist but a tracker! torrentu is one and tracker is different! I take on Isohunt with 2,1M so do not you convinced me of anything!

  31. e torrent sites, in short many of these sites say they torrents. Now can you understand me and abstain

    you can get where you want. on the filelist you reach the maximum bandwidth that your network offers you and most of the time there are a lot of seeders in general compared to other torrents… there is no point in doing a demonstration now… sign up and compare for a few months and you will see that I am right / do not agree

  32. @LucianGL: Dude, learn the definition of sher, then look up and see what p2p Per to Per means… and we'll talk more about… if you like to obey some celebrities who own some files from you, who in turn read them you took it from outside, no one makes movies like davinci's code or games like GTA in romania, they are taken from outside, you only have! After you find out what file sharing means and what the per to per or p2p protocol means, do we talk ok? Do you know what filelist traker does? just mediate the transfer, adik makes the connection between you who have your file! no one has a torrent factory at home and they upload them on the filelist! if you didn't enter the filelist there would be nothing on him! Do you know how I see the guys who have tracking sites in Romania? It's like selling air, when it's actually for everyone and it's something vital… but you take cik are more cunning and sell it! and you fool, you get "seduced" and obey like a puppy when in fact p2p and sharing means something else! You young people, you judged communism, when in fact it is still communism but behind the curtain… hidden… you like to be fenced, subject to rules, limited… and etc, As the Parasites say "Communism died but the spirit remained in the country, We we are heading fast towards a national parody ”In these 3 years of experience that you say you have, you have done nothing but make accounts on your trackers and shoot, but most certainly you were not interested in the definition of p2p and sharing! And in fact this was the most important thing to learn, these definitions not to shoot, and to know which tracker has higher speed, k speed is not only related to the tracker but also to your bandwidth and many other aspects, which you do not you know!

  33. hmm,
    you don't know me but you allow yourself to judge me…
    you haven't seen me but you say you know who I am…
    however… my advice remains standing

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  35. Hi everyone, congratulations for their efforts in building and developing this site
    And me I would be interested to get the phone for use uTorrent

  36. lol ( ), only now did you realize that I am from Galati? How did you find out, from Nick isn't it? Waw, how loud… loool
    Come as you are sympathetic
    You know Adrian, it's an old saying, what says something like that even a couple who have been together for xxx years don't know each other well enough, but you… are phenomenal… amaze me 😀

    but I deviated from the subject of IT and how they say are off-topic

  37. @LucianGL: Lol know what it means, and if all you get on Wiki and the term you searched term p2p and sharing?

  38. Viorel Tucaliuc said

    I have a question how I could do I connect to uTorrent from another location if I Akasa internet RDS dynamic IP can make a connection proxy to utorrent so I can have a fixed IP so I can connect all the time through it ?

  39. @Viorel Tucaliuc: It doesn't matter what ip you have… it's static it's dynamic, it works to connect with anyone, it's important to know your ip !!!! when you leave home leave your pc open and write down your ip- ul on something… ip dynamic changes every pc restart, or reboot connection, you can use if I'm not mistaken and proxi!

  40. @Viorel Tucaliuc:
    Here's the thing that you can use is a video tutorial on setting up a free subdomain from DynDNS.
    You would be surprised to see how many things you find this site useful, if you're looking course.


  42. zavidoc said

    I don't care that Filelist has masters! As if I take from them or from the isohunt, or mininova or nonsense, it is important to get what I want. I think many antifilelists are bothered by the fact that they don't have an invitation… How many sites don't let you in without logging in, which takes time and complicates life. Adrian is a guy who makes the right comments, but here he came in with his boots on.… If you pull on the other end of the rope, you risk falling on your back. Nobody knows them all, because otherwise they wouldn't visit this site! Good thing I learned my mind, and I only read comments on the subject. Sincerely, Lv

  43. I tried to install the WebUI but not merge.Mentionez I installed Windows 7.Am understood to could not work on this OS. Has anyone installed the WebUI 7 Win?

  44. sebyI try to install WebUI but not merge.Mentionez I installed Windows 7.Am understood to could not work on this OS. Has anyone installed the WebUI 7 Win?

    I have Windows 7 and method WebUI goes smoothly !! You go into control panel and turn off the firewall so that the dust from the windows!

    Click "Start" then "Control Panel" then System and Seurity "then" Windows Firewall "and on the left click" Turn Windows Firewall on or off ".
    At "Home or Work" check "Turn off Windows Firewall" and at "Public network location settings" also check "Turn off Windows Firewall" give "OK" and that's it.

  45. sebyI try to install WebUI but not merge.Mentionez I installed Windows 7.Am understood to could not work on this OS. Has anyone installed the WebUI 7 Win?

    This is proof! HERE

  46. Eventually I succeeded but I have another problem, namely not I connect with my ip but only that
    The same thing I suffered with FilleZilla server I can not connect with my ip which is dynamic… and is from Italy (where I live)
    Now where is wrong?

    Ps. As a firewall I COMFORTABLE…

  47. drshomeboy said

    So that's what Web UI did… always wondered about that… it's the flour option, it works great if you have a job and spend a lot of time there. In addition to this WebUI, you should add a Team Viewer to connect to your home PC when you are at work / school / college / etc, provided you leave the computers on when you leave home: D.

  48. serpalau said

    Hi isti cristi you can make a video tutorial on how we can count a file… and the statistics to appear on the web (a web page)

  49. I have another torrent that looks the same as utorrent

  50. polferis said

    I wanted to see the tutorial, I downloaded that adobe player and… .anything or I don't know what to do with it? does anyone help me I downloaded the web, but I still don't know. I want to control my utorrent and I don't know how to do it. can you help me by explaining it more simply? thank you in advance


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  3. […] Hi friends, in this tutorial we will talk together about the uTorrent version for Linux. Recently, the developers of the super-famous torrent client uTorrent released a version for Linux. Currently the application is in the alpha stage and does not have a graphical interface but only the server client. And yet we in today's tutorial will learn together how we can use a WEBUI interface (web user interface) to set up, download, use our uTorrent client in Linux from a graphical interface. Installing this uTorrent server is very simple. We go to the official website then access the Download section and go to the Linux tab where we will be offered to download the Alpha version. Click on the download button and once we have the tar.gz archive in our pc, we right-click on it and choose the Extract Here function from the context menu. A folder with the same archive name will result except for the tar.gz extension. I recommend that you move the resulting folder to the Home folder or to any other location on your PC. Then to run the server simply go into the folder and run by double-clicking the file called "utserver" and that's about it. Once the uTorrent server is running, it can be accessed and controlled from anywhere thanks to the web interface. Accessing and controlling the uTorrent client will be done by typing in the address bar of any browser, the ip and the 8080 port on which it is set by default. If we are running the server and we want to access the Web interface from the same PC that the uTorrent server is running on, all we have to do is write in the address bar: http://localhost:8080/gui. If we want to access it from another computer, instead of "localhost" we will have to write the ip of the respective computer, ip that can be found by typing in google "my ip" and clicking on the first result. All settings and how to use the client, once accessed, are identical to how to use and the settings we apply in the uTorrent client used in Windows. Although the version is in the alpha stage, at the moment I have not encountered any problems in running and operating this torrent. Towards the end, I would ask you if you encounter difficulties or notice strange behaviors of this client, do not hesitate to leave us a comment. We are waiting for your opinions about this uTorrent client. Remember, if you have suggestions, complaints or additions do not hesitate to write in the comments section, also if you meet in the comments section a user who has a problem and you can help him, do not hesitate to do it, only this way we can do this better place, see you in the comments section! Enjoy ! For those who want to use the WebUi interface on windows, we have a tutorial made by our colleague Cristi: How to remotely control the utorrent via the web […]

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