How can we effectively render video in aftereffects

Hello, today we'll look at ways of rendering videos in Effects.Avand After many settings available rendering creates some confusion so when we want to turn a video edited must consider a few things.
Rendering format that I recommend it in After Effects is Time.La Quick Output Module choose QuickTime format and codec, I have a few recommendations for you:
Small size -Fisier
Quick -Comprimare
-Fisier Medium (2x h.264)
Quick -Comprimare
-Fisier Medium
-Comprimare Very slow
-Fisier Large size (4x PhotoJPG)
Quick -Comprimare

As you can see Animation codec is very good if you have the necessary space and instead JPG and H.264 have good quality with extremely small file size.
If you want the file to be stepped on YouTube after a few minor changes to the aftereffects is recommended to choose the format H.264 (.mp4) or QuickTime format (.mov) with codecs or PhotoJPG.Daca H.264 have accomplished a professional setting it is recommended for demanding clients Animation codec with QuickTime format.
MPEG-2 is the format for DVD-uri.Toate videos that may come to be seen on TV as DVDs at a time will be changed in MPEG-2 either your editing software or software creation DVD ului.AfterEffects is not the best program for compressing video and therefore I urge people who want to get to edit the file to DVD to save his movie in QuickTime format, codec transcoding PhotoJPG and then to make this software DVDs (ex. Adobe Encore) .In addition, unfortunately, the standard version of Adobe Master Collection is not currently CS6 MPEG-2.Putem only hope that through updates this problem go away.
With the software comes installed After Effects and Adobe Media Encoder with which you can export videos to a much better quality and more efficient than having to choose from a wide range of presets uri.Daca try to turn a video aftereffect using the system with the Adobe Media Encoder you will notice that there are major differences in size fisierului.Recomand fully use Adobe Master Encoder.
Below is an example H.264 between filming format (.mp4) and QuickTime (.mov) codec H.264:



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  1. Anderson said

    Alex hardly're so sure of yourself, other functions not you tell them? You have the same mechanism as Cristi, so Cristi 2.

    • How can you say that? It's a specialist in the field and you can not say that! He presented it because he wanted to present the most used!

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    Cristi, I asked myself a question the previous tutorial how to unlock the HDD password, Hard Drive is user it asks password: and you do that if I enter the 3 often occurs hdd is locked now! and do not say when he sees my partition I / O device error. What I like crack password? I do not I put any password, I simply formatted and appeared locked hdd user password???

  3. Duallpannel said

    A tip: move less mouse [slider]. Not only it is annoying but you could hypnotize somebody!

  4. Duallpannel said

    What PC you man? Adobe Media Encoder, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro all open at the same time with no lag!

  5. Tutorialu very good, congratulations and we tutorials Premier Pro.

  6. Hi, as the above user says, try not to move the mouse cursor all the time… it's really annoying.

  7. AndersonAlex hardly're so sure of yourself, other functions not you tell them? You have the same mechanism as Cristi, so Cristi 2.

    A program so complex can not be covered in one tutorial, even if doing it the 20 hours.
    Better focus on certain tasks on time, so it is easier to digest.

  8. Hackintosh expect the guy, coming or evaporated?

  9. EC frame rate do you use?

  10. Congratulations tutorial, wait about Premiere Pro tutorials and more.
    Perhaps in the future will make the described tutorials and other programs in the Adobe suite.
    PS: In Adobe After Effects cs6 with daily updates there mpeg2

  11. valentin said

    An extremely tedious tutorial. Alex, we pretty much tired with the mouse, open and close a window very often pointless. Try to be more fluent. The rest was OK.
    Good luck !

  12. Come with your Hackintosh !!!

  13. AndersonAlex hardly're so sure of yourself, other functions not you tell them? You have the same mechanism as Cristi, so Cristi 2.

    Not. He's as annoying as Gudus. Really, how does "propartaiz" do it?

  14. Cristi and I just wait and just say: come with your Hackintosh!
    and can make a connection with the new Intel Haswell

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    Duallpannel: A tip: move the mouse less [pointer]. Not only is annoying but you could hypnotize anyone!

    totally agree with tine.mai confused with his movement and open windows of tens of thousands of times

  16. Congratulations Alex! Excellent tutorial and presentation prof you do.
    I'm interested in, I hope not only me, a series of tutorials with Pinnacle Studio 16.

  17. Hi, I have a question, do not open cd.botabil what to do??

  18. I also want a tutorial on how to fleshuiesc darktremor app2sd. I followed the tutorials on the site, but I do not go CWM recovery program can not find my phone model, and when I press the volume buttons, home and power I get a menu where you can only do tests and give restart. I mention Alcatel One Touch 918.
    Thank you in advance.
    PS: I rooted my phone to make it work better, but considering the phone model, I don't think I can do anything with it… anyway, I'm waiting for more tutorials about android.

  19. adrian doing tutorials?

  20. David: Cristi and I just wait and just say: come with your Hackintosh! and can make a connection with the new Intel Haswell

    And I look forward, but I think to continue or not this series. Maybe they have problems and can not install the system who knows and I had started not at all easy, but takes a lot of patience. If anyone interested I recently completed a Hack Pro a Hackintosh in a box Power Mac G5 (Z77X-UD5H Motherboards, I5 3570k CPU, Intel HD integrated graphics 4000, Corsair SSD F60, apple mouse and keyboard casing Power Mac G5 ) looks great and moves as if you have some pictures here:

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    An asphalt: not so much move the cursor. Try to move only when necessary and not to play with him on the screen continuously. It's a little annoying.
    Otherwise it's ok

  22. I see many negative comments from you after the man is probably the first tutorial and it must understand one expert was not born on this planet and be pleased to receive such sustinemi tutorials we are to those who are beginners in such I mean something tutorials Comments not give him negative.

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    Black: Duallpannel

    Wrong! No Comments Comment negative but helpful!

  24. Sal and I finished editing a short movie 5 minutes, and I want it all, but they choose h.264 format (video codec chosen forced them h.264) gives me an error that they say can not find plugin to the h.264, I installed quicktime 7 like you said, and closed adobe and opened it after installation, I ran and restart your PC and appears in the format lisa. What to do? I tried to download Adobe Encore, but I can not find anywhere on the net for free. Avi format but I tried to handle 100GB 5 minute movie and go jerky and BSplayer and the FCC, as with all video players.

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