How can burn a CD in audio format (track) with nero-tutorial

In this video tutorial, we will present how to burn a cd with nero program in audio format or track.

Suppose we have a house combining old audio CD or a radio that can not read format mp3, mp4 etc and then we'll be forced to burn CD format track (audio).

When we want to download a song in audio we'll find again as the track having a very large size (40-60 mega) and is not very profitable to download and store music files in such formats of course it has a very good sound quality but dinensiunea is about 10-15 times higher than mp3 format.

Appropriate would be to keep your favorite songs in the following way: mp3 on PC files and CDs in audio format (track)

The following video tutorial shows how to make a cd audio files using mp3 nero software suite.

by Bogdan Pelu


For your convenience this tutorial video is ROMANIAN and can be watched full screen (Fullscreen)

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  1. He..he more "parasites" of there ..
    The band tara..parerea my girlfriend ..

  2. bebelone said

    very ok this site

  3. Hi,
    Everything up here is OK.
    But when they open the audio CD writing on Windows Media Player, Winamp or in the car I do not see song titles and who sings, I see only 1..n.cda Track (extension explorer)
    How can I correct this? To see what dinner is singing and melody.
    thank you.

  4. @jute:
    When inscription had to give them every numa or if you had a nero with liceenta he was doing this for you if you tick some stuff, stuff that I do not know exactly what I do not have to liceenta nero, cost a lot.

  5. BUNA.AM to come up with a topic that interests me.
    AM try downloading WITH "NERO" and when I tried to add a photo or song IMI looks like "IT MAY BE POSSIBLE, THE FILES CAN BE ADDED THAT, IF THE PLUG-IN IS DEDICATED court" .From what I REALISED CA asking me to install "pLUG-IN" I tried BUT ONLY AND DOES NOT KNOW WHAT ARE IESE.
    CAN you tell me what the problem OR IN ANY CASE BE YOUR PROGRAM SA passed this ETAPA.CA then follow to download from NERO ALL they want.
    WHAT TO DO wanted answered.

  6. @daniel: 1 hand ... next time you post, post lowercase we are not blind and see your post no matter how you write, you should not stand out! 2 and I'm not clear at all what you want to do? To download with nero? as with adik to download nero? What's with nero download and from where? Nero is a burner, a burner adik software with which CDs you burn CDs muzik, movies, pictures ... and the rest of ... I heard something ... how to download with nero? what you mean?

  7. marian brotherhood said

    It would not be bad if (some) omu 'job done million, good for him !!! keep it like this.

  8. I have a problem I have a cd in the car radio not only read the original CDs that within me ... how can I make it look original cd?

  9. @geo: You do not have any problem with "radio" Your problem is that "radio" just read your audio CD track! and not mp3 sites!

  10. I used Nero 7,8,9 and eventually all at the old 6 I intors.Mi it much better ...

  11. Nero 7 eat a lot of resources, if you open a picture with his utility as it lacks a burner and burning a CD while eating approx. 400 mb ram. I do not advise anyone to take 7, 8 think how is uninstalled, as told and Radu, 6's most successful.

  12. Hello, nice tutorial greetings

  13. Hello! I have a problem with nero and I can not still burning CDs! asking me to install plug-in! and I do not know why and where to get it. -nero went so far thousand 7- normal!
    You have no idea what I could do?
    thanks mult1

  14. Thank ptr. This tutorial ptr. like me-I struggled a while ago to do a cd ptr. car not only recognize tracks and now I managed after this tutorial ... once mrs. Boby !.



      Yes it works, are systems car audio that can play MP3 sites, unless you have something, tutorial that teaches you how to make MP3 sites, a CD with tracks, the track can run and oldest car CD players.

  16. marius neamtu said problem with nero.Dupa you select what I want to burn and reach the final stage, I can not give advance burn.multumesc

    • marius neamtu: problem with nero.Dupa you select what I want to burn and reach the final stage, I can not give advance burn.multumesc

      What do you mean you can not burn? Be more explicit, what happens exactly, receive any message when you click the Burn? Either your CD is not empty, or you put too many songs and passing the red mark or your CD-ROM (optical drive) does not burn CDs but only reads.

  17. Thank you very much ! It was making great help d 'videotutorial' It was not a great idea .. cVA hard d did not know ..insa dak have mattered much this information

  18. ptr respect tutorial

  19. sooper man: D Good luck to me to zimi app id remus_ionut63 what you filmed desktop plz

    • AdrianGudus said

      Yannick: Sooper man: D Good luck to me to zimi app id remus_ionut63 what you filmed desktop plz

      Write up in the search box right on the black edge: CamStudio, hit enter and you will find the tutorial

  20. SideBySide said

    I gives me an error on the 10-11% I read "Burn process failed at 10x" I broke a cd then used only function simulated and every time so also does not give much detail error and I do not I can see why, the log writing something "illegal disc". I used cd 2 different brands, different speeds ... Do I have problems with DVD Writeru or Nero? Thank you in advance

  21. Sall amvizionat and I sstricat 3 CD and everything did not go want to do one for the car ... and show me what OCD is and I did ERROR tutorial will help 3 times Rogge .... !!!

  22. Calum explained very Buin and bravo

  23. Yeah, I watched most tutorials with Nero, but no tutorial does not explain how to set scriere.Intrati method and set the write speed but nothing that setting has two options' Disc-at-once "and" track-at -once'.Ar be interesting to know what each, for I noticed that if you make an audio cD with track-at-once something happens, and if you do disc-at-once is a regular cD audio music. Thank you.

  24. I have got a problem, I do not allow me to write speed, myo not even show the same nero I like this vid, just as I can not change the speed
    that edge should do
    please help
    mersii nice

  25. Andrew said

    It can help myself and anyone with information? I want to burn a cd with nero burning rom and after I do cd text, I like when you put a player or winamp, to defend my name which I tracks, not Track 1 Track 2 Track3 . Does anyone know how to do this?

  26. I have a problem I downloaded nero smart home and when he asks me to do something I kind of key, please ajutatima.

  27. I have a problem with nero6.Incerc to make a CD for your car and burn after giving say it is not writable cd and her brand new ... .My Can someone help?

  28. Great tutorial, I all looked up to find him.

  29. Hello . I want to make a CD for the car and tells me Nero can not read that format. What can I do ? Thank you in advance

  30. Tell me where I can download and me, that type of nero

  31. VERY GOOD SITE's super hard

  32. ilies Michael said

    hello. I have a dvd rw samsungnou brand that looks like it's written in the car CD but I tried not to go low and high speed and still do not read if you can help me thanks a lot.

  33. Good over time helped in the case tutorialurile your PC and have been very helpful and useful and I hope you continue to work in this an.Acum I 2 questions addressed to you.
    The first is that Windows would need to put this configuration X32 or X64?
    Single Core CPU AMD Sempron 2,7
    GB Ram 4
    GB Lan 1
    500 GB HDD
    Integrated NVIDIA GeForce video yet 630 256 MB
    Thanks waiting for an answer specialists.
    A 2 question what should be written speed DVD? use DVD to burn movies to DVD Player format DVD Video using DVD Verbatim - I used with + and then write with marker dvd movie name at the end, I started writing speed 6x I wrote and 8 x 12x 16 x but there were failures, but now 2 days we inscribed 2 DVD 2 movies speed 6x Verbatim + and wrote with marker as I said above only at the end of the movie is still interrupted and I could not see the end and I plus it was very supărat.în interrupt and occasionally during the film.
    Thank you and I wish you wait for your response Success in the New Year and hope to new tutorials help

  34. Hello
    what version of Nero is in tutorial

  35. giovanni said

    vasea: Hello! I have a problem with nero and I can not still burning CDs! asking me to install plug-in! and I do not know why and where to get it. -nero went so far thousand 7- normal! You have no idea what I could do? thanks mult1

  36. Hello! I am interested to know if these audio CDs compatible with those radios reading mp3 / waw; because I do a greater number of audio CDs for several players (car format audio CD or cassette mp3). The thing is that I make audio CDs and is compatible for all. May?

  37. You explained well, thanks

  38. Hello ,

    I have a DVD and I want to make songs just to make it 15 audio machine to read it, go ??

    • good I have a problem I have windows 8 and every time give to CRIE audio cd burn them to CD but when I give to see music from CDs is nothing shows me that cd is empty but when I watch it on cd is he sees that writing is what to do that's the problem

  39. Numa cheloo and ombladon listening?

  40. thanks a lot

  41. Nero, which version?

  42. Hello I have a Kenwood DNX a 7200 and do not know what name did read a program nero dvd video lam ConvertXtoDVD done nothing and everything I did not know I ami error citeste.disc spunetimi not what I do to make a DVD you can see in thank sal wanted answered.

  43. Catalin said

    Hi I have a problem I've got a laptop with Windows 10 and tried to make a cd trak 2016 I downloaded Nero and not let me do. Nero I could take or how to do that I can do a cd trak

  44. Catalin said

    Not working

  45. Catalin said

    Hello I ş a problem and I was able to make an audio CD on Windows 10 Nero in need

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Musa Nero You do not need to burn an audio CD! You can use CDBurnerXP, BurnAware. These applications have already been submitted to us here on the site. You find the search box at the top right. Unlike Nero, mentioned above, are free

  46. Stachys stefania said

    I desperately need a CD-RW?

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