How to recover deleted IDs or contacts from Yahoo Messenger and Mail

Hello various friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo Mail. More specifically we will see how we can recover deleted contact IDs or Messenger or Yahoo Mail.
As I was saying in an article on our blog that I invite you to read, Yahoo automatically remove invalid IDs in your list of Messenger
The procedure for recovering a deleted ID is extremely simple and involves just a few clicks of the mouse. It may be that someone has access to our account and we remove a messenger ID list or we can remove ourselves from the mistake. Regardless of how it was deleted a contact ID Messenger or Yahoo Mail account, we can recover it.
All users of these services have in their account section Yahoo Contacts and there is another category called Contacts deleted. In this list "Contacts deleted" Yahoo keeps contacts and deleted IDs for 1 month. We can restore your contacts selectively or all at once.
If for some reason can not find the ID deleted in litsta "Contact Deleted" We're a last resort, ie you have to complete a Recovery Form after which officials will try to restore Yahoo ID or your contact our Yahoo account. Yet neither this last solution is not useful if it is more than 10 days when ID was deleted / lost our account.

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  1. It's not that Adriane, it's free and submit. Since we all made a commitment to use it. Yahoo would have to put in our privacy and our IDs delete inactive list. Maybe after a while the person will enter the id. I find that a violation of intitimitatii .. Well, it's even questionable laws, all are interpretable. No, white is white, gray and back could mean ...

  2. Well how weak security, hackers have broken and servers of yahoo accounts were deleted in Romania one second. Last night no longer work to get the mail I said "not found" on their and only work if we get on yahoo romania, dAbeau dAbeau.

  3. Adriane, Yahoo has become uninteresting topic in recent years. See also in the interest of visitors to view the "tutorial". I do not think future point in wasting your time with these tutorials.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I do not know how you realize the interest in this tutorial. You must have access through Webmaster Tools and do not know us!?
      If there are multiple comments does not mean that there is interest, you report about it! As long as things were explained clearly and there are disagreements is normal there questions, comments. Lack of comments can be a sign that you've done a good job!
      If you have no interest, does not mean others do not have. Do not ever assume, regardless of the field as it is uninteresting to you, will be as uninteresting for the rest.

    • Wherever you're traveling by Ro.trebuie by one Gica-counter .. so is this site ... instead of that with this man for the information they provide with pleasure, some of you go just to pour shit and arrogant 2 money ... nobody is interested in your opinion .. veziti snow Cyprian of your ignorance and let people communicate peacefully.

  4. All tutorials are interesting. Even if some of them do not like, we can learn something from each.

  5. Adrian. It is not so, as we get a commitment When we accept the terms and conditions as like yahoo do. I think that I do not have the right to enter my privacy and the more they decide to delete my IDs of my friends even if they have not gone for years on them. That seems outrageous really. I decide when and if I want to delete my IDs, and also on facebook if I put a setting not see a group of photos that anyone can set facebook to see everyone .. It's not fair, it is my decision or X.

  6. Salut.Folositor tutorial.
    I want to make a tutorial showing how to get to "Disable Desktop Composition" in Windows 8. Thank you

  7. Michael Alexu said

    Hi Adrian! Future I would like to make tutorials about Windows Phone, Windows Phone mobile recommendations, tricks, how we tailor how we go in May bn, nush, all sorts of things as he did on Android dastea want and Windows Phone, you can even make a comparison between Windows Phone and Android, nush orice.Oricum congratulations for the work, I learned far more from you.

  8. Constantin said

    Hey I know this is not what I want the subject to inquire but still I would like to get an answer if you can. I use mozilla as principal and antivirus Kaspersky Internet Brawser 2014 (ORIGINAL) I walk on and view a videotutorial to go back to previous page must give 3-4 or click the button to go to previous page. I want to know if some of you on the site or from me as I am all extensions Kaspersky enabled in Firefox. This thing happens only and only Videotutorial. Ro. Thank you and expect an answer.

  9. All the services we offer Yahoo are vulnerable to competition davada the target of hackers that time demonstrato. (It seems that the vulnerability that had it with java script that affected me and me).

  10. Adrian Gudus said

    Florin and George.
    Things are not as you think
    Those IDs do not you just delete them one way Yahoo has something personal with you. Every service has a record, a database and can see or automate the process by receiving regular reports about how and when to use an ID or more.
    No one will access the account to see what will move there and who add or remove from the list of Messenger
    All these things are automatic. Simply observe the work of poor Yahoo account and decides to delete, as it happens for you to have that ID that they decide to disable it in your list is part 2 the
    No one has anything to anyone. Not to mention how many of you have accounts that neither you (those who have done) does not know, or data that you made or simply forget that once you have made an id with name "lalaband . lalaband "
    Many users have used Yahoo in an improper way, to make spamm, to impersonate someone else, like swearing. All these accounts that you have we done that you forget and do not use or rarely use them consume resources. Your account plus account ... how many thousands of others users are gathering much "garbage"
    From time to time should cleaner scum was doing fine. Nobody can afford to deplete some resources elsewhere to keep active some accounts that many of you do not give a damn.
    I find it very fair when you do not use Yahoo for X days to be wiped your account. Do you use it? It means you do not need. Why to waste resources to keep active some rarely used accounts when we can offer them to others who need them.

  11. Costelina said

    thanks Adrian

  12. It may be that yahoo emails are on the server and at the same time on PC?
    In this case could go to emails and off-line (on the PC that was saved / downloaded), and if it could use another PC connection could access email without problems.
    Thank you.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Write in the search box top right: Zimbra Desktop, an email client finally brings desktop mail from Yahoo Mail, press enter and you will find the tutorial

  13. So can.
    I thought it was just a dream. Good thing it's just a dream.
    Thanks a lot again and I get to work.

  14. Useful tutorial. But a few days I can not do any videoapeluri and audio calls. Is there a solution? I have Windows 7 Enterprise x86. The webcam sees in settings, as well as microphone, but does not work. From me is sore? As antivirus Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 licensed. Can someone help me? Thank you!

  15. What possibilities do I have to get my ID whose password I forgot it, and answers to secret questions we have forgotten?

  16. Gentlemen, you do tutorials on Elementary OS Luna system? Install drivers, install flash player software for regular users,? Thank you!

  17. Hello I have a problem is based on the tutorial (but I think it's bn to post here because it is the latest tutorial and maybe I will answer) the problem is with a PC I installed lam mufat source panelu front rami everything right but when bag current plug in it turns the lights back on APSA butonu of power but nothing happens simply does not start and you can help me with this problem min if possible.!

  18. this team slept as shown. even make a tutorial on how to post more links once facebok without being forced to open them one at a time or children that you can not see the picture of the link interface. I hope vati caught.

  19. salut.pentru Andrew and I did not get anything right and even tau.scrie comment logic.vezi not have any jack nowhere, ram dead or damaged source are a lot of cables did not put you or I go gresit.daca someone who stie.e a sfat.sanatate

    • Yes thanks for Comment I correct pin connections but I put those other source and that starts without pressing pawer sg on and I only have one plate that previously went without rami problem that has now nuj's motherboard can damage the ssursa is good

  20. When you do the next tutorial mac os

  21. Gentlemen give you entered does not appear to leave any tutorial? After Bitcoin Miner ... or?

  22. cristy1110 said

    whenever access envelope to get into mail asking me ... I gave diferrent user password, rewritten address and we saved password, but nothing .... what should I do?

  23. Donatella said

    Hello, I have a question and do ajutor.Cum also need someone who has been in my messenger list, receive notifications on Yahoo, where I surf the internet. Gave me exactly what I thought when I read in That day, that information get through copy-paste on certain groups.'s not what bothers me, but the fact that notification has information about my work on internet.Va Thank you.

  24. yes i have meet Mr. "cristi1110" take your answer more Why do not you answer Paina now

  25. I can recover messenger id

  26. I want to get my id. Mess

  27. id de mess Recovery

  28. Good evening, I want to ask how can I get my id mesenger? I was broken in email password or can not enter, there is a solution? I really wish it back

  29. Hello friends I have a little problem, while not receiving mail on ym aderesa of the problem.
    With respect costy

  30. Madalina Voicu said

    id mess fail to open mobile phone and since I wrote that the correct password

  31. Darius said

    It's really difficult

  32. CRISTINA said

    Hello, I have a problem with password recovery, I have not got the msg about 7 months, I tried the steps that need, but ... I do not remember why I chose safety data at the time when I opened the account on yahoo .

  33. I do not go messengeru

    • What exactly is "I do not go messengeru"? Reconditioning of can you launch? It seems an error? If so what error? Locks the authentication process? Give more details.

  34. Peter Faur said

    I need help, I have an old email address that we have not gone for a year and I want to recover
    can you help me. Address is ...... ..parola forgot / a. At this time the message below when I enter the email.

    Your account has been disabled Yahoo
    Yahoo Your account has been inactive for a long time and is being recycled. If you need a new account, please login to get one.

    • Unfortunately I do not think you can do anything because the people at Yahoo say they can not recover an account that was disabled due to inactivity long. You must log in at least once in 12 months.

  35. ask the people at yahoo like to do, if anything, to give you recover imeil address

  36. Hi . I have a big problem with yahoo May vechi.De an email about a month I can not check Maillat.

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