How to reorient a video clip upside down - video tutorial

Hi friends, today's tutorial we will see how correct video clip filmed wrong, upside down. Often, it happens to film moments with loved ones or mobile phone with a video camera. Everything up here naturally but surprises occur when you want to watch the video filmed on the computer or to play back on different devices. Often wrong video can be oriented upside down. The elements that should appear vertically are oriented horizontally, either to the left or right.
Well, to correct the wrong oriented clips can be temporary or permanent, depending on your desire. If you want to temporarily change the orientation video, you can do it using VLC Media Player. It will be oriented just right so long as you look in VLC Media Player by following the wrong guideline to keep in case misdirected same clip is played in another player or other device.
If you want an accurate description of the orientation video, you can use Freemake Video Converter presented in a previous tutorial on our website.
The correction can also be done with professional video editing software such as Sony Vegas, Adobe After Effects, iMovie but it is useless to install and use these commercial and "heavy" software for the operating system. It doesn't make sense to use these professional video editing software just to reorient a video clip upside down. Also, reorienting a video clip can be done with Windows Movie Maker existing in Windows XP or Windows Live Movie Maker Windows Vista, Windows and Windows 7 8. That said, I invite you to watch the video tutorial to see exactly how correct a wrong oriented video clip.

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  1. You can clip being returned and if you get on youtube, there you wheel and everything is as new as it had to be original clip without any software, no nothing, just + youtube clip to help you do that;). Without a soft !!!!

  2. Adrian Gudus said

    You can return the clip and if you get on youtube, you got new wheels and everything is as it should be original clip without any software, no nothing, just clip + youtube to help you do that. Without any software!!

    And if your video is too large exceeds 15 minutes, you have a brilliant speed of the net to net or not at all if you have no time to wait for the clip to be climbed and then processed, what are you doing?

  3. Adrian Gudus: And if your video is too large exceeds 15 minutes, you have a brilliant speed of the net to net or not at all if you have no time to wait for the clip to be climbed and then processed, what are you doing?

    Well if you have time at your disposal and you can climb net good clip 15-20 minutes and if you do not necessarily have to wait for you choice. If it's a small clip of 3-5 minutes max you can expect and resolve without any software, or if you have one clip is pointless to install software and look after them, or expire 30 days

  4. It's even easier with "Free Video Flip and Rotate" you can find it on Google. Attention! You must have Net Framework 4 installed. Give save and the movie is in the normal position. Success.

  5. Alex Selepiuc said

    Thank you so much, you're the best, I learned and something to learn from you all respect Alex !!!

  6. Sunetu me out of the video.

  7. sebastian said

    super man thanks a lot !!! miai solved the problem !! like

  8. marius ceopek said

    Nothing was found, error type 404
    This is the error I receive when I click on Freemake Video Converter tutorialulul not exist in the text tutorial about it? Thanks.

  9. And how open the edited movie with BS Player or VLC Player? both gives me error.
    thank you,

  10. Thanks for the tutorial. I learned something!

  11. Very good tutorial. I really needed to change some videos made with the phone, Roxana's words "I learned something else"

    Thank you

    • Yulia cebotari said

      As such, I find it very difficult to understand all this… I filmed my grandchildren at a celebration and my little videos were received upside down. Please very kindly: if anyone can explain to me very simply, clearly if you will be patient with me. Thank you in advance. Health and success to all of you !!!

  12. Florin Tudorache said

    Hello! I have a movie that is ok to say halfway, and from there half is turned to one side, that I returned the phone when I made the video. Can return from minute / second x and the rest remain the only original or Options is to cut footage from the respective second and return it properly, then to unite the two parties?

  13. Baeta bravooo

  14. Thanks a lot, Adrian!

  15. Mircea Leran said

    How to delete Freemaker ad from clip… Thanks

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