How to get back to Android after flashing Ubuntu Phone OS - video tutorial

Hi friends, today's tutorial we'll see how reinstall the operating system Android Nexus devices (Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 LG, Asus and Samsung Nexus Nexus 7 10) where we have installed Ubuntu Phone OS.
A few days ago we already rezlizat a tutorial Install Ubuntu Phone OS on the Nexus phones and tablets. If you have already tested the Ubuntu Phone OS operating system and want to return to Android, it is very simple. All of the Ubuntu operating system and assuming you still have the 3 packages that you have installed together in the tutorial mentioned above, we will give only two commands in Terminal and less than 5 minutes we return to the Android operating system.
Special attention will have to have when you download the Android operating system image that comes in .tgz format because there are several versions of the Nexus smartphone or tablet that you installed Ubuntu Phone OS. For example, there are versions for Samsung Galaxy Nexus products under takju and yakju code for Nexus products under code versions 7 there nakasi and nakasig. It is important to download the Android operating system image that accompanies the code that you have your smartphone or tablet Nexus.
Link accessed tutorial to get me in the picture with the official Android operating system for my device is:
Tutorial front can also be very helpful if you have any ROM (official or not) and want to return to the ROM stock (original operating system that was on your tablet or smartphone when you bought. Also this tutorial can be used if you want to make a downgrade (to return to an older version of Android) or an upgrade, manually install a newer version of Android.
That said, I invite you to watch the video tutorial to see exactly how back to Android if I installed Ubuntu Phone OS or how we can install a version of Android official, older or newer than the current version already installed on your smartphone or tablet Nexus.

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Enjoy !



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  1. Adrian doing a tutorial on the same thing but on windows pretty please

  2. PalAlexander said

    Hello Cristi I recommend a program that can control a smartphone near real-time (is better than androidscreencast and others) SOTI Pocket Controller is called more details to aicea (

  3. Hi. I also have a question, it is possible to make a bootable stick with windows 7 and Hiren's boot CD at the same time. That is when it boots to ask if it enters windows or Hiren's boot cd.

  4. Cristian Zarafin said

    Adrian, you said not to use USBs front. But if we laptops, which connect the phone matter? 2.0 have two USBs, one straight / left and another one on the right side USB 3.0.

  5. Adrian Gudus said

    Cristian Zarafin:
    Adrian, you said not to use USBs front. But if we laptops, which connect the phone matter? 2.0 have two USBs, one straight / left and another one on the right side USB 3.0.

    A laptop no matter where you put wine because all USB devices directly to the motherboard. Whether it is the left or the right.

  6. Adrian Gudus: A laptop no matter where you put wine because all USB devices directly to the motherboard. Whether it is the left or the right.

    It works to connect in the front, but but you have to have some quality ports not "Chinese" and of course the USB cable in front is thick, not the ones that are thin and windy. I connect in front but I know that I have a thick cable to USB and dabea bends that yes you can trust, but in one of poor quality no.
    (And anyway I have a Fujitsu Siemens PC that has a thick cable thick and has a usb safety and do not worry straw bag when a USB stick or something and Dabei Dabei come out :)) nene quality Made in Germany not Procar put that poor quality).
    But if you know the figures do USBs front rear connects best

  7. Hatman Alexander-Stefan said

    At your tutorials would recommend nothing less talk and more action (work)

  8. I did my backup in CWM and two errors occur
    No / sdcard / .android_secure found. Skipping backup of applications on external storage.
    No sd-ext found. Skipping backup of sd-ext.
    I read on the internet that is really nothing tion?
    Let me answer varog.

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