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  1. Adrian Gudus said

    Remember to turn off automatic updates for your application or for all applications

    For all applications:
    - Play Store> tap on the 3 overlapping dashes at the top left (menu button)> tap on Settings> tap on Automatically update apps and choose Don't automatically update apps

    Just Facebook Messenger:
    - Play Store> tap on the top left 3 superimposed lines (menu button)> My Apps and games on tap> tap on Messenger> 3 points tap on the overlapping right corner> uncheck auto update.

  2. Hello Adrian. Very useful this video, even I do not like this at all updates from Facebook messenger. Numa Welcome to this tutorial. However, if you could do so on Facebook and a tutorial now disappeared favorite bar in that list was speaking with often. And the new update has gone and I do not like this at all. Thanks for understanding and congratulations for what you are all !.

  3. the idea is that only updated a messenger fb meaarga the oldest in the future. May Day not confuse me anyway as I picture may inadvertently delete the picture. May Day reminds me of yahoo messenger avatar :))
    off-topic now I wonder. can you recommend a phone until 1100 1200 lei a phone? 3 notes that Xiaomi best I have.

  4. Marius Cristian Adascalitei said

    I have no option in my day and I messenger app updated

  5. Is there any possibility of returning to the old facebook messaging on your desktop (Windows)?

  6. Grigor Danut said

    Dear Adrian, thank you very much for this tutorial, the app Indeed Worse My Day is loud and unnecessary.

  7. Hello . On asus zenfone than 2 not go messenger lite.

  8. I have the latest version of messenger and I still don't have that "My day" section but I would like to have it, is there a solution?

  9. Hello, yes ADI large volume when editing tutorial! It sounds very bad, had to ptr headphones bag to make yourself heard! ms.

  10. Intreaba.videotutorial.ro no longer works?

  11. MSVCP140 said

    🙂 OK!

  12. Eg it does not appear to me new application myday. What should I do to protect me?
    PS: I 5s iphone ios version 10.2

  13. I need help, I do not know why for example we had today gone tomorrow My Day but instead I still have the camera button, this is only my account when I'm on my day is another option out there
    I need it to speak
    Can you help me ?

  14. Maybe you have a link for the old and facebook, hate the new update. Thank you

  15. Hello! I did exactly that tutorial, I have disabled auto updates and all changes after a few days. It still appears on the Play Store applications that should make the messenger and facebook updates. They did something that I think an update changed even if we had manually.

  16. I installed it in all sorts, I do not allow me to download fb with the previous version I give it to those round up and it does not work I can not give it like I'm breaking comments if anyone wants to give me com Can not all of them post me in the profile My nuj nuj can not do anything I always give error

  17. Mihaela rogojeanu said

    How do I get back to the old version of Facebook?

  18. I WANT THE OLD FACEBOK PAGE ,,,, why I have no choice ,,

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