How to listen to YouTube music on your phone with the screen locked

How to listen to YouTube music on your phone with the screen locked
In Romania, the idea of ​​a streaming application has not yet gone a long way, in which, by paying a subscription, you have access to music of all kinds on saturated.

Listen to music on YouTube
Everyone listens to music, and not only, on YouTube. Here the songs are first released, there are vlogs, which can also be heard (if they have the substance).
We can say that on YouTube you are more likely to find the latest clips than in a music streaming app.

The on-screen screen consumes the phone's battery.
If you start the youtube app, the phone screen will have to be lit all the time while a video is playing, and that will break the phone battery.

How to listen to music on youtube with the screen locked phone.

I've done some video tutorials on this topic.
We have various methods:
the 1 method (go and download)
the 2 method (video video in picture)
the 3 method
the 4 method

How to listen to YouTube music on your phone with the screen locked with Google Chrome
Today's method is special. I'm referring to the fact that we do not need any third-party application to listen to music on youtube on the phone with the screen locked.
With the Google Chrome browser, which is present on almost any Android and iOS phone, we will listen to music on your YouTube with the screen locked or in the background while playing a game or working with another app on your phone.

Guide - YouTube music on your phone with the screen locked in Google Chrome

1. Open your Google browser
2. Go to youtube (in browser)
3. Find your favorite song or playlist
4. Change your browser in desktop mode
5. Play the play
6. While playing the song, go back to the homepage
7. The song will stop, but in the bar you have the play-pause and skip controls
8. Press Play and Ready

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How to listen to YouTube music on your phone with the screen locked - video tutorial


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  1. thank you Cristi for the tutorial. very useful, I download my battery when I listen to music on the garden on youtube with the screen lit.

  2. IPhone pie how do we do?

  3. Nobody cares about listening to YouTube music with your phone turned off. Yes, people keep coming in to see the "news". Don't drop the traffic too much. We go like this

    • If you are on the Iphone and you want to switch to a screen other than the one with youtube, there is no more music, so be interested in knowing how to listen to the music on youtube with the screen closed. On Android it works by opening youtube in the Mozilla browser.

    • Why do you generalize? How do you know everyone? I want to ASCULT a playlist with my phone in my pocket while driving at work or at the shower etc.

  4. Thank you, it's simple and efficient

  5. Simple and efficient!

  6. it doesn't work on my android. "Delete default values" appears to me to be off. I set the browser in the desktop version and when I enter youtube from the browser, youtube opens in the application.

  7. Ready to go and go in and out of Android just by Mozilla, setting the desktop version.


  8. Thank you! Since I've been looking for a method for that!

  9. Or install Suass from google play

  10. The best thing to do is to use youtube vanced in black, which has low start consumption because it's black but also blocking any ad increases the battery life. Besides, it runs in the background without you to root your phone. And if it comes to commercials, the least battery consuming as an application but also extremely efficient is disconnect pro for samsung. I use these two applications on Samsung Notes 8 Gold and am very pleased.

  11. For those who want to forget about the official YouTube application and replace it with the same youtube official app but that does not have ads and runs in the background and you can have it in black background for even greater advantage, the link below has different versions for many types of processors. Also, for who wants to use his or her YouTube account, you'll need to install the microG app. All are available in the link below. All thanks are addressed to xda community and developers.

  12. hello, I wrote to the search box but I did not find anything about installing windows 10 on the 625 world. I know by default that this model is not supported, I was curious if there is any safe way to modify ROM, and also how do you estimate the phone will move with this update. Also, do you think Windows 8 / 8.1 does not support any common application (facebook, whatsupp, etc.)?

  13. adryan289 said

    I prefer oldschool with xposed installer and youtube background playback… I have been using this method since 2014

  14. Hello everyone, I mention that I made the change and always throw me in the phone application
    For those who like me, go to the phone settings in applications and turn off the application and play and fun

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