How to open a hotel safe if you forget the code

How to open a hotel safe
How to open a hotel safe
Hello friends, today we have something special. If in the past I have shown you: How to break a wi-fi network , How to get into someone else's account of whatsapp, How to see passwords, photos and other pages, Now it will show you how to open an electronic safe from the hotel, extremely simple, without tools and in only 5 seconds.

Why would you want to open a safe?

I wanted to open the safe because I forgot the code. You may want to open it for other reasons.
No matter what you want to open, you must know that it's very easy to open it without having the right password and without having the reset key.

Why can hotel safes open so easily?

If you have been staying in a multi-star hotel, you have noticed that in the room, somewhere in the closet, you had a safe.
That vault is meant to keep your assets safe.
Unfortunately, these vaults have a common reset code (at all vaults), which is not changed when installed in the hotel room.
Probably those in hotels do not know to know and ignore the situation. That vault reset code is not changed and so many safes are vulnerable.

Can we trust hotel safes?

From my point of view, we can not trust hotel safes.
Why do I say that?
I give you three simple reasons:

1. We have this sinister reset code, with which you open almost any vault.
2. Safes can also be reset with a key that thieves can have.
3. The safe is easy to remove from the cabinet because it is held in only 2 wood screws.

How did I find that the safe can be opened with this universal code?

My daughter was playing in the safe, coding the code, forgetting the code. Instead of calling at the reception, I started searching the net, and found an article about this universal opening code for the vaults.
The first time I say he's a prospect, that there's no way he can do that. I thought these hotels were serious. Where from ? This code went first and, most interestingly, the site I read was from abroad in English. In conclusion, it is an international problem, not only in our country, it happens.

So be careful, do not leave more than a chewing gum in the hotel safe!

How to open a hotel safe - video tutorial

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  1. You put fear in me…: D
    It does not work with 6 either zero, 5 or 4
    It's all electronic, so ufff…
    In the safe are only papers.

  2. Is this universal code valid only for hotel safes? type of safe?… .or if not the same constructive model, will they all work with the same electronic part, logic… etc, with the same software? this universal code ?. I ask someone who has something like this bought from Romania and installed at home to check.

  3. Ice Alinutza said

    Good article! Maybe people will become more suspicious of "false offers" and more careful where they put their valuables !!! The problem is what do we do with those who are not subscribers to this site ??? 🙂

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You warn them, our visitors. Give them a share on Facebook in this tutorial, send them the link to Messenger, email, find out everyone

  4. Nelutu Nel said

    I have a question. Do you know Geekbuyng site? If so, is it worth buying phones? Do the Google services installed and correspond to the telephone networks in Romania?

  5. My Dedeman home safe brand does not unlock with gen codes. I just tried

  6. Hi. And I have a safe like that brand is hartmann tresores. I forgot the code and I don't have the key anymore. Accept 4 times to try the code After that 5 minute break I have to wait for it… .and it doesn't work with 000000. Can Cinévé help me? Thank you very much.


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